Friday, January 11, 2013

Liebster Award - 2

The lovely Natalia from Polished Polygot gave me an Liebster award in the beginning of December. Now she might have thought I forgot about it, but that isn't true. It's honestly first now that I have got the time to finish it. :D This is my second Liebster Award and I glad that she gave it to me. :)

Here are the details and rules for this award:
  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
  • Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers
Since I've done this once before I've tried to ad new 11 stuff about my self to make it funnier. Here's a link to what I answered the last time I got the award.

11 things about my self:

1. My favorite patterns are checked and houndstooth.

I love painting/drawing and the first time I started painting was when I was two and my parents gave me painting stuff.

I'm a bad swimmer and hate public swimming pool areas. Somehow I see my self as dead on the bottom of the pool. Oceans and seas with sand are okay though.

I like sun bathing and getting tanned. ;)

I like cross country skiing. Down hill stuff, not so much.

6. I like traveling to other countries and embrace the culture of the country, from architecture to local food.

7. I grew up in the north of Sweden in a very unpopulated place, forest like.

8. I put on nail art on my toes even in the winter time when no one sees them.

9. I'm an obsessive tea drinker.

10. If I was forced to only use one nail polish color (with all the nuances of cause) for the rest of my life I'd chose green.

11. If I like a song I put it on repeat and play it over and over and over and..yeah, you understand.

Natalias 11 questions:

1. What do you like the most about blogging?
The people commenting and to see that people are following and keep coming back. I couldn't imagine that someone would like to see my nail art. At first I saw it as a simple way for my self to archive my nail art so that I easier could search for it. Now it's so much more.

2. Do you agree with the rule many bloggers have about not leaving links to your blog in their comments? Why?
Hm, I don't know. I understand that some people get a lot of spam links and therefore have to have those rules I guess. I'm lucky and don't get any spam almost so I don't mind if people leave comments with links. If I would get spam comments I'd probably stop them though.
3. What do you think about indie polish?
I love them but wish it was easier to get them. ;) It's a catch 22 here, I also like that they are unique.  The best thing about indie polishes is that they are fast catching up trends which the large brands take years to "come up". 

You're late, you have only 2 minutes to do your makeup: how do you proceed and what do you use?I hate showing my self with out make up, especially when I've over slept, the hair is a mess and my eyes look like X.. I think that's when I need make up the most. ;) If I'm left with two minutes I put on foundation on the triangle area, then powder all over the face, rouge and then mascara. If I got two and a half minute I guess I would put on some eyeliner as well.. I'm quick putting on my make up if I must.

5. Tell us three things you love...

Hm, Personal; I love my boyfriend, our dog and my family. Nail polish wise I "love" Seche Vite, polishes with opaque glitters
and polishes with a milky base filled with glitter.

6. and three things you dislike...

Certain people, bad weather and bad luck.
Hm, Nail polish wise, when bottles break and smears the floor..haha, and then I can't come up with something else!7. Snow or flip-flops for Christmas?I don't mind either, the most important thing is whom I'm sharing Christmas with.

8. Which place are you dreaming to travel to?

Hm, there's many places I would like to travel too, too many to count, but Thailand, Japan, Canada and Spain are some.
Nail polish wise I'd like to go to perhaps the US and hoard a large bag of nail and tax free..Like it should be.

9.What are you thankful for in your life?

When I think about it I can be thankful that I live in a country in the west, I'm not rich but I got cash, I got my health and I've found a boyfriend that I really like and a bonus dog.
Nail polish wise: I guess I'm thankful that I given my self so many beautiful polishes, I mean, what a gift to my self!

10. What are you proud of?

When I manage to do things I find hard. When people I love succeed with their goals and dreams. Nail polish wise I'm not proud of the order I keep my polishes in, Helmer is fat and messy.

11. What is your greatest dream/aspiration?
For now I wish to be able to work with what I've studied.
It would be a confirmation to my self, that I'm good enough. Nail polish wise it's maybe getting my hands on China Glaze's upcoming holo collection. ;)

My 11 questions:

1. What made you start blogging?
If you where allowed to only use one nail polish color(with all nuances from light to dark) for the rest of your life, which one would you chose and why? 
3. What the worst thing you have ever spilled nail polish on?
4. What the weirdest place you've spilled nail polish on?
5. What was your first polish ever? Color, brand and how did you get it?
6. How do you store your nail polishes?
7. Where do you paint your nails? (In front of the tv/computer etc)
8. Where do you take most of your blog photos?
9. Do you like matching your nails to your clothes, make up, jewelery or is it always totally random?
10. How many polishes do you got in your collection?
11. Do you have any nail polish amount limit? Or do you think that as long you can afford and you like all your polishes you'll keep them and keep hoarding?

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If you're nominated and don't like awards or if you feel like you don't got the time or aren't in the mood of doing the whole thing, then just take the best parts and do them. ;) I tried to chose bloggers that are new to me and ones that I didn't nominate the last time and I'll hope you'll enjoy doing this award! :) And it's fun for me getting to know you a bit more. ;)


  1. Oj, här har jag något att bita i :)
    Men det ska nog gå bra... Bara att börja fila på inlägget på en gång! :)

    1. Kul att du va med! Roligt att läsa dina svar. :P

  2. How great!, I love to know a little more about you!
    Thanks to your list I found such interesting blogs, such a pity I don't understand the language, but, I got Google translation.
    Thanks for sharing <3

    1. No problems, it was un to do :) Yes, that's a pity but as you say, there's google translate for those with other than english. :)

  3. Vad glad jag blev av det här :) Tack! Nu är mitt svarsinlägg klart, det tog sin lilla tid du :P Förresten så höll jag på att dö när jag såg din panda nail art. Så söt!!

    1. Va kul att du gjorde den! :D Och tack för dina fina ord på din blogg och här! :)

  4. Hej! Nu är mitt inlägg klart! Tack så mycke för nomineringen. :) Va många fina nailarts du gjort! :)

    1. Åh va kul, ska genast sätta igång att läsa och sen sen lägga till ditt inlägg i listan! :)
      Och kul att du gillar mina nail arts, alltid kul att höra! :)


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