Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Romantic nude nail art with roses

Nude simple nail art with stamping and freehand roses and hearts. :)

Polishes used:
HM - Nude
Sally Hansen - I red a good book
China Glaze -

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blue and brown nail art

Here's a mani from the previous When Colours Collide nail art challenge with the color theme blue and brown. Personally I love this color combo and had many ideas but then I ended up with a time hazzle and this is all I got.

I was at my parents so I forgot to write down the polishes I used. But it was R de L Young, KIKO and HM to mention a few I used.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wedding nails

Here's some wedding cake/wedding dress inspired nails I did for an IG challenge, but also my first Nail Challenge Collaborative this month with the theme; A new beginning. Loved this combo of white and holo and the chunky pearl accent. This is something I could consider doing again some time.

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen - Disco Ball
Color Club - Harp On It
Gina Tricot - White

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Red flower nail art on pastel pink base

Here's one of my "signature flower" nail art. I combined 2 IG challenges which was pastel and red flowers. I liked the whole thing, and then I used the Viva La Diva matte top coat...which make me hate every mani I've applied it on so far. The VLD matte tc basically makes it semi matte, I really prefer super matte or shiny, not semi-matte/semi-shiny. Oh well, Showing this one anyhow. :)

Polishes used:
Gina Tricot - Black
Gina Tricot -White
Adena  - no. 11
KIKO - #330
Wet n Wild - I red a good book

Monday, February 13, 2017

Promarker heart nail art

Here I've freehanded some hearts and filled them in with marker pens. I need to purchase some alcohol so I can blend them better. I still liked the result here. :) This is for an instagram challenge and is as you can guess, valentine inspired.

Polishes used:
Dance Legend - Creep
Gina Tricot - Black
Red and blue promarker pencils.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Black and silver leopard nails + makeup haul

 Oh I've been lazy. I've been so tired this week and at Thursday even I understood why, full bursting cold with all the nasty effects of it. I'm still not good, but think I'll go to work tomorrow anyhow.

Anyhow, I've got 4 manis posted on my IG while nothing happened here. So let's change that. :) First out is my black and silver leopard mani which was inspired by the mascara I recently bought. :D

Here's what I bought, foundation primer (kicks), foundation(maybelline), mascara(kicks), eye liner (kicks), lipstick pencil (kicks), matte powder (isadora), and eye shadow primer (kicks). Basically a lot of Kicks products. So far I've tried most of the stuff. Worth mentioning is the the foundation primer which actually works really well. The lipstick pencil is great except that it dries my lips after a while. And the eye liner last without ever smudging, but is also a bit harder to applicate as I'm used to a pencil, not a marker tip. And well, the foundation, mascara and powder I've used before and they work great for me. :)

Polishes used:
Essence - City Girls Rocks (LE)
Gina Tricot - Black

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tie-dye water marble in black and purple

#clairestelle8challenge had 'out of comfort zone' as a theme and it was quite obvious that water marble should be my choice.😝 I ended up with something looking like a tie dye, or octopus tentacle. I dunno. But I liked it.

Polishes used:
China glaze - Violet Vibes
Depend cosmetics - nr039
Depend cosmetics - matte

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nail Challenge Collaborative - Winter nail art, summary

As I mentioned before Collages might pop up. In January the theme for Nail Challenge Collaborative was winter. I've already posted my 4 manis on IG but I wanted to show them to you here too. :)

One gradient with Ninja Polish - Melted snowman. XD

Two manis stamped with snow flakes.

And one freehand of a poor polar bear on a melting piece of ice. Done with nail polish. ^_^ This is obviously my favorite.

Feel free to join this monthly nail art challenge. Find us at Facebook by searching for Nail Challenge Collaborative. :)

Silver and grey nail art

Here's a simple design for another Instagram challenge called When Colours Collide, this time the color theme was Silver&grey, Metal studs and a water body tattoo which I used on my nail as an accent.

Polishes used:
Gina Tricot - Tiara
Bornprettystore hollow stud
Body tattoo in silver
various metalstuds

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello 2017 & Penguin freehand nail art

Needless to say 2016 wasn't my year for many reasons. Personal issues made my motivation at the bottom and my nail art'ing was sparse. To make it worse I had computer problems (which of course could have been solved with an excellent economy). To sum it up, all things which could go wrong at the same time did. I hope 2017 will be much better. :)

I'm not really expecting anyone of my old followers to still be around. I feel like I'm doing this for my self. Building up my searchable archive as I intended before, to easier see what I've done and my improvements etc.

I'm that kind of person who likes things in order. Therefore I debated with my self how I should handle the blog thing. I've posted things on IG which I haven't posted here. Should I try to catch up? Should I give up and just keep doing IG only? I've decided for a yes and no on the catching up, I won't force it though. I like the routine to post the same content on both channels on same dates.

So, I've updated my blog design a bit. Not sure I want to keep Blogger though, suddenly it feels awfully dated, but that's for another day. This is better than nothing for the moment.

First up is this penguin nail art for an IG challenge called Glamnailschallenge. Simple freehand with nail polish. Actually my first ever penguin nail art. :) And I'm really proud of it.

Polishes used:
Gina Tricot - Summer Sky
Gina Tricot - White
Depend - Nr039
China Glaze - Home Sweet House Music
(not in the pic: Depend matte tc)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

31DC2016 - Simple purple dot nail art

For purple I went with something simple. Just graphical dots going from the tip of my nails.

Polishes used:
HM -

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

31DC2016 - Blue medallion pattern stamping

I just love my new stamping plates! This medallion pattern has been wanted for long! ^_^

Polishes used:
Moyou special blue polish
Kleancolor -