Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Green pond manicure

Hi, finally my cold is getting better! And to celebrate that I'll show you  beautiful manicure ;)

This is a pond manicure, a new thing for me and a great way to use jelly polishes. This is very similar to a jelly sandwich except that the dots is made of white nail polish layered in between the layers of jelly polish. I think I used five coats of the green polish and four or five coats of the dots. And SV on top. I really like how super shiny and glossy it looks and that maybe could explain the amounts of pictures ;)

This is also my contribution to Vacker&Underbar's Green Wednesday.

 And maybe you'll remember this green shade from the Vintage Week Challenge. ;) Namely the green jelly polish from Viva La Diva.

Polishes used:
Viva La Diva - 56 (jelly green)
HM - In It For The Game (white creme)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nude jelly sandwich

Hi there! I'm still ill and my blog and also reading your blogs has been suffering. However, it's Sunday and I felt that it would almost be a sin not to post on Nail Art Sunday ;)

For today I have an archive nude jelly sandwich;

You might remember this manicure from THIS post and this is the same but with Sheer Pastel Cocoa on top as well. I really like how the glitter looks here, hidden but still visible. Subtle but still really cool. :) Jellies have become the new favorite finish for me!

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Sugar Coat
Kleancolor - Sheer Pastel Cocoa

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My latest purchases

Isn't it just typical to get a cold in the middle of the summer and the thermometer is 30+ degrees Celsius in the sun? My throat is killing me and I feel very tired.

Any how, let's look at my latest purchases. :)

Stamping plate m63 from ebay. Finally I snugged it for a decent price and the print that made me buy it is the houndstooth pattern. I've began loving that print on literally everything and of cause I must have it on my nails. I'm really not that good with stamping but I've been planning to practice to don't be surprized if you'll see it here in the future. ;)

A bunch of Oopsie Daises from Etsy, and as usual it's Sminkan who's inspired me for the majority of these above.

 And above we have something as unusual as store bought polishes! My first Zoya's ever at the neat price of 19 SEK (that's about 2 euro). And three fairly new brands for me; Miyo, Odena and Vow.

The Miyo's I find extra exciting to try since they seems duochrome in the way Color Clubs's Port-Folio is. However I'm not sure if that's real duochrome or if we should call it something else?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dotted gradient in red and blue

For the last day in the Vintage Challenge with the theme nail art with a vintage polish or polishes used during the week. For this I have a simple dotticure to show with Gabrini Elegant - 325 as a base. I dotted red metallic/shimmer in different sizes to form a gradient of the dots, from larger to smaller dots.

Polishes used:
Gabrini Elegant - 325
Kleancolor - Jewelry Red

As I said this was the last day of the Vintage Challenge and I'd like to thanks to Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvels! Hope everyone has enjoyed following the challenge this week. Next week I'll post regular posts and everything will get back to normal:)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark, swatch

Another day in the Vintage Week challenge (I bet you know what it is by now ;)) and the theme is Favorite golden oldie. I was thinking on what to show and this might not be my favorite of all time but it's special since it was one of my first lemmings. It was in 2009 and it was in the beginning of my more serious hoarding. It was also one of my first OPI's ever.

To make it short, what I'm showing is OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark. As I said, it was in the beginning of my interest of nail polish and I don't think I'd come across with matte nail polish like this before. I remember I saw this at some nail blog and I liked what I saw. I thought it looked elegant with that smooth matte dark surface. Since I liked it so much, and my economy was good, I bought this and a huge bunch of other polishes online for the very first time (but not the last). ;) Another one I bought at the same time was OPI - Man Of La Mancha..

As I said LPAD is a matte very dark purple polish. It also dries in seconds literally, ie. it's important to paint each nail fast, otherwise it will dry meanwhile you're painting. Especially since this one has the thin old brush.

 As you see, it's also looks quite nice with top coat on and becomes super glossy. However I prefer it matte, I got several other almost black polishes,like W7 - Black Cherry even though that one is more of a brown purple and LPAD is more truly purple.

I like this based on sentimental reasons, however I guess it didn't meet my then high expectations from the blog post. Also I started to know about more cool nail art by then so I guess my interest was split. ;P However, I thought this would be fun sharing with you. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Layering with the holographic Catherine Arley N666

Today it's double joy, I'm still joining the Vintage Challenge week by Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvels and it's also Holo Friday at Skimmerskuggan, and for both the theme is holo.

First I thought that I couldn't join today because I'm at my parents house and I forgot(!) to pack my vintage holos! However, I made a quick check in my archive I actually found holo photos.

This is one coat of Catherine Arley N666 layered over a bubble gum pink shimmer polish . Therefore I'm not sure if it's color accurate to N666 to how N666 would look alone.

However what I'm sure of is that this is a scattered holo, as you can see there's no clear rainbows appearing on the nail.

All shots are in the sun also, and that's because the holo effect disappears in the shadow.

I actually liked this, it feels like a subtle holographic blueberry and milk! ;)

And can you believe that I've got 12 other Catherine Arley holos, and out of them, 10 is untried!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wet N Wild - E71527, swatch

Hi! Sorry I've been so slow reading blogs, answering comments and even maintaining my own blog! I'm at my parents house and time flies!

Today I figured that I'd post earlier ;) As you might have noticed I'm joining Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvels Vintage Week Challenge, and today the polish type is glitter. I searched my stash for some "old" glitter and happened to find this pink glitter which also include for PrincessEmmas Pink Thursday theme too. A nice two in one ;)

What you see today is Wet N Wild - E71527. The name sounds like something to avoid in food, other than that I really like this polish. It's basically fine light pink and some fine silver glitter in a clear base. I used 3-4 coats over a black creme. This glitter actually leaves a perfectly smooth surface and the SV just makes it even glossier! I've also shown this before in a funky french, which you can see HERE. I apparently bought this at Gekås in Sweden and this polish might be 5-10 years old, which means it's really vintage! haha

And you know, you can also join this challenge. :) It's not mandatory to join each day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Viva La Diva - 56, swatch

Hi, today is a late post since I've been out painting (my parents house) all day. The color for Vintage Week Challenge by Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvels is green today and this is a polish I bought in the beginning of my nail polish collecting. I think this could have been my forth green polish ever and I wasn't content. The reason you see below..'s a jelly, and for about 7 years ago I didn't know how they could be used, not in nail art or anything. I knew nothing about jelly sandwiches and the new thing; pond manicures. Now I know better and I'll use this in some cool nail art soon, but for now you'll see it as it is, jelly and therefore transparent.

This is Viva La Diva - 56. As you can see it's a grass green jelly, with a tiny drip of blue in it. It's a real jelly and I believe this is 4-5 coats. I tried many coats to see if it would ever cover but I don't think it would.
Sorry for the late post. Know I'll go and read some nail blogs! :D

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Paris Memories - #243, swatch

Hi, sorry for the late post but I had to get up in the middle of the night to be able to catch the train to my parents. I've been chillin' for awhile since I got here but of cause I haven't forgotten about the Vintage Week Challenge hosted by Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvels. You can check out either of their blogs for more info.

Today's theme is red, which isn't a color I'm wearing too often but for this special occasion I picked one of (my few) reds. ;)

The polish I've chosen is from Paris Memories which is a budget brand I've bought in a small store when living in the south of Sweden. Now it's about 5-6 years since I bought this. I've got many polishes from this brand and I like the polish it self, but I totally hate the brush.. It's so tiny, close to a fine liner brush which make application very hard when I for each nail must re-fill polish on the brush several times!

Anyhow, #243 is a red shimmer polish filled with gold shimmer as you can see most clear on the bottle pic right below. I really like polishes like this, having another color of the shimmer because it really gives a depth to the polish.

I've used three coats for this and SV on top as always.

I actually really liked this and I'm content with my photos and I think I should reconsider and start wearing more red on my nails. :D

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gabrini Elegant - 325, swatch

It's a new week and a fun thing is that I've decided to join Little Miss Nail Polish and Polished Marvles in their Vintage Challenge Week, which is to show "old" nail polishes. They've decided a special order in colors and some simpler rules and more info can be found here. And since it's blue for today I'm joining Lindas Nailorama Blue Monday.

The polish of today is Gabrini Elegant - 325. I bought it in Crete for about 3 years ago and this is actually the first time I try it on in an full manicure and not only in a nail art.

  I used three coats and application was smooth. It do show some brush strokes but it doesn't bother me.

I first thought it was douchrome but it's really just another color of the shimmer I guess. So basically I'd call it a blue shimmer polish with cyan blue shimmer.
I really liked this and I'm happy that I tried it :D

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Green and yellow gradient

It's Sunday and Lelack has taken a pause but that doesn't stop me from showing nail art today any how. Today I'm showing something simple but a nail art I really like and I've worn a lot this summer; gradients in all shapes and colors. They are fast and simple and gives effortless the manicure a new look.

I've used two shimmer polishes from Kubiss and I really like this. It feel so summer like and juicy :)
Hope you liked it!

Polishes used:
Kubiss - 62 (yellow)
Kubiss - 63 (green)