Thursday, April 30, 2015

NCC presents; recreating member designs; "recreation nail art" inspired by Hey Darling Polish!

I'm slow this month, pushing it to the last day but here is my fourth and last manicure for the "Recreating member designs" which has been the theme for April. This look is inspired by Hey Darling Polish!'s manicure where she recreated one of her own early manicures. I decided to add some green at the bottom of my nail art and I also made my version matte. But something feels wrong..I'm not so happy with this, I much prefer Hey Darling Polish!'s version and I also guess this might be a manicure which looks better on shorter nails? Or at least super shiny because it reminds me of something fruity. :)

Polishes and materials used:
KIKO - 851

R de L Young - Coconut Milk
Essence Satin Matte top coat
Essence - Have Fun
Essence - Wild White Ways

Black Rhinestones in 3MM and 2MM (with oil slick)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

P2 - Cool Milkshake, swatch

Let's look at the green from P2's Crisp Color Collection which also is my choice for Green Wednesday.
Cool Milkshake is a green pastel and has dark blue and red shredded particles. The green color have a hint of blue in it, which makes it a bit minty/teal like. As some of you know this is quite similar, if not a dupé for KIKO's cupcake collection which had two greens in it. Below is 2 simple coats, as with Blueberry Dots the first coat seems super thin and the second coat builds up full opacity. Normal drying time here.

2.45 euro at Rossman.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NCC presents; recreating member designs; Black and white nail art inspired by Traces Of Polish

My third manicure for the theme "recreating member designs" in the Nail Challenge Collaborative is a recreation of Traces of Polish's Black and White manicure. With the help of striping tape she created a beautiful look. But before I had read how she did it, I though she had used a different technique. Which is the one I've used here and which I'll explain below.

I started off with painting two spots with white and black on regular baking paper. Then I let it dry completely and peeled it off. I then used a scissor and cut them in stripes, and then in squares. I then used a dotting tool to pick them up and attached them on wet polish. And top coat on top. Fairly quick and a quite dramatic look with the "perfect" squares. I'm very happy with this result. :)
I'll definitely use this technique more times too..already got plans... ^^

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen - Sweet Tulip
Essence - Wild White Ways
Essence - Black Is Back

Monday, April 27, 2015

P2 - Blueberry Dots, swatch

Blueberry Dots is the blue pastel texture from P2's Crisp Color collection, which I showed you bottles from. Blueberry Dots has dark blue and red shredded particles reminding about KIKO's cupcake collection. The blue shade is quite "blueberry and milk" reminding, ie a blue with a hint of red in it. All photos are in natural light, except the last which is with flash. The flash photo shows the color slightly better, while the other show the matte textured finish much better. The formula was great, I only needed two coats and I experienced the drying time to be quick for a texture, like 20 min? Very easy removal too. This is also my contribution to Blue Monday. :)

With flash.

2.45 euro at DM.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

R de L Young - Two Face, swatch

This is a duochrome polish going from bright cold toned purple, to bright warm toned purple and all the way to brown. I just love this polish, other duochromes with brown color shifts can easily look "dirty", but this one never does, probably because the purple base color is so bright. The shifts are also easy to see and this looks great in any lights. Also I just love R de L Young's flat rounded brush and the formula was awesome. I needed 2 coats and I can only recommend it!  <3

I love the flat wide brush! Some of you has asked me how I get such a clean and even line close to the cuticles and it SO much simpler when the brushes are like this.

9 ML bottle and 1,3 euro at Rossman.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Catrice - Call Me Princess, swatch

An unusual purchase to be me, it's pink! ;) Basically I thought that Call Me Princess from their Crushed Crystal collection was a texture polish, similar to something Isadora had 2014. However, as it turned out, there is no noticeable grit! Surprisingly I liked this and the color shifting has a huge part of it. When angeling the nail I think the pink goes from gold, to warm light pink to dark hot pink in the edges. Basically it contains color shifting glass-flecks/tiny glitter ranging from pink to gold, all in a pink jelly base.It covered surprisingly well and I used 3 coats even though 2 could have been enough (the 3rd didn't make that big of a difference), there is some VNL going on but adding more coats doesn't hide it in this case. And I must say it shows a bit more in the pictures than IRL. The polish formula is good and covers fast however the brush is more of a wide "brom" even though I prefer wide over tiny brushes.

I think this picture shows the color shifts the best, darker hot pink going towards warm golden pink.

This last picture is the only picture taken with cellphone, it's also in the sun because I wanted to show how much CMP is glittering. ^^

Awesome price; 1,35 euro (on sale) at Rossman.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zentangle pattern nail art in yellow, black and white

I just love yellow, black and white together! They compliment each other so well. I saw something similar at Lucysstash two years ago and knew I wanted to create something similar, but in other colors. I used the gorgeous Butterbeer as a base and then I used white nail polish and then made black stripes with my fine liner. Sadly my black fine liner was a bit dry but I think it came out okay anyhow. Loved this and I'll probably end up recreating it again. :)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - White
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark (lol look at that old bottle! Can't even see the logo..)
Alanna Renee - Butterbeer (swatch)