Friday, October 26, 2012

Abstract Halloween 3D pumpkin nail art

For to day I have an abstract Halloween 3D pumpkin nail art. Fancy spiders webs are cool but takes a lo of time to make and sometime at least I want to keep it simple and abstract. Like a free interpretation of Halloween, without out loosing the meaning of it. However this is not for the simple minded, I guess you'll get  lot of attention if you would were this. ;)

 As you can see I've started off with a orange base and then sponged black polish over the upper part of the nail. It is not a real gradient meaning that the black and orange merge together in the middle. For this I wanted the black to be like a grimy dust over the orange. To get this effect I waited until the orange was completely dry so they wouldn't be mixed together.

 I know that they are sticking up a lot but I think it's cool. I use a special nail glue to make them stick. Polish is not strong enough for this larger kinds of rhinestones.

 Below is both hands. As you can see I've alternated the accent nails. On my left hand it's the thumb and on my right hand it's the ring finger.
 To get my 3D pumpkins I've used regular white pearl rhinestones and after I'd applied them I painted them orange. In the jar below you can also see the glitter I used for my accent nails.

Polishes are:
Kleancolor - Mango
Kleancolor - Black
Paris Memories (orange shimmer)
Pearl rhinestones à 5MM
Flat rhinestones à 3MM (loose glitter)
Flat rhinestones à 1MM (loose glitter)

What do you think about this kinds of abstract interpretations of Halloween? :) Will you or have you worn some Halloween nail art or Halloweenish manicure?


  1. Great colour! I like it, though I'm not fan of pearl rhinestones, but I Looooove the accent nail! Great work as always.

    1. Thank you! Fun you liked it. If you liked it you should try it out, just placing loose glitter one by one over the nail! :D

  2. I love the glitter accent nails!
    You must have lots and lots of patience... ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes I guess so! In some cases I have lots of patience and in others none ;) I guess it's like meditation doing my nails. :)


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