Friday, May 31, 2013

Holographic dotted gradient

It's finally Friday and also Holo Friday at Skimmerskuggan.

Today I'm showing a holographic dotted gradient with my two favorite colors from Color Club's Halo Hues collection, the purple Eternal Beauty and the black Beyond. nomnom, I really liked this combination. :)

Polishes used:
Color Club - Eternal Beauty
Color Club - Beyond

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colorblind^2 in a gray and blue gradient

Hi folks! I'm finally back and school is over, almost at least. Everything went fine with my school project and I feel so content! :D

Now let's check out some nail art! This is something I wore for some weeks ago.

It's basically a gradient in blue and gray and I really liked the outcome. Gray is such a cool combination with bright colors like this in my opinion.
On top you see small matte black and matte white square glitters in a clear base called Colorblind^2 from Dandy Nails. If your memory is more than fine you might remember I've shown another Colorblind from Dandy Nails, namely the Colorblind without the "^2" with larger black and white glitter. If not you can check it out >HERE<.
Sorry for the out of focus shot on the bottles but that one was the best I got.
Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Miss Stone Heart
China Glaze - Bahamian Escaoe
Dandy Nails - Colorblind^2

And now I have some serious catching up reading some blogs! ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog pause

As you might have noticed, I'm having a blog pause. 

I'm in the end of my diploma thesis and there's almost no room for anything but work. Yesterday I was at school working from 8 in the morning to 12 at the night and when I got home my only interest was my bed so you see what I mean.

But I'll be back when I got more time. :) xoxo

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nail art's I'm less proud of..

Ah, let's look at the uglies as well then ;) Lela wasn't truly content with my contribution so I searched for the nail art's I'm less proud of so to say. I warned you, this will be increasing by ugliness as we move down the post..

To the left above I have a really old nail art (made 5-6 year ago)with my cuticles filled with polish. It was also by the time when my nail polish hoarding/nail art interest had just started and I didn't have a perfect light green polish going towards yellow so I was experimenting with layering, not so successful though. I also hate the nail shape I had at that time, the edges are SO round! This has not been showed here at the blog before.

To the right above I have a pretty new layering with China Glaze - Get Carried Away which I have showed here at the blog before. Incredible butt ugly combination. 

Above I have one of my "tape nail art" experiments. My intentions were good, I mean the polishes are great but the outcome was horrible. This experiment involved regularly stationary tape which for some reason works great for some and less good for me.

And above I have a special collage of ugliness. Pedicures gone bad; the one at the top is even worse than it looks, the "glitter smiley" is actually yellow toned.. Too large rhinestones, smudges and messy dotticures. Do I even have to say anything more? :D

However, I must say I like the bold ring I'm wearing in the collage..however it's gone since some years ago. *pointing out the only thing I liked in this post*

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The grass-like funky french

Hi again, as I said in my last post I said that I'd participate in Lelack's Nail Art Sunday, and so I will! :)

This week them theme was "gräsliga veckan", which could be translated into "ugly/awful/horrible week" (in nail art of cause). When I read about the theme my thought was of the word "gräslig", it's actually a fun word because it can also be translated to something grass-like or grassy with a free interpretation so that's what I did. Of cause I have some failed nail art's too, especially when I was a newbie, I hope I can get them posted tonight too. :)

For this nail art I did a light green funky french and added some grass on one of the sides. I also thought that it would look good with a green rhinestone so I added one on each nail.
 I guess this isn't my best nail art but I wouldn't call it failed or ugly. And I do like green nail art's. :D
I also felt like posing my nails to a matching background so I used the leafs of Daffodils (haha, fun name) which isn't a grass but at least it's green. :D

Polish and materials used:
1,5 MM green rhinestones
Sure Promise (dark green)
L.A Colors Art Deco - Mint
Kleancolor - TLC

Smitten Polish - Pink Goes Good With Green, swatch

This is the last day of my theme week with Smitten Polish and through out the week I've had great company by Sminkan who's also showed Smitten Polish all week! :D It feels a bit sad to end the theme week but it wont be the last time I'm showing SP, I've got a bunch of them on it's way home to me. :)

Today I'm showing Pink Goes Good With Green, however I'm not content with the image quality or lack of sun, this polish is far more beautiful than it shows here.

I haven't done any notes about this but from what I remember I used three coats. This polish is a crelly and the color is as you can see mint green going towards green and the shade is going a bit towards gray.

The glitter combination is really cool, I see light green semi matte squares and hexagons in an nuance slightly greener than the base color of the polish. There's also matte pink hexagon glitter and shiny purple/magenta hexagon glitter in two sizes in a slightly smaller size than the pink. There's also some micro glitter in the same pink and green color.

With flash.
Later to day I'll participate in Lelack's Nail Art Sunday, believe me, I haven't forgotten. ;)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Smitten Polish - Butter Mint, swatch

For this lovely Saturday I'm showing Butter Mint in my Smitten Polish theme week.

I must confess that I at first was a bit hesitant against this color when I got my bottle and saved it for last. Why, you might ask, it's mint? Mint is a fun expression, this mint is very bright and goes towards green, like a bright almost pastel teal. This photo above is the most color accurate accourding to my screen. And when I look at my photos I can't understand why I ever was hesitant, it looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

Same as the other in this collection it's crelly and has three sizes of matte black hexagons.
For this I used three coats and as you can see there's some VNL (as the others too), but I really don't find it bothersome at all.

I bought my my Smitten Polish at her Etsy shop but this one seems to be out of stock for the moment. May I guess it has been a popular shade? :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Smitten Polish - Purple Polka-Dotty, swatch

Today I'm showing a purple polish in my fifth day of my theme week with Smitten Polish. I'm imagining that this is a polish Helena from Lacky Corner would like because of the nuance of purple and the dots going on. Maybe I'm wrong? ;)

As you see from the photos it's a purple with a dash of gray tone in it and it has the same color tone as it's pink sister.
This is a crelly as the other in the collection and for this I used three coats. Another common thing is the type of glitter which is three sizes of matte black hexagon glitter.
As usual I can't state enough how much I like crelly + glitter combinations making the manicure looking like a jelly sandwich. I liked this polish but I think I'll like it more when my skin tone turns a bit more tanned than now.

I also happen to know that Sminkan is showing Smitten Polish too, so I'd go and check that out too. ;)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Smitten Polish - Ladybird, swatch

Another day in my theme-week with Smitten Polish! :D And then I might as well chose pink for today and join the Pink Thursday at Princessemma. Today I'm showing the pink Ladybird which also was part of my gradient nail art I showed last Sunday.

 As you can see the polish is kind of a dusty pink, not in your face-bright.
 The images show four coats, but I honestly think three would do the trick.
As the other polishes in the collection this one is a crelly too and also got the same look with black matte hexagon glitter in three sizes. In normal circumstances I'm honestly not into pink that much but if a polish like this one, has something extra to it, making it a bit more edgy I really love it. :)

Sminkan has joined me every day so far in this theme week and maybe she'll show something today too! :) And if someone else of you reading want to join the Smitten Polish theme, please comment. :D

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Smitten Polish - Mint Chip, swatch

Can I ever get enough of minty shades on my nails? The answer is no. And let's call it mint green and I'll qualify for Vacker&Underbar's Green Wednesday!

As you might have noticed it's Smitten Polish week here and today I'm showing Mint Chip which is a minty and milky polish with dark brown colored matte hexagon glitter. They're almost lookin black but if you look close they're indeed brown. This polish also got round shiny small red glitter in it too.

On the nails it looks a bit like a jelly sandwich and that's something I really like with the crellys with glitter. The red glitter some time sparks and some time not creating a cool effect.

I needed three thin coats for this and I needed top coat to even out the surface of the polish since the formula was a bit uneven. But I always apply top coat so that wasn't a problem. Maybe two thicker coats
could do the trick too.
Above you'll see the red glitter sparkles most clear.
This polish is inspired by mint chip ice cream and I really think it lives up to its inspiration, I actually went and bought mint ice cream with chocolate ripple the same day I wore this! Jummy nails and jummy ice cream. I love this polish! :D

And as usual, maybe Sminkan has a Smitten Polish down her sleeve today too? If not I'd go and check out the label Smitten Polish of all the Smitten Polishes she's shown previously. :)

What did you think about this polish? :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smitten Polish - Cookies & Cream, swatch

More Smitten Polish! :D This time in what in the bottle looked like a pale pink, but on the nails is more like beige or nude colored. The manufacturer of Smitten Polish, Noelie describes it as a "Pale peach/nude crelly" and that is a good description.

Same as Robin's Egg which I showed you guys yesterday this is filled with different sizes of matte black hexagon glitter, in this case three sizes. This one however does not have any shiny glitter like Robin's Egg had. Being a crelly it's sheer and I actually had 4 coats on. Maybe this one is a bit more sheer than Robin's Egg or I made too thin coats. There is some vnl but not in the way that it would bother me.

I really liked this polish, edgy but still very neutral. Now to the biggest surprise ever! It stained and discolored my nails heavy in pink! :-O And now you might think that it must be the polish I wore previously, but I had an accent nail with another polish on my other hand and that one didn't get stained at all. Weird, but I still like this polish, however the next time I'll use double coats of base coat. :)

And for more Smitten Polish I'd go check out My Nail Polish Online who showed a blue beauty which is on its way home to me..hihi. And maybe Sminkan will show some Smitten today too as she did yesterday? :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Smitten Polish - Robin's Egg, swatch

As I said yesterday, today is the premiere day of a theme week here at Gelic' Nail Art. The theme this week is the brand Smitten Polish. I've bought all mine from the Smitten Polish Etsy store.

Since it's Monday (and that mean blue monday at Lindas Nailorama ) I've chosen the bright blue/turquoise Robin's Egg.

This might be my favorite because I love the color and glitter combination, the name doesn't make it feel worse either. Real robin's egg really seem to have this color too! (well, I googled it)

This is three coats of Robin's Egg and it's a crelly and very glossy, none of this photos are with top coat.

The glitter seems black when you look at it but it's actually very dark matte brown hexagons in different sizes. And as you might see most clear at the photo above (in the bottle) is shiny rust orange small round glitter. They are a nice spice to the polish glistening on the nail from time to time.
Above I also have a shot of it with matte top coat. I think I prefer it shiny but this also made it look really cool and rubbery like.

Hope you liked it and are up to more Smitten Polish tomorrow. :D
If you want to find more Smitten Polish I'd look at Sminkan and her photos of Smitten Polish which is the main reason for this purchases and the many more on it's way to me.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ladybird and Robin's Egg gradient nail art

It's Sunday and that means Nail Art Sunday at Lelack. The theme is free so I figured that I'll kick start my first theme week in advance with the theme; Smitten Polish. A majority voted Smitten Polish Week and who am I to deny you that? ;)

Therefore, today I'll show you a gradient I did with Ladybird and Robin's Egg. Later during this upcoming week you'll see these and other Smitten polishes swatches with full info. Anyhow, I really liked the outcome of this, I think of a really colorful bird's egg especially since the black glitter went so good with the two colors. Gradients are plain awesome. :)

Hope you liked it and will follow on my little theme week and maybe even participate too if you feel like it . :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

About comments

I've noticed that blogger seems to mess up comments. So I so sorry for those of you that I've might have missed answering. :/

Before I've set it up like when someone comment I get an email about it, for some reason this doesn't work anymore and I don't know why. For my new blog posts I mostly see the new comments at the blog before checking my email but for comments in old posts I'm now screwed.

My solution for this is that posts older than 10 days will be moderator approved. Hopefully this won't be any negative change for you more than if you comment on an old post the comment wont appear the second you've left it.

If any problems appear, please comment or email me. My mail is on the sideboard to the left.

To make this post a tiny bit funnier, some music. ;)

Color Club - Eternal Beauty, swatch

Skimmerskuggan is on vacation but that doesn't stop the "holo friday"! Today I'm showing the drop gorgeous Eternal Beauty from Color Club. It's for sure the brand I would recommend any one buying, the formula and finish are great, drying time is nothing and the rainbows shine in any light and the color is awesome. Can one wish for something more? I've used 1 thick coat for all CC holos so far but I've seen most people using 2. Now let's enjoy rainbows! :)



Natural light in shadow.
Above is how the polish looks (almost) without rainbows but I had to fight to get a photo like this because it normally is filled with rainbows. Here we see the "real" color more accurately and in my mind I think it's beautiful like this too.



Flourecent light.
Hope you all will have a nice Friday! :D