Monday, August 31, 2015

NCC presents: Heart beat necklace inspired nail art

Quick post for the 4th Nail Challenge Collaborative  this month. (really hopes to manage to do a Blue Monday post too, but my boyfriend's parents are here and time is limited). I got inspired by a simple necklace with a heart beat symbol, is it called MRI? Let me know in the comments if that's correct and if you like the nail art. Other than freehanding the pattern's I did a needle dragging (inspired by an instagrammer called Sveta_Sanders) and also some black bow rhinestones as accents. :)

Here's the necklace. Also a purchase from ebay.

Polishes used:
Dance Legend - Machete
R de L Young - Black

Essence - Black Is Back
Bow black opaque rhinestones

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Glam of Sweden - 175, skull bottle polish, swatch

I just knew I needed this, not because of the color per ce (it's just a common neon yellow) but because of the skull shaped bottle. <3 I knew beforehand that the polish needed about 4 coats (which it did) and was a bit thick. But hey, who cares?  Next time I can layer it over white. The neon color looks really vibrant and had a normal drying time. The slight vnl wasn't visible irl at all btw. Anyhow, really happy with this one.

Here's a bonus in direct sun light. :)
 Bought in fb. Like 1 or 2 euro + shipping.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Essence - Be My Marshfellow, swatch

This is so not my type of color..Almost regret buying this. But anyhow, Be My Marshfellow is from Essence's LE Fun Fair collection and is like the others chalky matte and has a candy scent. This one smells like ice cream or well, maybe marshmallow? It's a super sweet artificial scent, not overwhelming but you can definitely feel it. The color is a varm pastel pink, like a pink with orange in it, salmon like, or what you used to make "skin color" on white people when drawing as a child. In the bottle I also see a soft shimmer which is completely invisible on the nail. This one needed 3 coats, whilst its green buddy only needed two. What do you think? Do you like this color?

Price: 10ml/1,79€ which I bought at Rossman.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

NCC presents: Black and silver metal stud nail art

Here's my 3rd nail art inspired by jewelry and again I'm being inspired by my own jewelries. And so far it hasn't been so colorful. XD This time I've been inspired by a sequin silver tie necklace that I like. I used some metal stud rhinestones from Born Pretty Store which have an etched checked pattern which I think could symbolize the look of the tie. Then I made some accent tie nails with a square stud and a diamond shaped stud. My other nails got rectangular studs. Really happy with this one! :D

Polishes and materials used:
Essence - Black Is Back

Born Pretty Store metal stud wheel with itemID: 20277

Little more info about the studs. There is six types of shapes of the metal studs and both come in silver and gold. (There are round with holes, rectangular, diamond, round, square and wing shaped.) The special about these ones are that they have this etched checked pattern. I used clear nail polish to attach them and added top coat on top and the studs lasted til I removed them 3 days later. :) This retails for $3.42 and you can use my 10% discount code NGL91  for other stuff which isn't already on sale.
***Some product(s) in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about it/them.***

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

El Corazon - Bloggers - BL-5, Alla, Alla nails; swatch

Today I have a LE collection polish from El Corazon, which is a bloggers collection and each polish is named after a blogger. Mine is from a blogger called Alla, Alla nails, a blogger I haven't heard about before, but that doesn't matter. :) This is a light green crelly with small matte green hexes, small white hexes and square glitters and black matte chredded glitter. There's still some slight VNL after 3 coats but not annoyingly much. This is REALLY my type of polish, just LOVE it!
This is also my contribution to Green Wednesday.

From a mani swap with lakobotan, she nailed this one! ;)

Also, hope you haven't missed my post about the 31DC which I'll jump in and join the 1st of September. :)

How many will be joining the 31DC 2015?!

I've decided to join the 31DNC 2015. Who else is in? :D

Link to more info if you click the picture.

By now you know what this is. 31 prompts, done in the order as the list. I will do them from 1st of September til the 31st of September (if I can that is!) but that part is optional.

Edit: Ehm, this got a bit embarrassing, September has 30 days, so the 31st prompt will be done the 1st of October (Or well, whenever in October when I'll probably finish).

It will be tricky, especially since I as usual will do the four theme nail art's for the nail challenge collaborative, but my plan is to incorporate them into this. :)

Ninja Polish has a giveaway

Yup, I'm sharing! :) Ninja Polish has a giveaway and I'd really like to win them. My previous Ninja Polishes feels sooo lonely and need new buddies. ;)

Click this link to get to the giveaway post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Simple heart texture nail art in white and purple

Hi, today I have some pics of a nail art that has been laying in the archive for quite some time. I showed you the swatch of Lavender Star in the beginning of this month, but these where done months ago. I really like the idea of texture nails + nail art so here is a try with freehand. Both the white and purple are texture polishes, even though I realize that I could have used a regular white too. A fail I think is that the hearts got very thick, and even though they dried they never looked as textured as the rest. Not my favorite nail art ever, but maybe you'll like it anyhow. :)

Polishes used:
Rival de Loop - Lavender Star

R de L Young - Foo Whiters 

I'd also like thank all you lovely readers who look in here every day, and also you commenters. That means a lot to me! <3

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dry water marble nail art / DIY watermarble decals

In this post I want to show a bit more pictures of my manicure from the mani swap with Lakobotan and also talk about the technique I used. This mani is also my post for Blue Monday.

Lakobotan did a regular water marble but I decided for the first time to make a dry water marble, some time called water marble decals. Which means that you do as usual and drip polish in water and then create a pattern. But instead of dipping your nails in directly (with some cleaning to do after) you just wait for it to dry. Then pick it up and cut it into a nail shape and place it onto you nail! It was harder than I thought but much less cleanup comparing to the normal water marbles. XD

Polishes used:
Rival de Loop Young - Blue Abyss

Rival de Loop YoungCoco Milk.