Tuesday, April 30, 2013

China Glaze's Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces Collection sum up swatches

And here I present the "almost" full collection from China Glaze; Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces. The only polish I skipped was the light pink: Razzle Me, Dazzle Me which I thought I didn't need and afterwards I can only say I made the correct choice.:)

I'll show them in the order I liked them (photos are clickable if you want to get to the original post.):

First up is the blue Mosaic Madness, it had one of the best formulas with one coat and it looks darn good.

China Glaze - Mosaic Madness

On second place I've actually put the red Scattered & Tattered. I think red is a cool combination to many colors, I'll try it with green and blue soon. Another thing is the formula, one coat as the blue on above.

China Glaze - Scattered & Tattered

The third place was hard, I like all colors but today it's the purple Bling It On which is two coats. Since the purple has so much blue in it I think it's as versatile as the blue one.

China Glaze - Bling It On

Maybe surprisingly I've put the green Grafitti Glitter on forth place. I love green and I'd put it on second place at first but then I regretted myself this morning. Maybe because it needs two coats?

China Glaze - Grafitti Glitter

And for some reason I've put the silver Glitz'n Pieces at fifth place even though it's so versatile being silver. Also two coats for this.

China Glaze - Glitz'n Pieces

In reality I've think that the blue Mosaic Madness and the red Scattered & Tattered was the best both color wise and formula wise so I'd firstly recommend them. The other colors aren't bad either so I would really like to put all three of Bling It On, Graffitti Glitter and Glitz'n Pieces on a joined third place. Two coats isn't that much and I really like matte black glitter! :)

Do you agree with me with the order or do you have another favorite? Have you bought any of these or will you buy any of these? :)

My different Union Jack flag nail art's

I figured that since I like the look of the flag of UK so much and since I've made three times before I figured that I'd show all three of them in the same post! :)

I actually can't decide which one I like the most since they're all so different and with different expressions. If you want to watch the full post, click each photo to get there. :)

One thing is for sure; I'll probably make more of these union jack nail art's in the future.. ;)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Isadora - Surfers Paradise, swatch

Blue Monday at Lindas Nailorama and it happen to be so that I have more blue polishes in the stash. ;)

Today I'm showing Isadora - Surfers Paradise. It's a lovely cobolt blue creme, but I wouldn't have bought it if it wouldn't have been on sale for half the regular price.

Natural light.
I've used two coats and I love the wide brush. Application is so much easer for me with the wide brush. In my perfect world all brushes should be like this, or maybe I should have had less wide nails?! hmm..

Natural light.
Very shiny even with out top coat, here the photos are with top coat (SV) though.
Natural light.
The only thing being not so paradise with this polish was the smell, plain awful. Not a chemical scent  like Kleancolor and others, this was more like a rotten garbage smell..euw euw.. This is my worst smelling polish in the stash for sure...I have other Isadora's which have had a regular scent.

Natural light.


Sunligt/natural light.
Have you got this polish? Did you notice any bad smell or is it just my bottle? :O

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gray union jack nail art

It's Sunday and Lelack's Nail Art Sunday and this time the theme was "Union Jack". I was really happy when I heard the theme, because it's one of my favorite themes on nails even though this is only my third attempt. I knew from the start that I wanted to make it gray, or more like gray, black and white because I think it look so cool. Also I've made a normal colored one before and one in gold as well.

 First out is the shiny version which I finished of yesterday with SV.
Shiny can be nice too, but then I decided I wanted to try it out matte as well.
I used HM Matte Top Coat on my left and I also tried Kleancolor - Madly matte on my right hand.

 I loved the matte version.

I highly recommend you not to use Madly Matte after you've used SV. For some reason it cracks everything up like a crackle if SV is applied before. This time SV was allowed to dry for about 10 hours so everything was definitely dry all way through. I had to fix my right hand to save it so sadly it didn't end up as smooth as my left hand. Now I know till next time, lesson learned.

Polishes used:
HM - Miss Stone Heart
Jordana Pop Art -Black Mark
Jordana Pop Art -Contemporary White

Did you liked the shiny or the matte version? Have you tried out Kleancolor Madly matte? :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tip about giveaway ;)

I follow many blogs, but I think I only follow one Portuguese blog (correct me if I'm wrong?) and that's The Clockwise Nail Polish. One of the amazing advantages with blogs is that it's possible to get inspired by people all over the world. I've learned a lot during my year of blogging and finding awesome blogs. But nuff' rambling..

Anyhow, Christina has a 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway which is open internationally with some cool prices. For more information about the giveaway and also to check out her blog, click the photo.

Striped funky french with flowers and ladybugs

For today I have an archive nail art I made some summers ago, and thereby I may excuse for somewhat crappy pictures. :) Anyhow, I really liked this concept even though I think there's some room for improvement. Perhaps four petals are one to many. I'll try remaking this nail art this summer. :)

Polishes used:
Various colors of: Sure Promise
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black

Thursday, April 25, 2013

China Glaze - Bling It On, swatch

Hi, for today I have my last polish from China Glaze's Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces Collection which is Bling It On. I hope you've enjoyed following this almost full collection, I'll make a sum up as soon as possible. :)

 This is two coats like most of the others in this collection.
And as the other it has the same "ingredients" except the color of the glitter. This one has 3 sizes of purple(purple towards blue) shiny hexagon glitters and 4 sizes of black matte hex glitter and black string glitter.

 All photos are with flash except the one below which is with flash.
With flash.
And as you can see I've used a pastel purple as a base which I think matched well with this polish but of cause it will look cool with other combinations too.

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Pastel Purple
China Glaze - Bling It On

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

China Glaze - Glitz'n Pieces, swatch

Hi all lovely readers! :)

Let's look at another polish of China Glaze's Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces Collection, namely; Glitz'n Pieces.

This one is very alike most of the other in the collection; a thinner formula which means two coats plus extra on bald spots of you're picky or didn't get enough glitter on the brush from the beginning.
As you can see there's 3 sizes of shiny silver hexagon glitters and 4 sizes of black matte hex glitter and black string glitter.
 Since the "color" in this one is silver, the base color could be very versatile, in this case I used neon orange as base.
 All photos except the one below is taken in natural light.
With flash.
Polishes used:
China Glaze - Glitz'n Pieces
China Glaze - Surfin' For Boys

Monday, April 22, 2013

OPI - Get Your Number, swatch

Blue Monday at Lindas Nailorama and I'm participating with a polish feeling like old news rigt now..but who cares?! :)

 The polish is from OPI's Liquid Sand Collection and is called Get Your Number.

As you can see it's blue, matte and textured and also got a bunch of prismatic/holographic glitter in it which can be seen more clearly at the last photo.
I think this is two coats (I have accidentally deleted my notes about this) and since I couldn't use top coat drying time felt very long..For me it took about 10 minutes before the surface was enough dry for me to do stuff and at least 30-60 minutes for it to be completely dried. But I've seen that others have had faster drying time so maybe it's just me or my bottle. ;)

I must say I actually liked it. First I thought that I would get stuck and rip stockings apart and dirt would get stuck etc, but it has worked surprisingly well. I think it's a great variation to all other polishes. And I see a huge nail art potential!

I've done one which I've called Blue textured jelly sandwich which you can find here; >LINK<

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zebra stripes fading into gradient nail art in white and green

Sunday and that means Nail Art Sunday at Lelack where you later today can find a link list with a lot of bloggers who've made nail art's. The theme this week was free so I've cheated some and I'm showing an archive nail art from last summer. ;)

First I painted a white base and then made a green gradient. After that I made white zebra stripes making them fade in to the background. Maybe the green gradient shouldn't have been so high and then the zebra stripes would have faded in better.
 No matter what, I'm really content with this nail art. :) I really love zebra stripes..haha

Polishes used:
Depend - 191
China Glaze - White On White
China Glaze - Cherish
L.A. Colors Art Deco - White

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bold metal stud rhinestone nail art

I've told you before, but I got a thing for metal stud rhinestones. I think they're excellent decoration for a manicure that you've worn for a while and want renewed.

These ones are very large, I can't have them in all directions and also I can only have the diamond four shape on my thumbs. The metal stud rhinestones comes in many sizes and shapes, for example I've got square 3MM ones in this post. I think these are 5-6MM x 4MM.
To apply the metal stud rhinestones I've used nail glue, otherwise they would peel of way too easy. On top of that I've applied two coats of top coats to really seal in the design. However I don't mind having my nails super shiny so that's not a problem for me.
Here I've used W7 - Metallic Neptune as a base, swatches can be found HERE. It's duochrome and I actually think this design would look better with a creme as a base instead but this was fun trying out anyhow.

Polishes and materials used:
W7 - Metallic Neptune
Diamond shaped metal stud rhinestones