Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween glitter gradient

Hi, as you might know I having a Halloween theme week and today I'm showing a Halloween gradient, or that's at least what I call it. I was thinking about "Halloween colors", and the orange and black combination are given, I've also seen a lot of green and purple. So basically I decided to have a purple base and then used Spooky Floam (which I showed earlier) to make a inverted glitter gradient. I think the result came out really cool, not overly "Halloween like", more elegant but still with some classical Halloween colors. Hope you like it!

Added a close up to show how the orange glitter really pop! And yea, btw everything which was "floamed" here glowed in the dark! ;) Not too bad.
Polises used:
Rapsodi (purple)
Ninja Polish - Spooky Floam

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Frankenstein funky french

Hi! I'm having a Halloween themed week this week and today I have a Halloween Frankenstein funky french. I've seen it at several places but most recently at HGnaildesign and I realized that I wanted to make the same concept. I used a sheer metallic shimmer as base and I don't think that came out so well but I think that the smiley's look good. For this funky french I've made the smile line absolutely straight, I think the result feels very cartoon like. I also hope that Karin at Vacker&Underbar think that this is green enough to join Green Wednesday! ;)

Polishes used:
Sure Promise (green)
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Kleancolor - Metallic White
Kleancolor - Sheer Pastel Cocoa

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin fimo nail art

Hi lovelies! I feel jet-lagged today and I also have some work to do today so I'll try keeping today's post short. As you might have seen I have a theme week here which is Halloween (obviously) and today I have a quite simple nail art to show. I've used fimos as decoration on my accents nails and the rest on the nails are just shiny and black. Last year I bought a whole bunch of halloween fimos and this is the first of them I try out. I used glue to attach them and then top coat to seal in the design. So, what do you think? :) I like it and a stranger actually complimented them.

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap - NP12 (black)
Halloween pumpkin fimos

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ninja Polish - Spooky Floam, swatch

Hi! This week I'll be showing Halloween nail art and some "halloweenish polishes" so hope you'll think it's fun. Living in Sweden Halloween is not a big deal and I can't say I celebrate it more than on my nails, basically I get an excuse to make some fun nail art. I'm sorry for being a bit away from the blogs, commenting and answering comments but I'm out traveling. When I get home this Monday night I will have traveled a distance of 1500+ km by train, and most of this time I'm out of internet.

Today's polish is Spooky Floam from Ninja Polish (which came out last year) which as the other floam's contains of fine matte glitter. Spooky Floam has the traditional color scheme of Halloween and the glitters are orange and black. In some lights as you see below it feels green in the edges, maybe because our brain try to mix the colors together? The base is of this polish is.. ehm..cloudy? But cloudy in the good way! When layering it over other polishes the base looks clear but it covers very well on it's own, and for my long nails I used 3 coats with a normal drying time. Another fun thing about this polish is when charged under a lamp it later glows in the dark, which is fun when trying to sleep at night. ;) If you want this polish to be super glossy you'll probably need 2 or 3 coats of top coat depending on how picky you are.But I've also used only one coat of tc too and that works for sure! :) So finally, I really like this polish a lot!

Do you got this Floam? Do you like it? Do you like celebrating Halloween?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cute n’ crazy green bloody zombie nail art

Hi! Today is the last day for United in green and I’ve liked this week, there have been a lot of great discussions about depression both at my blog but also at the others. Even though we haven’t changed something major by doing this, this is the deal about giving awareness to things, one person at the time and hopefully it has raised some thoughts about the readers and bloggers and hopefully this spreads to something good. And a great side effect of this week has been to look at all the beautiful green manicures, I love discovering new green polishes to buy. And a big thank you to Karin at Vacker&Underbar which initiated this green theme week. 

Today’s green theme could also be combined with nail art Sunday at Lelack where the theme is Halloween. I knew I wanted to join both so I decided to make this green zombie nail art, there’s some red here too (I wanted to have some blood going on as well). And I’m really content how all this turned out! I’d also like to tell you that next week I’ll be showing Halloween inspired nail art/nail polish all week, so don’t forget to check it out! :)

Sorry for the late post btw but I’ve been out traveling all day and I haven’t had the time to schedule. 

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap – NP13
Nordic Cap – NP12
China Glaze – Gaga For Green
Jordana Pop Art – Black Mark
L.A Colors Art Deco – Red
Sure Promise (red)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Green gradient with black rhinestones

This is the fifth day of United in Green and me and other bloggers are as you probably know by now trying to remove some prejudges about depression since October is Depression awareness month which Karin at Vacker&Underbar pointed out. I written a lot about my thoughts and discussed different research about depression during this week so if you want you can check it out.

For today I have another set of archive nails, like the whole week has been. This time it's a nail art I wore earlier this summer when my nails where super long. I really loved them like this but now afterwards I must say I prefer a much more square shaped tip than this rounded. The rounded tip isn't something I've done by purpose though! it's a combination of a period of no scissors/clippers and no nail file and the regular wear and tear has created this shape! Weird ha? Now I've found both scissors and files so in the future I'll try keep them more square shaped. About this nail art then, I made another nail art (which I haven't showed yet(!)) which inspired this manicure and also another one that I made most recently in holo.

I really wanted that the gradient would start at the natural nail and seamlessly to green. I started off with China Glaze - Sensuous which is what I use for french manicures (is a sheer light beige/skin toned jelly) and then tried sponging the light green to mix it and then I added a darker green polish. I think I could have done a greater job sponging the darker green here but I thought it looked good IRL. At the end I added the black opaque rhinestones which is a feature I just love in nail art's.

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Sensuous
Kleancolor - TLC
China Glaze - Gaga For Green

Friday, October 25, 2013

Green holo gradient

Hi, today I must keep the text shorter today but it's still United in Green (initiated by Vacker&Underbar) as a way to show awareness to depression. I've written a lot about it in my previous posts and a tip is also the check out the other ladies showing green this week. Except for green, I also wanted to show something holo like, since it's Holo Friday at Skimmerskuggan. I don't have that many green holos and the ones I got needs sunlight to reach effect. Since the sun isn't something I control I decided to make something that still could look pretty even if the sun decided to go else where and I decided to make a gradient out of three green shimmers. Then I used A silver Catherine Arley polish which I know is very sheer so I use it as a holo top coat. But sitting there in my room in the half shadow I decided to also use Kleancolor's glitter holo in green and I think the effect became amazing. There's both holo shimmer and holo glitter and it's beauty seems impossible to capture properly even though the sun did show. Hope you like it anyhow! :)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Holo Green
Catherine Arley - 676
China Glaze - Jolly Holly
HM - Atlantic
Dodwell (no name thai polish)