Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kleanclor Pastel Teal, swatches

This is another Pastel from Kleancolor, this time Pastel Teal. It's basically a light blue with a hint of green in it, making it teal. Normally I'm not that in to teal polishes, but this one is so bright even though it's teal so I really like it!

Pastel Blue, which I showed you yesterday demanded two coats. For this one I also used two, but on my index and middle finger I used two thick coats and on my ring and pinkie I used two thin coats. As you can see I should have used three coats on them. For this time it didn't matter since I used it for a nail art. but still good to know.
Another thing, doesn't the bottle looks a lot more blue than on the nails? Weird ha? On the nails it looks correct on my screen at least. :)


  1. Replies
    1. I like it too and I'm not a teal fan, that must mean that it's awesome, right right? ;D

  2. Är så nyfiken: är det dina egna naglar, eller har du förlägningar? I så fall, av vad?
    Jag har ganska nyligen gjort nagelförlängningar i gele som du kanske sett.

    1. Skumt, din kommentar har av någon jättekonstig anledning blivit flaggad som skräppost så det är först nu jag sett den!!! :-O Svarar på den i alla fall, nä de är mina egna naglar. ;)


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