Monday, October 22, 2012

Breast Cancer Nail Art in pink

Yesterday I got the honor of guest posting at Little Miss Nailpolish!
A small campaign "Paint them pink" has used her blog to increase breast cancer awareness and to help support the research in breast cancer. For a whole week the blog has been filled with pink manicures and nail arts so I recommend having a look over there, not only to watch mine ;), but to watch all the others too. (I've actually found some pink polishes that I'll purchase soon.)

Here at my blog I'll only show you a sneak peak of what I did, more photos and how I did this can be found >HERE.

Polishes used:
Paris Memories - #229
Kleancolor - Pastel Pink
Sure Promise (black)


  1. Great! I'm clicking to see the others!

    1. Yes, do so! :D Fun clicking trough, especially if you like pink. ;)

  2. Det var en ära att du ville vara med!
    Tack för att du länka till mig också!
    Stor kram till dig!

    1. Vad gullig du är! Klart jag gjorde det, det var ju där mitt inlägg fanns. ;) Sen så är det ju kul att hjälpa varandra, hjälpa läsare att hitta en kul blogg, hjälpa till en smula i bröstcancerfrågan, win-win till alla :D
      Kram tillbaka!


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