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Gelic' nail art is a blog about nail art, nail polish and everything nail related.

If you are interested in sending me product samples, ad proposals or have any questions, please contact me at;

If you want to feature product(s) or product sample(s) I'm happy to review them, however;
  • I will always give my honest opinion
  • Only products that are in line with the content of this site are of interest
  • And I will always clearly state in each post if a product has been sent to me for review.
  • Furthermore (and according to Swedish law) I can't guarantee that everything sent to me will be published.
None of the post published in this blog have been or will be paid for. All text and images are (unless otherwise stated) written and photographed by me. All opinions in the posts are the blog owner's (Gelic') own.

Pictures/text can be borrowed if you link back to me and the actual post the picture/text appeared in. Editing/cropping or changing my pictures are of course in all cases prohibited, if you'd like something "special" I'd be happy to prepare an image for you. If any one disobeys these rules and refuse to remove or give credit I'll take full legal action. If you got any questions just send me an email at the address above. 

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