Monday, March 31, 2014

Black & red saran wrap nail art

I'm behind with the 31dnc and I got a lot to do. But here I have no 30, "inspired by a tutorial". I decided to try something new to me and my choice fell on "saran wrap nail art". I thought that a combo of red and black would look cool. I took red as base and then black on top and the technique was fun and simple so I'll definitely do it more times. I also decided to add a 3MM square metal stud from Born Pretty Store on each nail and I think the result feel a bit gothic. :D

Bonus pic in the sun :)

Polishes and materials used:
Claudia - 607

Nordic Cap - NP12
3MM square metal studs (gold)  Click the link to get to my original review for Born Pretty Store.

***Some products in this post have been provided for review***

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Super natural water decals from Born Pretty Store, review

Now I've reached no 28 in the 31dnc which is "inspired by super natural" and at first I had no idea what to do. Then I came up with the best idea ever which was showing my water decals set from Born Pretty Store which happens to be a Halloween set with a whole bunch of super natural stuff. I've also included a tutorial of how I did this so you'll see how easy they are to wear. The Halloween set is just one example and there is more types of characters with water decals on their site. Remember that you can use my discount code NGL91 to get 10 % off.

The set I got is filled with lots of different motives. At first glance it seems like it's only 4 manicures (seems like ten nails of each theme)  but comparing the size to my nails (which is pretty wide I think) you see that this is way more. I used two "nails" for 5 of my nails and then I think I filled them a bit too much.
To the left: my pinkie. To the right: My thumb.

And below is my little pictorial/tutorial guide on how to do this. After it I'll give some small instructions if you find it necessary. Basically this is a very quick and simple technique to obtain advanced nail art.

  1. Cut out the main motive with a (small) scissor.
  2. Peel off the protective plastic on top.
  3. Maybe cut in smaller pieces and then put in water. You just need them covered so a plate is enough. (Glass like here is not needed ;))
  4. Pick up the motive. The paper feels "oily" which makes the motive peel off easily.
  5. I used a tweezer to grab it even though it would be possible just to use the fingers.
  6. Then place it on the nail. It is super easy to move it around to place it exactly where you want.
  7. When I got it where I wanted I used my finger and pressed it down firmly.
  8. Then wait for a moment for the water to disappear or use a hair dryer. Then top coat it and you are ready to go.
Here you see a good thing, the water decals have a white background making the motive look very sharp even on darker colors since the polish color wont shine through.
And below is the result. I might think I put too many motives on each nail but it was really fun to try out. One advantage with this comparing to stickers is that the surface is 100% smooth with top coat so there's no risk for curling. They where also easy to remove. So my verdict is that I really liked this. It was surprisingly fast to do and the result is very nice even though I'll try to get some more all year around motives. For example I like the sailor themed ones on the same link as these.

And there you have it. The link to these water decals are HERE at the Born Pretty Store Website. The cost for the whole decal set is $3.99 and FREE world wide shipping. With the discount it's ($3,99x0,9=$3,591) which is ~25SEK, ~£2 and ~2,5. 

 Polish used: Claudia - 609 (full swatch will come later)

***Some products in this post have been provided for review***

Friday, March 28, 2014

Jolly Roger nail art

Sorry for being so inactive in the blogsphere but I got a lot of things to do meanwhile this challenge is going on. Not many days left now though, and no. 28 is "inspired by a flag". I was not in the mood of making any regular flag so I decided to go with the pirate flag; Jolly Roger. It might have been better if I'd placed the whole sculls and bones-motive a bit higher on the nail, but still, it's in black and white and I liked the result anyhow. :)

Polishes used:
Nordic Cap - NP12

Nordic Cap - NP13
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White

Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Water color nail art

No. 27 in the 31dnc is "inspired by art" and yesterday I couldn't come up with anything and then lakobotan showed me a link with a nail art which fitted really good. The technique was water color nail art which I have used some what but in a different way before. I decided for a blue background and the water color effect only in white. I can imagine it would look really good adding more colors too but I just wanted to try this time. And this was actually a very fast and easy nail art so I'll definitely do it more times, I feel it has huge potential. I don't know what specific painting this could derive from but it looks really different and water color is often seen in art. ;)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Beach Blue (which btw is a blue to the green, so not 100% color accurate)
Nordic Cap - NP13

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Paisley nail art in black and blue

And let's get me in phase with the 31dnc again, shall we? No.26 is "inspired by a pattern" and for long I've been wanting to try Paisley. So I did. Maybe I did the pattern too big because I think it looks the best from a distance, like the last picture showing full hand. Let's have a look!

Polishes used:
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White

L.A. Colors Art Deco - Sku Blue
Nordic Cap - NP21

HM - Blue My Mind

Iron Fist nail art

Woopsie, no post yesterday, had things prepped but time flew by too fast and at the night I was too tired. So let's start by taking a look at no. 25 in the 31dnc, which is inspired by fashion. For this theme I decided to be inspired by fashion I like and this time by a brand called Iron Fist and their high heel shoes. I really liked the result, and I hope you do too. :)

And below my source of inspiration:


Polishes used:
Claudia  - 607
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
Nordic Cap - NP12