Thursday, November 8, 2012

My entry to the Two Bottle Challenge

Hi! As the title says, this is my entry to the two bottle challenge made by Nailed it. The the two bottle challenge has simple rules, basically making nail art with only two bottles of polish. For all the rules, entry and also to check out all the other talented girls, check out THIS post.

I've used the blue Kleancolor - Catch Me and Kleancolor - Pastel Pink.

As you can see it is needle dragging nail art. Nothing new there, but to make it funnier I painted my two polishes diagonal to be able to get two places where I could drag my needle. I also tried to make my swirls large and making the result look a bit more bold. I hope you like it, I really did and I enjoyed making it! :D
More pictures to come. ;) I really like the wet effect the needle dragging create and I feel so inspired to make some more needle dragging nail arts. But maybe with some more colors even though I liked the challenge ONLY picking two polish bottles from the stack, and also choosing the two colors were a pain! :D haha
I think that Catch Me, even though it is clearly blue have some green in it. I had troubles photographing it since it always looked more turquoise, almost green on my pictures. But with some trixing I think I managed to capture it correct.
 I really like the above picture and the bottom picture because they emphasize the colors differently. In the above picture I see the pink more clear and in the bottom picture I see the blue more clear.

So I hoped you liked it!
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  1. I love this! Very nice!
    Good colour combination too!
    So you basicly apply both colours at the same time and mix them with a needle?
    I must try this!!!

    1. Thank you, fun you liked it!
      Yes, that's basically how it's done! It's also possible to use a dotting tool with a fine end for larger "lines". You should try it out! :D
      I'll make a tutorial of it some day soon! :D

    2. Ok, good to know about the dotting tool!
      Oh yes please!! Do a tutorial soon!!! :D

  2. This is so pretty! I love the effect! I'll have to try this technique soon!

    1. Yes, I also like the effect it gives. And it's actually quite quick to make since it only is "one" coat. The need is of cause to make the coat thick though so drying time is normal but with a quick drying top coat there's no problem. :)

  3. Oh Gelic, you've done it again! I'm tempted to try this too! My list of things I want to try is endless by now! lol!
    Loveing your mani and the colours ou've chosen play nicely together!

    1. Aw, I'm glad you liked it! :) I wasn't sure about the colors at first since the blue had some green in it and I didn't how it would play with the pastel pink but I think they worked out fine. I'll try making a tutorial of this as soon as possible, hoping it well help you guys wanting to try :D

  4. Det ser onekligen ut att vara en rolig teknik! Tror nästan att du inspirerar mig till att testa den.

  5. Ja, inte är den helt dum! :) Ja, gört! Och blir man missnöjd så märker man ju det ganska snabbt och då är det bara att ta bort. :)


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