Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Small blog pause..

As you've seen I been away now for some days and this will continue until Friday evening. I'm in the very end of a large school project and I'm at school from early morning till late evening or night time. However on Friday the project will be presented to the company involved and things will go back to normal. Until then I will have no time for creating posts, reading other blogs or commenting them. 

So wish me luck for my presentation and see you later! :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins nail art

You know the time when you make nail arts or manicures that didn't end up the way you liked? They felt sloppy or made in a hurry and in top of that you didn't have time for a proper cleanup due to the fact the polish really stucked into your cuticles. In normal cases when I'm not content I just start over but as I said, last week I didn't have the time so I'll thought I show you it anyhow.

 Above is left hand and below is my right hand. Weirdly I liked my left hand more..
This is nothing new in the nail art world, I think the idea is good, in my case I really don't like that the whole nail art didn't show on the nail. It looks like if my nails are short and the whole pumpkin didn't fit there. And after that I panic and added glitter and matte topcoat and the disaster was on.

Oh well, happy Monday to you'll!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gala Nails stuffed with rhinestones and holo

It's Sunday, and lets skip Halloween, spiders, spider webs and pumpkins for awhile because it's Lela's nail art Sunday's with predetermined themes. The theme of this Sunday was "Gala".

As key words, my mind went to glamorous, large events, movie stars, red carpet, prom, large festivity, party, bling bling and editorial classical nails. I thought about french manicures and rhinestones. And very long nails, like Linda's from Lindas Nailorama got. However, I'm stuck with my own nails so this below is what I made. I actually made another one yesterday but realized that I'd missed the mark completely so I removed it and did this night time. :)

I don't know what to call it, it might be some sort of funky french with an "invisible" arrow.  :)

My thought was that the scattered holo could be translated into some sort of glamorous expensive long dress, silky rhinestoned all over. And maybe embellished with an open back with blue crystals. Neat and simple, yet luxurious (at least in my mind).
And amazingly the sun was shining to day allowing me to actually show you have it actually looks. In some light and pictures as you can see below the black appears more like a blackish shimmer, but I think that's cool too. :)

All pictures have one layer of topcoat over but I think I'll put one more to be able to keep this design on longer. :)

Kleancolor - Black (as a base for the sheer black holo)
Catherine Arley - 805 (black holo)
1MM blue rhinestones

Hope you liked it! "Gala" leaves room for a lot of interpretation so I'm very exited to see what all you others out there have done! :D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween white spider nail art in pink and black

Happy Saturday everyone!
Inspired by this nail art which I showed you the day before yesterday I've been thinking of making some sort of Halloween nail art in pink and black but still clearly Halloween. I honestly think I like the original more than this one but I still think it's fun. I mean if any one is going out this Halloween the nail art doesn't have to be orange/white/black to be Halloween inspired, it could be any color of your choice to match it with your outfit.

To make this nail art I painted my nails in neon pink and then I sponged black diagonal over the nail starting from the side of the tips. But I wasn't content there so I used my matte black glitter polish - uninhibited and dabbed if near the gradient and some over the pink to make the gradient ehm..cooler looking?! ;D
 After that I painted my spider webs and glued a 5MM pearl rhinestone as a spider body and then a 3MM pearl rhinestone as a spider head. And then I added two metal beads as eyes/jaws(?). The observant one might notice that I've alternated my accent nails, well both thumbs got spiders but the spider is on my ring finger on my left hand and on my middle finger on my right hand.
I think that a white spider is a fun idea, however if I'll do it again I think I will redo some things with it if I do it again. :) (Which I probably will ;))
Another detail is that the pictures where taken after I'd worn it for some days and I had cheated with the topcoat the which ended up in some wear and tear of the rhinestones/nail art in general. Multiple or triple layers of topcoat over the pearl rhinestones are a must in the long run to make it last longer!

Polishes and materials used:
Kleancolor - Neon Pink
Kleancolor - Black
L.A. Girl - Uninhibited
Jordana Pop Art - white
5MM pearl rhinestones
3MM pearl rhinestones
Silver metal beads.

Which one did you like best? This one or the "old" one in orange with black spiders?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Abstract Halloween 3D pumpkin nail art

For to day I have an abstract Halloween 3D pumpkin nail art. Fancy spiders webs are cool but takes a lo of time to make and sometime at least I want to keep it simple and abstract. Like a free interpretation of Halloween, without out loosing the meaning of it. However this is not for the simple minded, I guess you'll get  lot of attention if you would were this. ;)

 As you can see I've started off with a orange base and then sponged black polish over the upper part of the nail. It is not a real gradient meaning that the black and orange merge together in the middle. For this I wanted the black to be like a grimy dust over the orange. To get this effect I waited until the orange was completely dry so they wouldn't be mixed together.

 I know that they are sticking up a lot but I think it's cool. I use a special nail glue to make them stick. Polish is not strong enough for this larger kinds of rhinestones.

 Below is both hands. As you can see I've alternated the accent nails. On my left hand it's the thumb and on my right hand it's the ring finger.
 To get my 3D pumpkins I've used regular white pearl rhinestones and after I'd applied them I painted them orange. In the jar below you can also see the glitter I used for my accent nails.

Polishes are:
Kleancolor - Mango
Kleancolor - Black
Paris Memories (orange shimmer)
Pearl rhinestones à 5MM
Flat rhinestones à 3MM (loose glitter)
Flat rhinestones à 1MM (loose glitter)

What do you think about this kinds of abstract interpretations of Halloween? :) Will you or have you worn some Halloween nail art or Halloweenish manicure?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween spider and spider web nail art

I have hectic days in school now so there's very little time for blog oriented things. However I've been thinking of showing you some inspirational Halloween nail art, now when it is coming up 31st of October. It's almost a whole week until then, but I guess one want to be prepared, right?

What I'll show you today is actually one of my favorite Halloween nail art's and I've worn it several times. It's in orange and white and it's all about spiders and webs!

 I've made spider webs from different directions and a spider on each accent nail. The body of the spider is a 4MM opaque black rhinestone and the eyes are 1MM white pearl rhinestones.
 As you can see I've sponged the orange over the white base.

Polishes are:
China Glaze - White out
HM Nail polish - Dashing diva (orange)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black
4MM black opaque rhinestones
1MM white pearl rhinestones

Hope you liked it! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breast Cancer Nail Art - Think Pink!

Today it's Tuesday and I have actually one more breast cancer awareness inspired nail art to show, here's a link to the other one if you haven't seen it yet. I guess I got inspired by the other one, and made it less in the face, and with a more subtle look, both including nail art and accent nails.

Some how I think I like this one more than the other one, just because it of the subtleness. :)

What you see is two thin coats of Collection 2000 - 246, which literally dried in seconds! I guess the finish would go for foil and I think that the color isn't totally correct, I experiences it being more pink than the pictures show. This is truly a budget brand and some of them are a bit too sheer for my taste but this one is the best I've tried so far finish wise. (Bought mine from ebay for about $2/13SEK)
And as before the text was made with the two-way nail polish from Sure Promise in the color black.

Polishes used:
Collection 2000 - 246
Sure Promise (Black)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Breast Cancer Nail Art in pink

Yesterday I got the honor of guest posting at Little Miss Nailpolish!
A small campaign "Paint them pink" has used her blog to increase breast cancer awareness and to help support the research in breast cancer. For a whole week the blog has been filled with pink manicures and nail arts so I recommend having a look over there, not only to watch mine ;), but to watch all the others too. (I've actually found some pink polishes that I'll purchase soon.)

Here at my blog I'll only show you a sneak peak of what I did, more photos and how I did this can be found >HERE.

Polishes used:
Paris Memories - #229
Kleancolor - Pastel Pink
Sure Promise (black)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Madly Matte Mario Mushrooms!

It is Sunday, and Lelack's themed nail arts. And this week was extremely hard for me. The theme was "TV game". I have literally no experience and relationship with TV games. When I grew up we had like three channels and nothing else. My cousins had a play station so I knew what it was but I don't think I played it at their home, maybe once for ten minutes? For a couple of years ago my ex boyfriend purchased a wii and all belongings, and I admit I liked it even though I rarely used it. And when I used it I tried the fitness part with yoga. And that's it. So I was really puzzled for this theme, I've been thinking if pac man was a TV game or something else? I still don't know.(It is.)

However I was sure Mario was a TV game since my cousins got it at their play station. And then I googled it, actually I googled "mario nail art" and found the mushrooms to be quite fun. I don't know what part they play in the game or anything but still, this is my interpretation of the mushrooms: And some how I really like them! I think they came out cute. :)

Sorry for the black line appearing on my index finger, I think the matte top coat caught some undried black polish from the other nail making that hideous line. But try to disregard it. ;) And I guess sorry for the title, the madly matte is not Kleancolor's, but HM's, but how could I ever resist to make a funny alliterated title?! ;)

I really like that they have a blue background heaven behind them. When I did my mushrooms I started of by making the mushroom-area in white to get clearer colors. After that I painted red and green angled lines, the green one demanded two coats and red just one coat. After that I used Pastel Orange, on it own, I think it's my most hideous polish but it's perfect for skin tones. And then came all the dots and black lines, and to finish it of, I took a matte nail polish.

Polish list:
Kleancolor - Pastel Blue
Kleancolor - White
Paris Memories (red)
Kleancolor - Neon Green
Kleancolor - Pastel Orange
Jordana pop art - Black
HM Nail Polish - Matte

Can't wait to see what you other participating in Nail Art Sunday have come up with!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Inch Nails - OPI Skyfall mini Giveaway!

Picture belongs to One inch Nails
The lovely Chaosophia of One Inch Nails has a giveaway! And as you've already seen by the title, the winner of the giveaway gets OPI Skyfall mini collection (four polishes included).

From the picture I see it contains:
OPI - GoldenEye
OPI - The Spy Who Loved Me
OPI - The World is Not Enough
OPI - Live and Let Die

I wouldn't say no to it. :) So thumbs up for everyone participating!

Isadora - Latte queen

I've done a quick test with one of my latest purchases; Isadora - Latte queen. It was a spontaneous purchase since it was on sale. However I liked it, I only have colored crackles before and this is more neutral allowing more colored base colors.

I've been wearing some pinks this week so I thought it was a good idea to test it of with pink. The pink base is from Paris Memories and as you already know, the nudeish crackle color is Isadora - Latte queen. I've already got some ideas for nail arts with this which I hope will work out. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kleancolor - Neon Yellow

As you might know I've showed you a nail art with a yellow base at this last sunday. Before I made the nail art i wore my nails like this, all yellow for a day or two. I really have a weak spot for yellow polishes and this one is no exception even though this isn't my favorite yellow one.

 I like that the pictures are autumn like, it's a nice background for my yellow nails! However as always it's hard to capture the correct color of yellow, my hands look blueish and the yellow tend to be too cold in the color. However the last picture turned out to be the best one color-wise.
 I've used a white polish as a base since the yellow is quite sheer and I still had to use 3 coats to make it cover. And I wouldn't call it neon either since it doesn't dry matte and it is too warm yellow to be neon in my eyes. However I really like the color, but I wish I had a yellow like this that would be a one-coater, or at least two and without a white base of cause.
Do you have a favorite yellow polish or isn't yellow your thing? :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swatch and Learn - giveaway!

Mary of the amazing Swatch and Learn blog has a giveaway of a signed OPI - Movin’ Out. I would love to win it, like everybody else. ;)
Here's the link to the post which also is filled with interesting reading! Perfect before-bed-reading. hihi :)
Good night readers! :D

Bottle pictures of the latest nail polish shopping!

I bought some new nail polishes the other day.
Sloppy picture but good enough for this Thuesday. I've actually looked at these polishes for quite some time and now finally I bought them. The isadora crackle polish was on sale so I took it as well.

Polishes are:
HM nail polish - Lemon Tree
HM nail polish - Mint Madness
HM nail polish - I'm not a kiwi
Maybelline nail polish - Pow Green
Isadora - Latte queen (crackle)

Both I'm not a kiwi and Pow Green have a very similar color; avocado green. And I love it, however I feel that all the colors I've bought is more summer/spring colors so I think that they aren't going to be well-used this autumn/winter. For the autumn I want more darker shimmer colors and combinations like that. :)

Tutorial of poisonous dart frog meets giraffe inspired nail art

Hello there! There was a request that it should be a tutorial of the Poisonous dart frog meets giraffe inspired nail art. And I just thought why not and made my very first tutorial. So I'll hope you'll like it. And for those of you who haven't seen the original post, here it is with more pictures and information about what polishes I've used even though you of cause can use the brand and color of your choice.
Start by panting your nails yellow.

Now we will start with the gradient. To save some time I have started by making two stripes with the brush. And it is only an advantage if the coats aren't completely dry, just surface dry.

Paint some nail polish on a random makeup sponge and start dabbing on the area you want.

In this case I start with the edges and gradiently work my way into the middle avoiding the very middle since we want to keep that yellow. The picture shows one gradient coat.

A tip is to put a lot of polish on your sponge but allow it to "dry" some before you start dabbing on your nail. By waiting you will get a better gradient.

This is the second gradient coat, just blending in the orange color and making it have full opacity on the edges.

If you want you could be finished by then, but if you want your gradient to look even better I would recommend an additional layer of yellow over the middle of the nail.

The additional coat of yellow which I dabb on with the sponge makes the yellow and orange blend in even better with each other, creating a almost seamless gradient.

To make the pattern use a black fine liner nail polish.

Make random shapes reminding you about a giraffe print. It helps a lot looking at giraffe pictures while doing this.

Use a dotting tool or the tip of the brush of your black nail polish to fill the pattern you have made.

And then you're done! Just ad some top coat to seal in the design and making it shiny.

Hope you liked it!
If anything was unclear, please ask. :)