Friday, November 30, 2012

Pink crackle on bright blue nails

What about something blue for this Friday? I've got one picture to show you and it is edited on two nails which you will notice. Archive again. So as you can see it's a nail art with a pink crackle diving the nail.

 Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Blue my mind
Isadora Graffiti - Masterpiece Pink
Sure Promise (black)

Do you think this a good use for crackles you think? I'm ambivalent, maybe on longer nails?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yellow and brown nail art

Busy day to day too so I'm showing you more archive. This is a manicure that is a bit weird, it is also not in it's best light since it's after a good couple of days wear and tear. I think there is some potential for this, I like Lemon Fizz and how subtle the yellow fine liner is on top, however I think I went crazy with the rhinestones.

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
L.A. Art Deco - Yellow
Paris Memories (brown shimmer)
1MM Black opaque rhinestones
3MM Black opaque rhinestones
1MM Yellow rhinestones

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My recent polish hauls..

 I got them like one or two weeks ago but I haven't got the time to share them with you. So, some bottle pictures for you then. :)
I couldn't help my self and bought the whole Color Club Holo Collection, and it was worth it! I've tried two of them and I'm so impressed by the formula and the rainbows. If you've been thinking of buying holo I can really recommend these. The downside is though that the colors are a bit pale.

Little Miss Nail Polish photos got my to get this flaky thing from Color Club called Snow-Flakes.
 Above is China glaze - Lubu Heels, Hello Gorgeous! and Sensuous. Lubu Heels I've longed for a long time, but it has been out of stock or I've just prioritized it down, but this time I grabbed it. Hello Gorgeous from China Glaze's breast cancer campaign was a must after Claws in Colors pictures and the fact that they are for a good cause is great. Sensuous I bought because I wanted a sheer color to have for my french manicures.
 Here I have 4 polishes from China Glaze and their old Romantics collection, from the left: Harmony, Delight, Cherish and Adore.  The fifth polish is Agro.
 Above is the lovely Stella from China Glaze.
 Above you see China Glaze's summer Neon collection except two colors that I already had. Yummy, but unusually many pink colors to be me.
 Above are some base coat and top coat.
 And above and below is my gift from One Inch Nails giveaway filled with four tiny OPI polishes from the Skyfall collection. So thank's again for that Chaosophia!
And except above mentioned polishes I also bought the rest on the duochromed collection from China Glaze, namely Swanky Silk and Want My Bawdy.

When my boyfriend saw this he asked me; "And now you don't need to buy some more for a long while, right? Right?"

I could have been like that, but I've already found four China Glaze and two Color Clubs that I REALLY need, you know desperately. Now I just need to find three more polishes to fill a SFRB.. :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy face!

Oh no I didn't? ;D

I've bought five of the ones I liked the most from China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away Collection. Do I need to say that I'm over exited over Whirled Away? Amazingly good swatches available at Let Them Have Nail polish.

Have you bought any from this collection?

Nails with a retro feel

Well, at least I get a retro feel by looking at this. :) The lines are made with a fine liner from Sure Promise and the nude base is from a really old HM Nail Polish called nude. So old that they had ball shaped bottles, to you remember them? For like 10 years ago when I didn't do so much nail art I bought many of those, especially in Nude and another one called Dawn, which was a light pink shimmer.
Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Nude
Sure Promise (turquoise)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tear drop rhinestone flower nail art

For today I have archive nails to show. First I've done a light pink shimmer base and then I've  painted the tips in darker pink and then painted blue zebra stripes. Finally I glued on some teardrop rhinestones forming flowers.

Hope you liked it. It's not my favorite nail art, It's something with the colors which I don't like but can't really place what. :)

Polishes used:
Paris Memories (Light pink shimmer)
Paris Memories (pink)
Color Club Art Club - Bronze
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Dark Blue
Blue tear drop rhinestones
Blue 3MM rhinestones

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swans in love nail art

Hi everybody! Today it is Lelack's Nail Art Sunday with predetermined themes. The theme of this Sunday was birds, so I thought for a while and then decided to make swans!

I started of making a gradient in three shades of blue and then took Kleancolor Holo chrome to make a star filled night. Then I painted my white swans, well, white and pinkish swans. Two on each hand, and the necks almost forms a heart (yes, they are in love. Did you by the way know that swans are monogamous? The stick with the same partner trough live. If one partner dies they rarely get a new one.) Since I decided to paint both my hands, the swans on my right hand look extra retarded but I decided to live with that.
I just love the effect from Holo chrome, thoes holo glitter really makes the gradient awesome!
Color wise I think the upper photos are more correct, the ones below with two hands have too mush flash.

I must confess that I liked the gradient more without the swans but if I wouldn't have gone with the swan idea I wouldn't have done the gradient in the first place so I still like it.

Polishes used:
For the gradient:
Kleancolor - Beach Blue
China Glaze - Caribbean Blue
China Glaze - Want My Bawdy
Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
For the swans:
Kleancolor - White
Kleancolor - Black
L.A. Color Art Deco - Baby Pink
Sure Promise (white)
Sure Promise (orange)

In comments you where talking about flamingos, and how they could be made in the same way as these..Well, I have done flamingos before, that's how I realized how to do these swans. ;) HERE's the link for my flamingo post, check it out if you haven't done it before! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paper chasing trough flowers

Good morning everyone! Today I have this green, black and white flower nail art to show you.
First I painted my nails green. Then I painted the flowers and black lines. Afterwards I realized something was missing so I added the pearl rhinestones and the white geometrical shape. I think it went out quite fine. :)
Polishes used:
China Glaze - Paper Chasing
Paris Memories (black)
L.A. Color Art Deco - Black
Paris Memories (white)
1MM pearl rhinestones

Friday, November 23, 2012

Into the rainbow..

Well, some more archive then, I really like rainbows even though this one got messed up as you will see at the last picture. I think I made something else after but I can't remember.

 Below; one messed up ring finger.
All polishes where Sure promise, I really like those polishes, they are so bright and perfect for rainbows. Since they are fine liners I just make one line at the time. :)

If you want to see a rainbow manicure that I've made and which I really liked, check this post out:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Asian inspired nail art

I've written asian inspired nail art because I think of that when I see this. But maybe that's just me. :) And you might remember this, and that's not weird since it is a continuation of the nail art I showed you on this Monday, link; if you've forgotten. ;)

This is an archive picture same as the last one. I've been so busy with school lately. Hopefully I'll get more time for post and reading blogs after to day. Anyway, hope you liked it! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chill out n' feeling blue

Striking title huh? ;)
And yes, for the first time I'm in for Mrs Datas Blue Monday, better late than never though! :D
What you're looking at is some "old" HM nail polish - Enchantress Emma with some flower nail art on the ring finger. I remember that it was very sheer and took about five coats to cover.
Flowers where made with a dotting tool with one end on each side, one smaller and one larger.

Polishes are:
HM Nail Polish -Enchantress Emma
Paris Memories (black)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Humble Bee funky french

Let's continue with another one of my awesome favorite polishes! ;) This polish is also one of those I hold closely to my heart. And a funny story is that I wasn't aiming to buy it in the first place, I was actually buying Floam, saw this one and figured that I needed fill up the basket. Now I like this one better than Floam, way better actually. In my dreams I wish there was a green humble bee, or a red humble bee or a blue humble know. I just love matte neon glitter! :)

Humble Bee from I'm feeling nail venturous/ninja polish is glitter polish in a clear base. The glitters appear in two sizes, small round matte yellow neon glitters, small round matte black glitters and larger hexagon matte black glitters.
For this I used 5 coats to reach opacity. However I used very thin coats to make drying time acceptable since I'd heard that this one (and like Floam) take some time to dry. And I honestly think that for a full manicure maybe 3 coats would be enough. Here when making a funky french, VNL is totally unexcepted since that would look like crap.
 More about the opacity.. When I paint my nails with nail polish I start by shaking/rolling the bottle to mix the inside and then start with my right hand, thumb to pinkie, then my left hand. For this polish I recommend mixing the bottle before EACH hand because I noticed that my right hand which I started with got opaque on the third coat and the left on five coats. Even though there is suspension base holding up the glitter in the bottle, there so much glitter that it fells down anyhow. So I think it's important to mix it to be able to get the most on the brush.
More about drying time.. On the web site they claim that it has a bit longer drying time, and that you should wait for it to completely dry between each coat. I didn't wait that long for each coat and rather made everything in one go. And in my opinion it has a normal or even faster draying time than other polishes. Base coat and five coats on that might take some time for any polish but I didn't think this was no problems for me. It gets surface dry very quick and within some hours it was dried all trough, and this was with out Seché Vite. By this I compared with what I wore the day before this, 1 base coat + 1 coat of black + 2 coats of Chunky Holo Scarlet by Kleancolor which took all night to dry and some more.
A warning for Humble Bee and also Floam is that the edges of the nails get real sharp since of the glitter sticking out when it has dried completely. I actually scratched my self leaving small surface scars in the face during night time so a good idea is to gently file down any glitter sticking out, or painting the edge with top coat to smooth it of.

And about removing Humble Bee, yes and yes, it is hell removing, but SOO worth it! And with cotton drenched in acetone it only take at most a minute more than any other glitter, so like three minutes in total so I can't complain. ;)

I bought this from Ninja Polish and the shipping was quite fast, about 1,5-2 weeks.
(I think that they've changed the name to HumbleBee Floam now, I guess to show that it's alike as the regular Floam)

Hope you liked it and that you'll will have a great Sunday! :)
(A tip is to click the pictures to see them larger!;D)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Salt n Pepper funky french

For today I have my, I guess, top five favorite nail polish of the moment. I can't explain it but I'm silly and childishly fond of this milky polish filled with black matte glitter. This is also a lovely way of wearing it, nail art but in a very simple manner. I only wish that I would have had made sharper black lines.
Shadow outdoors.
Sunlight outdoors.
 And a somewhat close up:

It seems to be very sheer at first glance but it actually isn't. I used two coats to make it cover and no VNL in sight. However the second coat still reveal the underlaying matte black glitter making it feel a bit jelly-sandwich'y. Maybe that's what the base is, jelly, or crelly since it cover so easy? Or definitely milky, a milky finish.. haha :)

Polishes used:
W7 Nail Polish - Salt n Pepper
Jordana Pop Art - Black

So what do you think about it? ;P Any thoughts?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Like dark green chocolate sauce on light green marzipan..

More chocolate sauce feeling nail arts. Well, that's how I like to see these nail arts made with the pencil end of the Sure Promise polishes. This was made shortly after the one you saw yesterday was made. The result isn't sharp but maybe that's the charm of it?! And a fine liner polish is always the best for straight lines, but for round shapes it's amazing.

 Ehm, I must confess that I'm pretty impressed by the fact that I was able to accomplish this on both hands, looking almost the same! :O

 This above is my favorite with the "side-flowers", when you put the right and left finger together they go "full circle" or well, "full flower" so to speak. :)

Sure Promise (light green with the brush end)
Sure Promise (dark green with the pencil end)
(Yayness for two-way-polishes! So multi-purpose)

This is as you can see a straight line design, what do you think about this? Is it some charm in it being non-sharp or does it just feel messy? :)

Oh, for more of my side-flowers, look HERE. :) There you also can see what I mean by straight sharp lines mentioned above.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ornament swirls with Sure Promsise

Here's some simple nail art done with Sure Promise with the pencil end. I believe this was a test I made long ago when I'd just received my polishes. Anyhow, an idea that can be developed into something nice. Some inspiration in other words. :)

Polishes used:
Paris Memories (base)
Sure Promise