Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's stars and glitter nail art

This is a nail art I really like, silver glitter that glitters from the whole spectra of the rainbow and some black opaque rhinestones on top. I just love the combination! Perfect to celebrate the new year, right?!

The polish is from Paris Memories and I've used a lot of coats to make the glitter opaque.

I also want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all you readers that has been following me and has commented my posts etc this 2012, you're gold and makes blogging so much funnier! Hope that you'll keep being around 2013 as well! :D


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Classical New Year's nail art

For this Nail Art Sunday (the last one this year!) I'll show you a New Years nail art, however I think that it would work all year around. It's very classical and in my eyes very beautiful. Sadly I can't take credit for the design, I saw something similar for some years ago and this is my interpretation. Enjoy!

Holo and holo glitter with the rainbows.

Something I'll change till next time is to either use 1MM rhinestones instead of 2MM's or having just three rhinestones in a row, in stead of four. I think that it will look better then. Another thing worth mentioning is that after I'd done the french manicure I added the silver holo as a base, I then added the large silver glitter. I did this so that I could use less coats of the glitter making so it wouldn't get too thick.

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Sensuous (base color)
Kleancolor - White
Jordana Pop Art - White
Color Club - Harp on it (silver holo)
Paris Memories (large glitter holo in a clear base)
2MM rhinestones

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail Care and Polish favorites list 2012

The 2012 lists are popping up and this one comes from FruVesa's blog, even though I first saw the list at Cactus' blog.

Nail care favorites

Nail polish remover: 100% Acetone. I purchase 1 liters bottle each time haha.. I know some people say that it isn't good for your nails, and maybe it's bad for many hands and nails, but mine seem to work fine. And I love that I don't have to rub the nails silly when removing glitters, they just goes off like butter. ;) Well, almost.
Cuticle remover: None.
Hand cream: Occasionally Oliva by CCS Eco. Not because I think it works per ce, just because I LOVE the scent.
Nourishing polish: If I must I guess I use Mavala 2fas.
Base coat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat.
Top coat: Seche Vite
Oil: Extra Virgin olive oil. I mean, that's awesome for everything. I often use it on my cuticles and then smears the excess over the rest of my hands. Hell, I've even removed makeup with it!
Cuticle cream: I used one from Oliva by CCS Eco, and then the bastards discontinued it before I was able to hoard it.. The smell was even more awesome than in the hand cream, not fat on the skin and nails and went in and repaired my cuticles if they where dry or needed moist. I will probably be an old lady and still complaining and nagging about this certain cuticle cream.

Nail polish favorites – Color

Gold: China Glaze - Platinum Gold. I love the antique feel of this gold, not yellow as many gold are.
Silver: China Glaze - Platinum Silver. Feels like wearing aluminum over the nails (in my mind). I like that it is so non-glittering, the shimmer is so small making it look like real metal.
Bronze I go with some copper: Miss Sporty. I dont think I own a bronze polish, just the fine liner shown in the same post as Miss Sporty.
Black: Kleancolor - Black. My favorite black one-coater.
White: Kleancolor - White. My favorite white..however I'm in the end of the bottle and the brush is messing with me. It is a one-coater if applying nail art details or even large areas, also a one-coater if applying a very thick layer, HOWEVER if painting the whole nail it needs two coats. However I'll buy more of them.

The other colors are so hard. I would need a separate post for each color. It's impossible for me to chose from all the blue or the greens etc. Maybe I'll do that if I got time. Little Miss Nail Polish has done something like that and her lists are awesome! :)

Nail polish favorites – Finish

Okay, this list is like a big pinch of salt. It's just what came to my mind this very second.

: GAH! Too many of them. But a yellow creme is always a joy to see. Lets go with Kleancolor - Neon Yellow which isn't even a neon in my eyes.
Duochrome/Multichrome: Colorclub - Port-Folio..HM's Lady Luck is a close second.
Flake: Color Club - Snow-Flake. (My only flake polish!)
Foil/Metallic: Hm. Perhaps Kleancolor - Metallic Black
Frost/Pearl: I love to wear french manicures with a base coat with a pearl or iridescent finish. I have many of those polishes. Many enough that I should make a post of it. Here's a post showing Wet n Wild.
Glitter: W7 - Salt n Pepper and Ninja Polish - Humble Bee.
Jelly: Ehm.. I have no favorite yet. That's the quest for 2013!
Holo: Jade – Magia Negra.
Matt/Satin/Suede: HM's matte top coat. I works for all polishes. Ah..I do love matte polish.
Neon: Hm. I like many neons (adore) however I'll pick my favorite nail art I did last year, a neon holo gradient.
Shimmer/Glassfleck: I'll make it simpler for me, a shimmer dotted gradient nail art in dark blue and silver. I liked that one a lot and will do it again soon, but with other polishes for the sake of variation.

As you can see there is some space for tips..I don't feel very gentle with my nails with no regular cuticle oil etc. So please feel free to tell me your favorites. Preferably thoes that I can order from ebay, I got such an urge to purchase stuff on ebay right now..haha ;)

Candy Cane Floam funky french

 FLOAM! I think they are awesome and to day I'm showing Candy Cane Floam. It contains non-glittering red and white glitter in a clear base. I decided to make a funky french with it and I used 3 more like dabbing coats to make it opaque. Opposite to what the guides on Ninja Polish says, that they should dry completely between each coat because it's suppose to be slow drying, however I paint everything in one loop, no more drying time than any other polish. Then I put SV on top and I think it has a normal to fast drying time.
 I really love the polish, however I didn't like this funky french. I wished I would have painted the polish over the whole nail instead. It's also great as layering. I have tried it over grey and black and it has locked great in my eyes.

Polishes used:
Ninja Polish - Candy Cane Floam
Jordana Pop Art - White
L.A. Colors Art deco - Red

Friday, December 28, 2012

A summary of 2012

In Cactus blog I found this list, in swedish though. But I decided to translate it and edit it some too..Some questions I didn't feel like answering so then I didn't. Hope you'll enjoy, if you're not in to this text stuff, check out my gradient nail art of today instead.

Have you done something this year that you haven't done before?
Nail polish: This year I really treated my self with nail polish as ever before. Other years I've been holding my money more tight. This year I bought polishes I wanted from other years as well.
Personal: I've probably done something new, but nothing spectacular.
What countries did you visit?
Nail polish: Nail polishes arrived from the US, Brazil, UK and places in Asia. And Sweden of cause!
Personal: I visited no countries during 2012, but I wish that I had, would have been fun.
Did you miss something 2012 that you wish for in 2013?
Nail polish: Hm, maybe a colorful holo collection..oh, guess what? Something like China Glaze's 2013 holo collection perhaps. ;)
Personal: Maybe to motivate my self better for important things. A job?
What's the best things that happened to you during the year?
Nail polish: I started my blog during the summer, that was fun! :) I also bought a lot of Floam's and that was quite awesome nail polish wise. Oh, and I started using Seche Vite which made my nail polish experiences even better.
Personal: I've had a wonderful year with my boyfriend and dog. Otherwise nothing special.
What was your biggest mistake during the year?
Nail polish: I can't remember any nail polish mistake. Something silly perhaps, dropping bottles in the floor so they broke and buying duplicates of a polish by mistake?
Personal: Not starting to do important school stuff in time.
What was your best purchase during 2012?
Nail polish: Hm, my Floam polishes perhaps? I must give credit to all the Kleancolor polishes as well, good basic colors, perfect for nail art!
Personal: I haven't bought so many personal stuff during 2012..Nothing expensive at least, more like small but cute jewelries from ebay.
What did you spend the most money on?
Probably food and rent. And then probably nail polish combined with clothes and jewelries.
What made you happy this year?
Nail polish: All people commenting and reading my blog. Thank you! :)
Personal: My boyfriend.
Did you feel better or worse during 2012?
Much better, 2012 was a much better year than the majority 2011. I met my boyfriend in the end of 2011.
Is there anything you wish you would have spent more time doing?
Nail polish: Not really something special. Maybe finding more awesome nail art blogs? :)
Personal: Studying and improving things I wish I now was better at doing.
Did you get in love?
Nail polish: My many floams and my new black and white glitter polishes. They are awesome in my eyes. :)
Personal: I didn't get in love but I'm still in love with my boyfriend. :)
What was the best television program?
I don't watch so much TV, but lately I've watched The Mentalist a lot. I've seen some Criminal minds and Sons of Anarchy, and the favorite; Dexter.
Do you hate someone you didn't hate before?
No, still hating the same people as much as before. Yes, I'm a hater.
Did you wish for something and got it?
Nail polish: Well, I've bought a lot of polishes, and nail art decorations that I wanted to have.
Personal: I got a beautiful winter jacket from my boy friend that I wanted but I thought it was too expensive so I didn't buy it. At Christmas I got it.
Did you wish for something and didn't get it?
Nail polish: As always, the discontinued polishes or the ones too expensive and hard to get. I would like OPI - Black spotted and China Glaze - OMG collection. And so on.
Personal: It's too soon to say but it seems like I'm not getting the diploma thesis that I wished to have.. (x-jobb in swedish) Now, I'll have to get something, anything..Fun spending 400 hours on something I'm not that interested in. But it's my own fault, it's always possible to be faster, better, wiser etc. And maybe I can still get something at least not boring for diploma thesis. If any one is in need of a fabulous industrial design student wishing to give your company 400 hours of pure work in product development and refinement, then please comment. It starts at the end of April. wink wink. ;)
Which movie was the best of the year?
Nail polish: Ehm, I'm interpreting, but best youtube nail art maker is still LOVE4NAILS. She has inspired me a lot this year.
Personal: All the ones my boyfriend has showed me during the year. A lot of great ones that I hadn't seen before.
Which where the best people you met during 2012?
Nail polish: The newest acquaintance was Kleancolor which I really liked. 
Personal: Haven't seen any new people, not any ones qualifying to be the "best".
How would you describe your style and style of clothing?
Nail polish: Everything, literally everything. I'm varying from nude to neon, from rock to cute nail arts, from advanced nail arts to just one nail polish on the whole nail. But I must say that some are my favorites. I will make a special post for that! :) However in general I like pastels extra in the spring, neons and holo in the sunny summers, dark and vampy shimmers in the autumn and glitter vomits i gold, red and silver in winter (christmas)time.
Personal: I love dark clothing and what ever that's on top must be in a long model (I hate hate hate short t-shirts and shirts). I tend to wear puffy and large pants and skinnier upper thingy. If I don't wear my large pants I wear pantyhose of a thicker model combined with shorts or a skirt. I really love studs, corset details and checked pattern on clothing and shoes. Sometime I like wearing more girly clothes and sometime more masculine clothes. I never wear pastel colored clothes or tight jeans. My boyfriend once said that I got a weird style of clothing.
What made you feel good this year?
My boyfriend, our dog. And my family.
What/who did you miss this year?
Nail polish: Not something I can think about.
Personal: I missed my parents and brother some since they live a long way from where I live.
Which month was the best this year?
Normally I like the summer best but this summer sucked in the sense that I hadn't a job and it was cold and rainy all the time.
Is there anything you could have done better?
Of cause a lot of things, mainly studying harder and more effective. 
How will 2013 differ from 2012?
Nail polish: Less polishes I assume due to the fact that I probably can't afford it. Maybe more time to make nail art if I'm unemployed. Maybe less nail art if I get depressed of not getting a job. We'll see.
Personal: It will be a large change this year. The largest one in many year. I will graduate from university receiving my bachelor in Industrial Design. However I have a hard time seeing my self getting my dream job, the competition is extremely hard and it sadly feels unlikely for tiny little me of getting it. There are a lot of talented people out there. I will try but I still have to search other, less wanted jobs and not in the area of my education. I'm crossing my fingers that I at least have the chance of working with something creative. Fingers crossed, right?!

Gradient nail art in gold, black and red

Today I will show you a nail art that I've wanted to do for quite awhile. It's not necessary Christmas like but I choose some what Christmas like colors. I've also added some accent nails (different on right and left hand) with large rhinestone, but I think I liked the non accent the best.

Polishes and materials used:
Kleancolor - Metallic Yellow
Kleancolor - Metallic Red
Paris Memories (red with gold shimmer)
Jordana Pop Art - Black
Kleancolor - Black (not in the picture)
Red rhinestones,  5MM
Golden metal beads

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reindeer nail art

Here's my favorite nail art of this Christmas season, a reindeer  nail art with some accent nail Rudolph's. I love the contrast of the creme nail polish together with the shimmer noses, it seems like if they are glowing, especially the red one's. I just loved the whole thing and will do this again sometime! And now, picture spam! Hope you'll enjoy! :D

Polishes used:
Sure Promise (dark brown)
HM Nail Polish - Dust And Diamonds
Kleancolor - Pastel Teal
Kleancolor - Metallic Black
Kleancolor - Metallic Red
Kleancolor - Black
Kleancolor - White

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas tree nail art

 Good morning everybody! Hope you have had an awesome Christmas, cuz' I certainty had! I haven't got the time to post something during Christmas, nor read or comment on your blogs. But when I got time I'll get in to that. Now me and my lovely boyfriend are at my parents house and will be so for a couple of days.

The nail art then.. Here I have a needle dragging Christmas tree with a rhinestone on top. I really liked it and hasn't seen this actual design anywhere before. I like replicating when someone made something awesome but it's fun creating something oneself as well.

 I also tried metal beads as the Christmas decoration.

Hope you liked it, I sure did! Even though this wasn't my actual Christmas nail art. :)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Pastel Blue
Kleancolor - White
Kleancolor - Metal Green
Yellow 1MM rhinestones and red metal beads.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Light a candle

For Lela's Nail Art Sunday  with pre-determined themes.

To day's theme was a Swedish Christmas song called "Tänd ett ljus" =Light a candle.

Then I come up with this idea, a french manicure forming a candle. Not the best idea, but I honestly made 4-5 other nail arts for this Sunday. And they sucked more than this one.

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - White
Sure Promise (light blue for the candle)
Jordana Pop Art - Black
LA. Colors Art Deco - Gold
Kleancolor - Metallic Yellow
Kleancolor - Metallic Orange
Kleancolor - Holo Yellow

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow flake nail art

Here I have a nail art snowy and icy to the teeth. ;)

It's basically a diagonal gradient like the BMX nail art I did before, but now with white and blue. Sadly it doesn't show so much after I'd added a coat of Kleancolor - Holo Blue which took away a lot of the gradient.
Even though Kleancolor - Holo Blue is a wimpy holo in it self, I really like how it comes out as a subtle rain bow glitter like here. Almost like snow or ice.
And if no one had already noticed, the snow flakes or snow crystals are the branches in blue.

Above you can see the polishes used for this. The picture of the bottles is sadly very yellow and not that color accurate but at least the nails are, and that's the most important to me.

Polishes used:
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Sky Blue
Kleancolor - Pastel Blue
Kleancolor - White
Kleancolor - Holo Blue

Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet and prepared everything for Christmas? I bought all mine I must buy wrapping paper.. :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas nail art in red, green, glitter and stars

Christmas is coming up close and sadly I've only got one gift ready.. I must solve the rest today, but I do have a plan about it. I also want to purchase a new winter jacket to my self, have had mine for years now and it's still working and it's black and neutral, I just want something new. I also want to look in to HM and check what polishes is available there, preferably on sale. Buuut, I guess I must by the gifts first so I get it done. ;)

For today I have a simple but really Christmas like nail art. It's probably from last year at my parents house and the lines aren't sharp as I like, but what the heck! :D

Since it's not mine polish I'm not sure about the names. I just know that the green is from depend and that the stars are with Konad's own polish. The red glitter could be China Glaze - Ruby pumps or just some regualar red fine liner glitter from L.A. Colors Art Deco.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glitter and black sloping funky french

Hi! Here I have a black sloping funky french with a bronze (looks golden perhaps?) fine line over and a glitter polish on top! The glitter polish is needme PARIS Nail Polish - 59 and is a real budget polish. The glitter has two kinds of, large iridescent(or should we call that holographic silver glitter?) and smaller ones glittering in the way many flakes does, in green, orange to gold etc.

 I've actually saved this nail art because I think that it fitted as a winter manicure. It has some gold and some glitter and well, black is nice.

 In some lights it's looking gold (sorry for the dizzy picture) and sometime you can see the green.
 In the bottle I think it in some angles look like liquid ice or something. But the I turn the bottle and the golden shows and the illusion is gone. ;)

I like it but I wish that they would have skipped the big silver holographic glitter. I guess I also disliked it more when I whore it, now when I look at the picture I like it more.

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Black
needme PARIS Nail Polish - 59
Color club Art Club - Bronze

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Again then..

Sometime I get fed up with blogger. Apparently my latest blog post is mysteriously gone? I haven't deleted it and checked for a while ago that it got posted.

Anyhow, expressed my joy over getting my a package from Ninja Polish, ordered it the 12th of December and it got here today, the 19th =pure awesomeness.
Above: Magia Negra - Jade Holografico
Below: Girly Floam, Sunny Floam, Spooky Floam, Pinkerbell,  Candy Cane Floam, Melted Snowman.
 Also well packed to the teeth.
I guess I'll try the more winter like polishes first, like Melted Snowman and Candy Cane Floam. :)

Winter stamping nail art

Hi! Here I've stamped my nails with stars and hearts and the colors are a bit winter like, at least in my eyes.

This is actually archive nails from when I was at my parents house so I'm sorry to say I don't remember what polishes I used for this. I guess it's wet n wild or mavala. The white stamping is from Konad at least. If I remember I'll add the correct polishes at Christmas when I visit my parents.
Hope you liked it, I did. ;) I think these colors together are very nice and I like the blue glitter dividing the colors. And the stamping procedure went nice as well :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

French manicure in white and silver

I want to show some season appropriate nail arts but I don't think I got many enough to keep it up till Christmas and I don't know if I got the time to produce them either. Will see and I'll start up with something simple. A french manicure with a thin silver line. It's classical and simple, and I like it.

What I don't like is the discoloration showing on my nails, on their way to grow out but still. I can't understand why I ever could paint my nails before without base coat. Now I always use base coat and if I'm for some reason is out I use a clear/colorless shimmer polish as a stand-in-base-coat.

Polishes used:
Gabrini Elegant (White)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Silver

Monday, December 17, 2012

Green Street - HM Nail Polish

This I bought from HM this summer, but it's only now I've got time or the mood to test it. The bottle feels large as ever and I still don't like all the different shapes of bottles HM got. This shade is called Green Street but I would have wished that they would have called it something with "jungle". Since I see it as the perfect "jungle green". The same thing as when people say that something is tomato red, and a color pop in your head.
 Oh, I why do I have three similar photos? I wanted to show it with different light settings even though I think the upper one is the most color correct in my screen.
 Its a creme and covered nicely in two coats.
Is this a jungle green to you or is it more a green street? How important is it that the name is good or is matching the color?