Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tape manicure in silver and red

Hi. Yet another quick post, I got so much to do but since the photos are prepped I'm able to get them out and I guess that is good. This one has a Christmas feel to and we don't want to save it til' next Christmas, right? ;) This was something really quick I did with the help of striping tape (a nail art method I'm really starting to like more and more since it's a fast and simple method to change a manicure). I did two accent nails with a more "advanced" pattern while the others just had a line. I like how it really makes my nails look longer and the whole manicure feels very elegant.

Polishes used:
HM matte metallic - Silver
Kleancolor - Metallic Red

Friday, December 27, 2013

Red snow flake nail art

Hi, I've got a lot of winter/Christmas inspired nail art to show. I've been and will be a bit off from the blog but during the time that has passed I've still been able to do some nail art and below is one of them. This particular one is inspired from HG Nail Design, a really talented blogger which I like. She made an awesome snow flakes design which I wanted to recreate with my pink snow flake nail art in mind but I ended up with just one on each hand but the result look kinda cool anyhow. I think of Christmas socks/mittens/sweater some how. Hope you like it. :)

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap - NP13
L.A. colors Art Deco - Red
2 MM rhinestone

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shopping and giveaway win

Hi, it was a some time ago since I showed you my latest shopping and I actually also won a bunch of polishes some months ago and here we have it. Since I started making this post I have more stuff to show but lets start with this;

Earlier this year I participated in a nail art contest at Neglelakkmani and I turned out to be one of the lucky winners (my nail art didn't win but I was drawn from the lot for second price kinda,for my contribution click this LINK) and recieved this beautiful package containing 8 polishes from the Linda Johansen brand. AWESOME.

With the help of the fabolous Pene Negler I bought a bunch of brands which aren't so easy to get hold of here in Sweden. She has a pause in her blogging but she is missed.. I had a list of stuff I thought was interesting and also said that pretty much anything duochrome was interesting (I looove duochrome/multichromes) and she did such an awesome job and found a brand I haven't seen before, duochrome of course. Well, awesome AGAIN.

And then I have some shopping I've done at ebay. Miss.Love2807 inspired me to buy some Etude House polishes from their Minnie Collection (Thanks for the tip!). The collection has more polishes but I ended up with these two; The most exciting thing is that the polishes have Mickey mouse(=Minnie mouse) shaped glitter (!) which is one of the reasons I bought this. The second reason was that the glitter is opaque...I just looove opaque glitter in a clear base.

The same seller at ebay (I think) also had other interesting brands and I couldn't help my self so three polishes from Face found their way home to me. Matte glitter again. I can't get enough of black and white glitter and the pink and white glitter has heart shaped glitter and the white glitter polish looked so unique with the color combination and yea.. I had no reason not to buy them.

I've tried some of the polishes shown here but if you're interested in seeing swatches of any of them soon, hear about prices, sellers or names or perhaps have some requests, please comment! :)

Edgy Christmas nail art in gray and red

Hi guys,for today I have another Christmas inspired nail art to show. This one is much different than the typical Christmas nail art, it's edgier, more rock n roll(?), have non traditional main colors but I like that, everything doesn't have to be super traditional. About the nail art it self, I've used my favorite gray creme polish, red rhinestones, water decals (red sculls with Christmas hats XD) and red metal beads. This was my first try with water decals and it worked fine and was easier and faster than I thought. Removal was also easy and I'll try more decals in the future. The red metal beads bleed some of it's red color even though I was very careful. All in all I liked the result and I hope you do too.

Polish and materials used:
HM - Miss Stone Heart
Red metal beads
2MM red rhinestones
Water decals from ebay.

Are you traditional when it comes to Christmas with colors? Are your decorative stuff (if you got any) mainly in red/gold/green/silver or some other color? This past year's I haven't had anything but I have a lot of black Christmas decorations (it was trendy here in Sweden for some years ago) and I actually liked that. However when it comes to my nails Christmas seems to be in a rainbow, any and all colors works for me, obviously ;)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas nail art

Hi, hope you all have had a nice Christmas and are continuing having a nice time off. I'm still having a cold but today I've been able to a really relaxed day and maybe I'll take a nap before dinner ;) Nice ha? So a short and quick post today. I guess most of you anyhow are doing other stuff.

Today I'm showing No. 5 in LovingCosmetic's Christmas Challenge which is Santa Claus. I decided to make something simple and graphical again and went with Santa Claus hat decorated with rhinestones. On the rest of my nails i did "snow", or in other words a white glitter gradient. The "hats" are made with striping tape to get the precision. Hope you like it. :)

Polishes used:
Smitten Polish - Huckleberry Gumdrop
Kleancolor - Metallic Red

Ninja Polish - Love, Laces 'n Lawsuits

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Arrow rhinestone french mani

It's Nail Art Sunday with the not surprising theme "Christmas" ;) For me this upcoming Christmas is different, I'm working and the rain is pouring down right now. Usually I'm not working and usually there is lots of snow outside this time of the year. My new job changed a lot, my bf and I where planning to visit my parents in mid December and then I also planned bringing my Christmas decoration to the apartment, which never happened because I got this job and therefore there isn't a single thing in the apartment reminding me about Christmas, except my nails I guess. But I don't mind, it's not that important, we wont be home during Christmas anyhow.

What I'm showing today is a white and red nail art which is really simple in one hand but still very festive. It's a french manicure but with a high arrow like smiley and each "smiley" I've decorated with red rhinestones and on the accent nails I've added extra rhinestones and I guess we can imagine it to be some sort of Christmas ornament, right? I really liked this and hope you do too. :)

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap - NP13
Red rhinestones, 2MM and 4MM

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Black and white checked nail art

I guess most of you people are starting to enjoy your vacations and are all prepped and done to welcome Christmas? Well, I'm not. I'm working 3 more days before my time off starts, therefore I have archive nails as usual, this time a black and white checked nail art which I've shown before but with more added on. I like it this way too, even more maybe. Anyhow, hope you like it. :)

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap -NP13
Nordic Cap -NP12
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark

Friday, December 20, 2013

Giveaway at Polish This!

Polish This! has a giveaway and I say why not and happily participates.
If you click the link or the picture you'll get to the giveaway post. Good luck everybody! :D

Nordic Cap - NP13, swatch

This Friday I'm showing something simple but necessary; a white creme. I've used several but I usually just use them as base in nail art but I thought it could be fun for you to see this too. My favorite white creme is actually Kleancolor - White, which is an-almost-one-coater, but need two coats and for long I thought that this was an equal competitor. The plus side with NP13 is that it's shiny and the down side is that it for me needs three coats to cover. I've bought several bottles of this (because it's ûber cheap (10SEK) and I use white a lot and empty a lot of bottles) and the first bottle only needed two coats to cover but my second and third requires three. So, there you have it! ;)

This brand is available in Swedish grocery stores for 10 SEK which is about 1, £0,88 and $1,45.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pretty & Polished - Punk'd Up Betty, layering on pink, swatch

Pink Thursday and since I've prepped a large archive with lots of manicures I might as well show colors which fits for the theme days. Here I'm showing double up with pink. The base is Kleancolor - Neon Pink and then I've layered Pretty & Polished - Punk'd Up Betty.

Punk'd Up Betty has black opaque glitter in mini size and middle size black hexes. There's also pink middle size hexes and large silver hexes. Those silver hexes I think this could do with out to be honestly. I've showed this polish and it's blue brother Boy Bleu serveral time and both of them has the same formula. It's for layering and opacity can't be build with just the polish is self which I think is sad, I just love my floams and wish that this would work as the same. To sum it up I still like this polish, but maybe on another base than pink. ;)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Neon Pink

Pretty & Polished - Punk'd Up Betty

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glass-flecked Hello Kitty nail polish, swatch

For this Green Wednesday I have an effect polish which look green on a black background and looks more greenish gray in the bottle. So let's get to it, shall we?

This is a green glass-fleck effect polish which I've bought from one of the members in a nail polish facebook group I'm in. That woman bought this in Thailand and that's all I know about it. It has no name and no number but because of the bottle I call it Hello Kitty nail polish. Since it's an effect polish it's too sheer to have on it's own (I tried) and I would suspect that the base is clear but it's very filled with large irregular shimmer pieces =glass-flecks. For fun I pained my nails with a black creme and a white creme on an accent. I liked it the best on black though, on white it mostly looked a bit dirty even though it did look greenish dirty. Pictures shows 2 coats and picture no 2 shows the polish and color the best. It was also fast drying which always is a plus. I really liked this, I don't have a polish like this in my stash before so it was welcome! Do you like it?

What do you think about this polish? Do you know any other brand which have a glass-flecked polish in a clear base made to be used as an effect polish?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Claudia - 607, swatch

 Hi, today I have an elegant red polish to show. This one is from Claudia and it has a jelly like formula and I needed 3 coats for it. It was also very cheap so if you see it I recommend it however it's not an unusual red nuance, but one everyone needs at least one of. If you want to check out more red polishes you'd better check out Red Thuesday. ;)

You liked it? :) Looking forward for your comments. :)