Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The budget nude swatch

Some how I think this swatches are boring when I do them. I don't like them more when I see how messy my cuticles looks and how shaky the picture looks. When I of some reason was was hoarding nude polishes I came across this one from needme PARIS Nail Polish at ebay for £0,99.

The number is 3 and I used 3 coats even though I think one could manage with two if you would use thicker layer. It have a pastel formula so at the first coat it look streaky. The color as you can see from the pictures are that kind of color that children have on their crayon for skin tones (you know that unrealistic skin tone no one have). It's not my favorite nude color wise but for the price which is like 11 SEK, I'm still content. And it is great as underwear for other polishes.


  1. Jag tycker lacket ser väldigt gult ut? Nästan att det kan vara en kusin till Lemon Fizz eller något.

    1. Du har ett bra färgöga! Plockade fram lemonfizz och en bunt andra lack, ljusare råsa, brunare nude, orange nude (för jämförelsens skull) och helt klart så finns det väldigt mycket gult i lacket ovan. Känns som en gulaktig nude Ska se om jag hinner göra en seriösare jämförelse på naglarna och lägga upp för skojs skull :)


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