Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giveaway tip for Holly and Polish

Another giveaway tip today, this one from Holly and Polish. It's an awesome price in the pot which I wouldn't mind winning. :)

 Here's the post to the giveaway >LINK<

Giveaway tip! :D

The nail junkie has a giveaway with her new indie polish line called; V-Day Line.

If you visit this post >LINK< you will find swatches and more information about the polishes and how to enter. My favorite one is the one called "Love letter" and is the one with square glitter. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Large green dots

Hi! I've had stressful days in school lately but now I'm back on track! It's Wednesday and Karin from Vacker&Underbar reminded me of her Green Wednesday. And I figured that I hadn't posted anything yet today so I could definitely pick out a green nail art for today. This one is very simple and has laaarge dots! The dots are made with the back o my eyeliner pencil because my dotting tool weren't big enough. ;)

This is sort of a layering. First with KC - Jazz Olive, and then I added a coat of KC - Sweet Pea which is the light green base you see. And as dots I added KC - Metallic Green.

Kleancolor - Jazz Olive
Kleancolor - Sweet Pea
Kleancolor - Metallic Green

Monday, January 28, 2013

Red sloping funky french

For this Monday I have another archive nail art for you. So sorry in advance for the mess around the manicure. But if we focus at the actual nail art I've used a sheer white, shimmer jelly from Paris Memories and then added the red funky french with three red polishes from Sure Promise.

 Not my best nail art but I do like red smileys :) Classic but still edgy.
Paris Memories (sheer white)
Sure Promise (dark red)
Sure Promise (light red)
Sure Promise (red glitter)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute bows stamped on burgundy background

For this Nail Art Sunday I have a very simple nail art and a budget brand polish to show. (Lela is away but Nail Art Sunday is still on!) This is something I made when I was at my parents house borrowing my mum's stash of nail polishes. :)

First I used this ZTIZ nail polish and as you can see from the price tag, it's really cheap, 10 SEK, which is almost £1. It's bought here in Sweden at Dollarstore.
As you can see from the pictures it's a dark brown/wine red shimmer polish. Isn't called burgundy too? This one covered in just one coat but I have two coats on the pictures just to see if the color would intense and to make it thicker, my nails are thin and I can't walk around with just one coat on my nails. :)
The color it self is definitely not unique, I have one from Isadora and one from Paris Memories which look like this, my mum also had one from Color Club and some other budget brands which was similar to this one as well. But I do like this color.
And as for the nail art, I stamped the bows and afterwards I placed 1MM flat loose copper glitter in the center of the bows.
Have you noticed another thing? The bottle is exactly the same as the ones Kleancolor uses. I also thought that it smelled like the Kleancolor polishes smells like. I'm suspecting maybe there is a Kleancolor dupe of this too.. ;)
The backside of the polish says that it's called 67. However this marking reminds me of the tags some fake OPI's got.
Here you see the image plate I used for the bows. It's from Konad and is number m3.

Stuff used:
ZTIZ nail polish - 67
Konad nail polish - White
Konad image plate m3
Copper flat loose glitter 1MM

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blue corset nail art with stars rhinestones

I'm sorry for the late Saturday post and I didn't have the time to schedule anything yesterday either. Me and my boyfriend are watching four dogs (one is our own) and to day I've for the first time in my life tried on snowboard. And now I'm drinking tea and will soon go ahead with some school work.

But first some nail art. This is another archive nail art with some shorter nails but I think it works fine in that length too. I really love this type of nail nail art, with the corset and all that.

 This one felt very appropriate today, almost winter like with the blue and the white and the blue crystal rhinestones.
I also have another set of these in green if you click this >LINK<. :)

Polishes used:
China Glaze - White out
Sure Promise (blue)
L.A. Colors Art Deco
Blue star rhinestones

Friday, January 25, 2013

Kleancolor - Metallic Red

This baby covers in one coat, but I think I got two here just because I like it so. I'm so happy I got all of the metallics from KC. The white one is sheer but the other ones are great as this.
I don't know what it is but I'm starting to like red, and I've bought more of red nuances. Am I getting old or wise?!
Have many of Kleancolors metallic's do you got if any? :D

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Depend 2039, 2041, 2048 swatches

As you might have seen in my post from two days ago I won a giveaway from Skimmerskuggan. The price was three Depend polishes. I'm a nail art geek so I already had a plan what kind of nail art I wanted to do with them, however before going ahead with the nail art I figured that some people maybe wanted to see just how the polishes looked all alone. Somehow I just like a lot of pictures so here you go:

 Depend has these sexy names ehm, numbers..The pink one is as you can see 2039, the blackish gray is 2048 and the purple is 2041.

This picture is taken in the sun and I think this one shows the color most accurate most of the times. I was actually surprised about the pink one. It's like a pink with a hint of yellow beige in it if you know what I mean. From the bottle I thought that it was more of a pink towards purple.
The polishes are all filled with silver glass flecks. 2039 has a pink shimmer base, 2048 has a black/dark gray shimmer base but 2041 is the devil here. It does not have shimmer base, just a purple base. All of them do shimmer though because of the large amount of glass flecks in them.
This picture and many of them is taken with cold natural light from my window and accordingly the colors do look a bit colder too, as they do in reality.
The best part of these polishes are that they all needed just two coats to cover. It almost covered in one. I suspect that if you have shorter nails and paint it with one thick coat you could get a way with that.
My right hand with another color order.
I 'm guessing that drying time wasn't so good with them though. Seche Vite or some other fast drying top coat is probably a must. Also with the SV on I think that it was slow in drying.
Worth mentioning is that they are from a collection called Mirror, however I must point out that the name has nothing to say about the actual polishes finish. When I think about mirror polishes, I think about something else.
In this picture with flash I think it shows more that the pink and the black are shimmering more as you can see at my index and pointer finger. The shimmer in them glitters like some sort of microglitter which does not appear in the purple one.
Something I've noticed is that I've got a small tip wear on all nails, except the purple ones, on both hands!
My verdict then. I think I like the purple the best, just because it doesn't have that shimmer base. The lack of shimmer makes the surface look a lot more glass like, even with out top coat and I really liked that. So much I maybe need to get another bottle and also look for more glass flecked polishes like it! 2039 and 2048 feels more like Kleancolors metallic polishes when looking at the nail because the shimmer and the glass flecks merge into each other too much in my eyes. However they are all great colors so I'm really glad I'm having them. :D

Oh when I'm at it, I must complain about the prices depend got. These above as I mentioned I won in a giveaway, but the bottles are 5ML and cost 25SEK in stores.  Which is more than for example China Glace per ML.

Any questions? please shoot! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Green water marble

It's no secret that I love green. I like a lot of colors but you know, still... green <3 So for this green Wednesday made by Vacker&Underbar, I have a completely green water marble to show you. This is actually an archive from when we had green grass outside as you can see from the pictures. Now it's white snow everywhere outside.

Left hand.
I made this water marble totally random and I like how it came out. I really looking forward to my next water marble.
Right hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Right hand.
Polishes used:
Kleancolor - TLC
Kleancolor - Melon Green
Kleancolor - Neon Green
Kleancolor - Fashionista
Kleancolor -Military Green

I've realized that a lot of my nail art's lately are with a majority of Kleancolor polishes. I think that I should be sponsored by them by now, right? ;) Well, I'm not, it's just that I've got them very cheap and I like their colors and they work great for nail arts since they often are very pigmented and opaque in just one coat. However maybe you readers would like a bigger brand variety? Or are you looking at the nail art and the brand is not that important?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lucky me! ;)

I won one of Shimmerskuggan's giveaways before and today I got my price!

2039, 2048, 2041,
The polishes was cutely wrapped in pink paper and had a personal note along with some samples. So THANK YOU! :D They will definitely be used! :D

Cute black swans for Australia

Now for a premiere here in the Gelic' nail art blog, I will do my first challenge! The lovely Shortylegs from Shortylegsbeauty is doing this challenge and she motivated me to start doing it as well. :)

 I can "warn" you that I wont have the time to do a country nail art every day so I'll post them every once in awhile. As you can see from the list, Australia is the first country out. I thought for a while and searched the web and amongst many things I actually got inspired from their coat of arms. Inside the shield one of the pictures where a yellow background with a picture of a black swan.

 Here in Sweden the swans are white so I figured that it would be cool to make a black swan nail art to it.
 I think they came out quite cute with their blue pearl rhinestones eyes.
 I actually dabbed two yellow colors on the nail to make it more interesting but that didn't show so much in the photos.

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Neon Yellow
Kleancolor - Pastel Yellow
Kleancolor - Black
Jordana Pop Art - Black
Sure Promise (orange)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Silver
1MM blue pearl rhinestone

This is actually not my first bird nail art, I have a white Swan in love nail art art and a pink Cute Flamingo bird nail art. Check them out if you like. :)

So what do you think about this? Any Australian readers out there? :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Giveaway tip for Sweds

Now something unique, a Swedish post, just because the giveaway I'll be telling you about only is open for people living in Sweden.

Elin på NAILMANIC har en giveaway för att fira 500 unika besökare. Så jag börjar med att säga grattis och sen berättar jag dreglande om hennes giveawaypriser. Hon har nämligen två av dem. Och hur fantstiska är de inte? Jag som är inbiten holonörd hoppas att jag ska lyckas vinna mig till holosarna, för jag har ingen av de tre som hon lottar ut! Men mest bara för Wild At Heart där i mitten som ser så jäkla fin ut. :)

Belongs to NAILMANIC
Belongs to NAILMANIC
 Man kan klicka på bilderna för att komma till NAILMANIC's giveawayinlägg eller klicka här på >LÄNK<

And tomorrow I have prepped an english nail art post as usual. :)

China Glaze - Blue Paradise

It's Mrs Data's Blue Monday and I wanted to be in, but I'm still wearing the dots from yesterday. So I searched in the very back of my archive and found this photo. And in advance I want to appologize and sigh over the bad quality of pretty much anything(the angle, the focus, the light and the mess), except the polish it self, because it's beautiful. It's called Blue Paradise and is from China Glaze as you can see.

This was actually my first blue polish, at least the first I've ever bought from an e-tailer. Maybe the first ever. I'll get some better pics of this some other day. But for now, this is it. I would really like to recommend this polish so I suggest you google it to see way better swatches.  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

White dots over a yellow gradient

Today it's Sunday and that means Nail Art Sunday with Lela's predetermined themes. The theme for this Sunday was "dots".

This particular nail art I been wanting to try for some time and now I got the chance and opportunity. However I didn't manage to get as content as I visioned this, but I'll try it again and change what made my discontent.

 As you probably figured the dots are suppose to disappear in the gradient creating a cool effect. Mine aren't disappearing as much as I would have wished.
The gradient contains of two yellow nuances and white. I wished I would have photographed it when it was without the dots because it looked so great then. That I'll definitely do again.
 And why the color yellow? I love yellow nails.. :)
It took me some time, but then I realized it..this might be a bit eastern like..that was not my intention. But I do think that yellow isn't just for easter and red isn't just for Christmas etc. Even though the dots didn't help though.. ;)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Neon Yellow
Kleancolor - Pastel Yellow
Kleancolor - White

Hope you liked it, can't wait to see all the other dotted nail arts! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magenta and red sloping funky french with star rhinestones

I wished for a calm week-end but it ended up with some work load any how. Luckily I have prepared this archive manicure for you! :)

 It's a sloping funky french in red and neon magenta. I think I painted the some what sheer red afterwards making them blend well together.
The magenta polish I've used called Savina - Dream, is surprisingly good. The bottles look a lot like the ones from China Glaze. Dream is a magenta neon which dries completely matte. The color is like from a neon pen when top coat is on. One person actually asked me if I had painted my nails with a neon pen when wearing Dream alone on my nails.

Polishes used:
Savina - Dream
Paris Memories (Red)
Sure Promise (Black)
Blue and red stars rhinestones

Friday, January 18, 2013

Zebra pattern french manicure

Good morning!
When you read this it's scheduled but I'm non the less awake but at school. Today is actually my first day in school since before Christmas. Well, I've been working with school related stuff during my holiday but still. I can only imagine how tired I will be tomorrow today getting up at 7 instead of 10-11..

Enough rambling.. on to nail art. A zebra funky french with a silver line.

 If you look closely this is from when my nails where discolored, but naa..don't look that closely please.. ;)
Polishes used:
Gabrini Elegant (White)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Silver
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Checked funky french in red and black with stars and dots

Hi everybody!
Today I have another archive manicure to show you. I really want to empty my archive because I don't like the quality of the pictures from back then, and I was really bad at cleanup and I often took my photos when I was about to remove the manicure, often because it had broke or something. But it's so hard to resist the new photos, especially when it comes to news. So I guess I'll keep with what I'm doing, showing a little bit of both. :)

However, this i a manicure I like because I really like red and black together. I've also added stars and dots over my checked funky french.
Polishes used:
Paris Memories (red)
Sure Promise (black)
L.A Colors Art Deco - Black

And yea, when speaking about dots. The swedish blogger Lelack have something called Nail Art Sunday, and the theme of this upcoming Sunday is "dots". So if you somehow has missed that, you should participate and she'll ad you to the link list that Sunday. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Giveaway at Polished Polyglot

The lovely Natalia from Polished Polyglot has a giveaway to celebrate that she has reached 100 posts and the giveaway is filled with awesome prices! I suggest you all check it out. :)

This picture belongs Polished Polyglot.
Here's the >LINK< to the giveaway post.