Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Competition for Sweds at Jennis beauty:)

Competition for Sweds at Jennis beauty, so therefor the rest of this post is in swedish:

Såsom synes är det tävling hos Jennis beauty och man kan vinna produkter från Softskin. Ekologiska produkter går ju alltid hem hos mig så jag hänger på. Gör det du med! :)


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Shiny Kicks - Moondust with studs

Kicks - Moondust is a texture polish and I've showed this as a textured version here. But of course I wanted to see how it looked being glossy too. Said and done I went ahead and the result was marvelous, after 3 coats of tc... ;) And my pictures came out a bit crappy, especially the bottom ones, but here you have it. :)

Polishes and materials used:
Kicks - Moondust (with tc on)
Square metal studs from Born Pretty Store. (Yup, you know the drill; 3 MM square studs, found >HERE< at Born Pretty store. Free world wide shipping and 10% discount using my code; NGL91). For my original review of the studs, check this post out.)

***Some products in this post have been provided for review***

Monday, September 29, 2014

ZTIZ - 94 "mörkblå", swatch

A quick post today for Blue Monday, with a polish from my moms stash.. I know she bought ZTIZ - 94 "mörkblå" in a Dollarstore in sweden. ZTIZ is surely not a swedish brand but for some reason they've printed mörkblå on the cap. And as I've said before ZTIZ is a budget brand with all possible bottles and colors but still with surprisingly good quality for their 10SEK(1 euro) per bottle. Mörkblå, which actually means "dark blue" is quite accurate at least, the color is as you can see a cobalt blue shimmer. And it covered in 2 coats only and I experienced the drying time to be normal with Seche Vite. The only down side is the slight paint thinner scent. Quite nice polish though for the price. :)

As I said, bought at Dollarstore for 10SEK/1 euro.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Abstract autumn nail art with metal beads

Nail Art Sunday and the theme is "autumn". I decided to go super abstract and display the colors of autumn with metal beads (or what some people calls caviar beads for caviar manicures). I painted my nails white (to make the colors pop), and made a thin black line and then placed the metal beads color wise, and changed the order of colors on my non dominant hand. I haven't decided if the nail art is different leafs or different trees, ranging from green-yellow-orange-red-brown. No matter what, I like the result. :)

The metal beads are really bleeding colors even though I've made my best trying to avoid it by painting tc on the beads separately. The pictures above are actually taken with my new camera and I'm happy with the result. I did the manicure at Friday so this is the third day and below are some photos taken with my phone today (in bad light sadly), but I really wanted to show both hands in the same picture.

Polishes and materials used:
Metal beads in green, yellow, orange, red and brown
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Kleancolor - White
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Collection 2000 - 277, swatch

Today me and my boyfriend have been walking around in the center of town for like 5 hours; taking pictures, walking through shopping streets and galleries, we didn't end up buying anything but it was still nice. By now I've spotted were a quite big KIKO store is located, so one of those day I'll check it out. I've also seen Essence for 1,5 euro in a large food store nearby, called Kaufland. There are also random smaller beauty shops which I'll pay a visit some day.

But now, let's look at some nail polish, shall we? Collection 2000 is a budget brand and the colors I've seen are common but still nice considering the price, the brushes are sadly a bit like a hard broom though. 277 is a purple with some gray undertones in it. It needed 3 coats to cover, it felt thin almost like a crelly even though it is a creme and is very shiny on its own.

Bought at ebay.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kleancolor - Neon Amethyst, swatch

Let look at some more bright colors before autumn truly comes, and for this I have Kleancolor - Neon Amethyst to show. Neon Amethyst is a magenta colored creme, not the most neon ever but still very bright. It needs 2 coats to cover, but I experienced it to be extremely slow drying even with SV. On one nail I put 3 coats (well my mistake) on and it wasn't dry hours later and I could still make marks... So, a very nice polish if you got the time to wait for it to dry. ;) Well, not too bad though, did a nail art of them (cartoon nails which I showed you before) and SV and some nail art did the trick to cover them up ;)

Bought at ebay.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Argyle nails in black, red and white

As you might know I have a huge archive of my manicures and now when being in Germany with what it feel like a huge amount of time of doing nothing I feel the urge to get them "edited" (normally cropped/tagged) and ready to get published. Especially since I just recently bought a Canon 550D and it would feel weird to mix new and old photos since I guess that the quality might differ. I have mentioned it several times before but all my photos here are taken with a regular cell phone camera.

This is a nail art I did a year ago. Some time I plan my nail art's before I make them, and sometime the half time result looks so good that I wear it for a day or two before I add the rest of the nail art.This is one of those, the end result you can see HERE. And this is the half time result, which I think look quite fun too. :D

Polishes used:
Claudia  - 607
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
Nordic Cap - NP12

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

H&M Glitter Nailpolish - 3D Glitter, Matte version

A lazy blog post today.. ;P Today I'm showing you the matte version of H&M Glitter Nailpolish - 3D Glitter which I showed shiny yesterday. So more info there about the actual polish. The flakes looks really cool in my opinion, it's very random but somehow I wish that the flakes would have been easier to get hold off, I definitely prefer my ring finger and pinkie finger, especially now when everything shows so well due to the matte tc.

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap - NP12 (black creme)

H&M Glitter Nailpolish - 3D Glitter
HM matte nail polish

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

H&M Glitter Nailpolish - 3D Glitter, swatch & layering

Today I'm showing a flake glitter polish from HM's special edition section. 3D Glitter has different shaped flakes in a clear base, the flakes seem to bee both green and blue and sometime even to kinda yellow/beige/pink in the bottle but on the nails it's green and blue. Sadly the glitter felt a bit sparse and it feels like one have to roll the bottle for each paint brush. On some nails I have 2 coats and on others 3-4 dabbing ones over a black creme. So far so good if the glitter wouldn't have been so hard, some of them like to stick up from the surface. And I used 2 coats of SV and probably could have used one more.

This polish is of course hard to photograph because of all the color shifting depending on how the light hits. But I do think it looks very beautiful, especially in the close up photos. :)

Bought at HM for 29 SEK(3 euro) or perhaps 10SEK (1 euro) on sale (I've forgotten now).. And actually got two bottles for some weird reason..One too much.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Claudia - 609, swatch

I'm making an attempt to post a blog post. From my archive, my choice fell on the blue creme; Claudia - 609. As all the Claudia's I've tried the formula is great, as well as application and finish, not to speak about the price (15SEK which is about ~1,5 euro). Below is 2 coats and as I mentioned this is a creme, however, in the polish there's some silver shimmer dust giving the polish some further depth even though it's clearly not a shimmer polish. If it's not obvious, this is a blue polish I like, perfect for nail art and I even like it on it's own like this. :P

And as it's Monday, this fits perfectly for Blue Monday which Makeupbyblowfish now is the host for while Nailme while she is up to other stuff.

In the bottle you see some of that silver shimmer I've been talking about.

And one extra in the sun.^^
Bought at Ica Maxi, regular food store in Sweden.