Sunday, April 19, 2015

NCC presents; recreating member designs; Blacken Roses inspired by The Polish Playground

So, because of my computer "problems", the "tea issue", I'm behind on the Nail Challenge Collaborative.. This month it's Recreating member designs in honor of our 3rd Anniversary. I haven't been around for 3 years in the group but scrolling through the different folders with themes have been fun. Since I have a weak spot for  black and white I decided for a mani from the B&W folder for my #1. I decided on a look created by The Polish Playground which she calls Blacken Roses.

Mine is not a dead on exact copy, first of all I don't have a rose pattern to stamp, and I created a bow of my own with rhinestones. However, I think it's clear from what I got inspired by! I made a white base, then freehanded black roses and created a bow with rhinestones and silver metallic beads. I just LOVED wearing this! :D

Polishes used (forgot to take pics, sorry ;))
Essence - Wild White Ways

R de L Young - Black (fine liner polish)
2 MM clear rhinestones
Silver metal beads

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Comparison; Nails Inc - Belgravia and China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

Yea I know, maybe not the right season. But while I'm at it, a comparison between Nails Inc - Belgravia and China Claze - There's Snow One Like You. Both are white texture polishes as you can see.

Nails Inc - Belgravia 

  • Jelly with sparse on texture, white hexagons and prismatic hexagons(which never look prismatic on the nail).
  • 4 coats (needed 5 on some nails).
  • Very difficult application, almost fishing for the texture and there is some dabbing needed to not get bald spots. In general less textured and not as "tipex white" as TSOLY.
  • Drying time is about 35-45 minutes. Quite similar to TSOLY, but I guess the many coats increase the drying time.
  • Cost; about $11 (CAD) (At the time I bought it, it was comparable to about 8 euro)

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

  • Jelly/crelly filled with texture and white matte hexagon glitter.
  • 2 coats
  • Also difficult application, the formula is thick and "lumpy" with the texture/glitter, however much easier than Belgravia. Much more textured and more white than Belgravia.
  • Drying time is about 30 minutes which is normal for textures (imo).
  • Cost; about $4 (US) (At the time I bought it, it was comparable to about 4 euro)

Nails Inc - Belgravia

Nails Inc - Belgravia

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You
So, overall I prefer China Claze - There's Snow One Like You. I know it has more of a cottage cheese feel or like really fluffy new fallen snow, but I like that. Also, TSOLY is half the price of Belgravia, and also TSOLY need half the amount of coats, which should mean that it would last twice as long (if any one would empty a bottle..). I didn't experience any major tip wear with any of them (however I wrapped the tips) but the only thing I didn't like with both of them is that the "texture balls" are gray toned plastic (as for all textures, but here it shows more). After a couple of days wearing for both TSOLY and Belgravia the gray plastic shows a tiny bit after some wear and tear (since there's no top coat), and makes the white look a bit "dirty" in an unpleasant way. Belgravia beeing less white from the beginning has an disadvantage there.

So, do you have any of these?  Which one do you prefer? Do you even like matte textures? ;)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Nails Inc - Belgravia, swatch

Wow, totally thought this was a white glitter jelly, and was surprised to see that it was a texture polish. This is a polish I bought in Canada at Sephora and I didn't do any research before.. Generally I like textures, matte like these is my favorite. but the formula and application was horrible here. Basically it's a jelly filled with prismatic hexagons and white matte glitter, and a few texture particles, because that is an issue, I've never ever before been forced to fish for texture! But that was the case here and with dabbing and fishing and almost placing, and avoid drips due to the super thin formula, the VNL was covered and I settled after 4 coats..

The result looks pretty decent, but some nails on my right hand should have needed a 5th coat in retrospect. The prismatic glitter doesn't look prismatic on the nail and if you're looking for a snow like white texture I'd recommend China Glaze - There's Snow One Like You, which is tricky to applicate but still miles better in application than this, CG - TSOLY also only needs 2 coats.

Bougth at Sephora for way too much money..or well at least $11.

I saw that this was/is part of a collection called "Beaded Polish" and that there where other colors too, like baby blue. But When knowing how horrible this was I'll pass.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Essence - Wild White Ways, swatch

A must have in my collection is a white polish and I now have another favorite (which is equally as good as Kleancolor - white). Wild White Ways is a white creme, very opaque and covers easily with 2 coats. Totally like it and recommend it!

1.55 euro at rossman

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NCC presents: Summary; Inspired by fashion

Hi, sorry for a long absence.. But I had a good reason, spilled a cup of tea over my computer... so basically I had to let it dry and luckily it worked after.. But now I'm also behind on other things (not only blogging) so I'll probably be a bit slow updating and coming back "full-time" here.. lol ;)

I saw that I didn't post my summary from the theme "inspired by fashion" for the Nail Challenge Collaborative so here it is.

My two favorites are the negative space hearts and the houndstooth mani. Below is pictures and links to the original posts:

Stamped negative space hearts

Iron Fist nail art

Philip Lim; male fashion mani

Versace fashion dress
Which one is your favorite if any? :)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nicole By OPI - Gone Wishin' - with Claire's matte top coat

Yesterday I showed you Gone Wishin' from NOPI and today I'm showing it matte by adding Claire's matte top coat. I actually like it matte much better and Claire's matte top coat is a favorite among matte tc's at the moment. Which version do you like best?

And also, this weekend will be unusually quiet, as I mentioned we have guests this weekend so there's little time for internet in general. I'll be back to normal at Wednesday. :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Nicole By OPI - Gone Wishin', swatch

This polish has tiny glitter in metallic blue and warm toned purple in a clear base. I first tried using it on it's own but that didn't work so well so I gave up, took a coat of a black creme and then used 3 coats to achieve this look. I wanted the glitter to be really dense but it could definitely work with just 1-2 coats too. I like the look even though it's not a favorite. In the pictures I got 1 coat of tc but I realize that I should have used 2, because the surface is still somewhat "gritty". What do you think about the glitter? And what do you think about the bottle of the NOPI's?

Bought in Walmart in Canada. Think it was 5-6 CAD.

Oh and we will have guests this weekend but I'll try schedule some posts. Hopefully I will have some time off in the evening for "me-time". :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

KIKO - 235, swatch

235 is a shimmer orange with yellow toned orange shimmer giving the polish a glowing depth. The color is nice but not unique and given the facts that it took 4 coats to hide the vnl enough (still not 100% hidden) I'm left feeling hesitant. (sorry for the slightly dark and blurry photos btw) What do you think about this polish? Any recommendations for dupés for this with less coats?

Bought at a KIKO store for 2 euro I think.