Friday, August 31, 2012

Nail Him Miss Stone Heart!

The rain has been pouring down all morning so lets put up a nail art that fit that theme (Even though I wore it when it was sunny). It is gray with blue dots and matte top coat over it making it look rubbery.

 In sunlight above and in shadow (natural light).
The polishes are:
HM nail polish - Miss Stone Heart (gray)
HM nail polish - Nail Him (blue)
HM nail polish - matte (matte top coat)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dark green magnetic nail polish

I've been a bit ambivalent about magnetic nail it worth it? But who am I kidding, of cause I must try it out. ;)

The name of the polish is "Magic nail polish" and the number I bought is 01, (the bottle says 001). This is a dark green polish with little color in it so it's almost to the verge if gray. It is however well-pigmented and covers in just one coat and the formula is great. Also very worth mentioning is that it changed its color after I'd applied the top coat (seche vite) and except for more shine it got noticeably more green! The magnet I got with it is "striped" diagonal.

The picture above is in natural light (sun)
 The polish and the magnet. In this brand they've chosen to have a loose rectangular magnet.
The picture above shows my thumb which is not "magnetized". Can you see the difference between the color of the nail and bottle? Before the top coat the color was the same and after I'd applied top coat it got much greener.
I think it's fun that it's so changeable, if you just want to have it like regular polish - just do. And if you want it to be striped -put on the magnet. It's like a "fast and simple" way of making nail art, except that it is a bit time consuming and not that simple to hold the magnet if you're not use to it.

I knew that to get the magnet effect you place the magnet some millimeters away from the newly painted nail for some seconds. And that you paint/do one nail at the time. A problem for me was that I had to remake the majority of my nails since I accidentally dropped/dabbed the magnet on to the wet polish making a mark. I thought that it was no problem, just to paint a new coat over the "old" messed up nail (tried both on a wet nail and a dried nail (since it dries very fast)). However of some strange reason the magnet didn't work then. I was tired and went to bed and when I the next morning tried to paint an addition new layer it worked.

One additional problem for me is that my nails are very curved to all directions and I notice that some part of my nails aren't getting affected by the magnet since of my curved nails. In some nails I had problem getting a patternat all, like the pinkie.
 The picture above is with flash.
What better way to show the color than to compare? To the left is Magic nail polish and to the right China Glaze - Gussied up green. Even before the comparison I knew that they weren't close, but sadly this is the one that is closest in color that I've got. Got to get more dark green polishes, I love them.

However I really liked this polish. I think that it got a really beautiful color and that the magnet effect is beautiful. However I've seen more fantastic magnetic polishes, like the 3D-magnetic polish; Layla Black Metal Magneffect Polish. But considering that this Magic nail polish is only like a fifth of the price of a Layla I think it's worth and I'm considering buying more magnetic polishes of the same ebay seller (was more colors in the shop)

Bought at ebay for £1,59 (17,50SEK, ~2,5$)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flowers and dots nail art over nude polish

Some how I got hyped over nude nail polishes and i hoarded a bunch in the nude polish spectra, from the pinkish nude to the brown-beige nude. Afterwards maybe a few too many? Anyhow here I've a nail art made over nude. I made brown flowers and dots with a dotting tool and added neon pink dots to ad some "color". I actually liked this. :)
Noticed that pictures was taken in yellow light so the pictures/nails are yellow-toned, sorry for that.

Maybelline  - 150 (nude beige)
Maybelline - 549 (brown)
Sure Promise (pink)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Avocado green funky french with needme PARIS Nail Polish - 12

A simple avocado green funky french. The green creme is needme PARIS Nail Polish and has a great formula, almost a one-coater (but had two on), comparing to other needme PARIS Nail Polish which has been very sheer.

The base is a sheer pink: (think it's called Lizzie)
The green: needme PARIS Nail Polish - 12, bought from ebay.

Monday, August 27, 2012

HM - Polish Me Happy green nail art with pearl rhinestones

I really like wearing green nails so was pretty content when I grabbed Polish Me Happy from HM nail polish. On my nails I didn't like it that much, I don't know if it is my skin tone or if it's just me having a problem with this green which has some drops of blue in it. I'm more in to those greens with some drops of yellow in them. (HOWEVER, I took the picture in yellow light, so it is not color correct) Anyhow, I added light green stripes forming a "cross" and added three pearl rhinestones on the accent nails. I liked it better with the nail art added.

HM nail polish - Polish me happy
Sure Promise
1MM pearl rhinestones.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cute flamingo bird nail art

The talented 17 year old(!) Mirelle at nailpolishlives has made a gorgeous flamingo nailart, so I wanted to try it out as well. I think hers came out better than mine but fun showing mine anyhow of cause. ;)

 I started of with Kleancolor - Pastel blue as a background. After it had dried I used a thin nail art brush (bought from ebay) and painted the bird with Kleancolor - Neon pink and the wings with Kleancolor - Pastel pink. When looking at the result I thought that the color difference was to big between them so I grabbed a pink sheer shimmer nail art polish from Sure Promise which made the darker pink lighter and the light pink darker. It also added a shimmer to it which I think came out great in the sunnier pictures. The white dots are made with dotting tool and Kleancolor - White and the black beaks and the black in the eys are Gabrini Elegant.
Worth mentioning is that for example Kleancolor - Neon pink is a one-coater if being gentle and using their brush. However I noticed using my nail art brush (that probably was too stiff) forced me to paint two coats.

 In the sun the shimmer really showed which I liked.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red funky french

Here I have a simple funky french with red a red creme. I actually like that look on nails, red is very classic wearing them over the whole nail and with the funky french it get classy but with a fun modern twist. At least I think so. Sadly all pictures are without top coat, noticed afterwards that the polish looked a bit bumpy on the nails without it.

The polish is Sure Promise.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Great Britain flag nail art/ England flag nail art

Here's a Great Britain flag nail art/ England flag nail art. I've made the funky french flags different on left and right hand.

Blue - can't remember.. China Glaze - Towel boy toy (?)
 L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black
 L.A. Colors Art Deco - White
 L.A. Colors Art Deco - Red

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Purple and grey funky french with dots

And some actual nail art in between of all bottle pics. Or actually two nail arts in a row.

 Above is a grey and purple funky french with a high smiley. The funky french is made from Sure Promise and as a top coat I have used Wet n ild - E71504 (pearl blue shimmer).

I thought that the grey color looked a bit dull so I added a Sure Promise in a purple clear base with purple glitter to make it funnier. I think it improved but I still dont like it so much. I think that the dots are fun though.

More package arrived with W7

My other package from fragrancemad arrived today, so picture spam of bottles:

 Above are some polishes from their Dazzle collection, I chose the green, purple and pink. They are allfilled with glitter in a clear base. Tried on the pink on my toenails, and I think it will take massive amount of coats or perhaps some layering.
 Above I have a shiny dark brown(perhaps some purple in it?) creme called Black Cherry. And then what I'm actually most interested about, Salt n Pepper! Matte black glitter in a milky white base. And then the Purple Rain.. Which I actually thought was in the W7 - Planets collection, since it would fit perfectly being duochrome and in the same color scheme. Mostly it looks warm purple, almost hot pink, more like glass-flecked actually. It also show blue and small amount gold brown in the bottle.
And now the actual W7 - Planet collection with 6 polishes named by planets. Above is three of them.

First up is Metallic Venus, the one I thinks the most interesting one looking at the bottle. It looks more shimmer than metallic (like all of the above) but have an amazing color spectra from blue, purple, pink, brown -goldish but mostly just purple/darker red.

Then we have Metallic mars. I actually think of OPI - man of la mancha when I see it. Sometime it looks like darker red with a hint of purple (wine red?) and then it shifts to bronze, and a hint of gold and green.

And then the Metallic Saturn, the on I have the least expectations about, it looks the least duochrome. I almost thought that it was a dupé for the Chanel Peridot but it isn't. Metallic Saturn is more dark olive green with olive green shimmer, however when turning the bottle I can see grey shimmer shifting, making it look interesting. 
 Above is Metallic Neptune shifting from dark blue to teal, and to purple. In the bottom I can see a hint of a gold-brownish shimmer.
 Both above and below I have Metallic Mercury. As you can see it is not fine shimmer, more glass-flecked or larger shimmer or how to say? I would almost say that is reminds me to Metallic Mars except that it has a larger shimmer in it. The larger shimmer makes it behave differently, the wine red glitter sparkles more, shifting some to a bronze color with some green in it. It also feels "darker" than Metallic Mars.

 Above and below is Metallic Jupiter. It as well has the same large shimmer/glass-fleck(?) as Metallic Mercury. The difference is that Jupiter is more purple and blue comparing to Mercury which is more wine red. However Jupiter has some nice shimmer of bronze, gold and green.

Worth noticing is that I had to make the pictures very bright to be able to grab a picture of the polishes, ie they where very hard to capture.

Package received with W7

And here's another package received and this time with W7 nail polish. This is from a collection with three polishes they've got (unfortunately they only had two of them in when I ordered but I picked up the other one later) W7 is an English nail polish brand, with the same bottles as Nail-venturous polishes and also (almost) the same as OPI. I actually have some other W7 bottles from before, which is pearly iridescent but in other bottles (like HM old square onces) 

I think W7 -Lava flow looks a bit like granite! It has a white milky base with matte black glitter and sparkling red glitter. W7 - Mosaic has a blue base with sparkling dark blue and light green glitters. I'm not sure about the formula, ie if it's jelly like or creme.

I think they look a bit like franken polish. I really like that W7 have made these. Can't wait to get home the missing W7 - Salt n pepper (a white base with matte black glitter). It has been said to look like Nails inc - Sugar house lane, but from picture comparisons I wouldn't say that they are so alike. W7 - Mosaic however look a bit like Nails inc. - Pudding lane. 

Bought from and for  2,3£ each.

Package recieved with lemmings!

I thought it was unreachable but it wasn't, and now it's mine.

I guess everybody already knew it but it it is Floam and Humble bee created by Amy at I'm Feeling Nail-venturous. Bought at I'm not fully understanding why they are just called ninja polish at the bottles and not also added "by nail-ventuous", but that's a miner problem. They have new bottles too!

Floam: A clear base filled with matte neon blue, yellow and green glitter.
Humble bee:  A clear base filled with matte yellow fine glitter and matte black fine and medium glitter.

Can't wait to try them on and perhaps do some nail art with them. :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspiration link

I was searching for fun nail art inspiration and found a page with some rather surprising nail art that made me laugh. >>link<< Fake nails are a must to be able to create it though.

Tiger nail art on orange neon holo gradient

Here the added result on the orange neon holo gradient I posted yesterday. I chose to make a zebra pattern, but in this case with the orange background it could be called tiger pattern, so I'll do.

I think it was fun with Tiger nails, I've actually never worn it before. However I'm ambivalent if it improved the manicure so much since the gradient "disappeared" some.

And the polishes used:
Kleancolor - Holo Orange
needme PARIS Nail Polish - 19
Kleancolor - Neon Orange
 L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black