Friday, September 4, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 4; green - Green drip drop nails

Here's my green nails for the 31 day challenge. As a base I used an El Corazon Polish (swatch here) and matched it up with some green dripping. I really like this nail art type, and a funny thing is that I had such problems with it 2 years ago, but now it's feels simple, even on both hands (even if cindy always will be less good). Hope you like it too. :)

Polishes used:
El Corazon - Bloggers - BL-5, Alla, Alla nails (swatch here)

Essence -
R de L young - Black

Also I'd like to make a shout out to some of my blogger friends joining; Traces Of Polish and My Nail Polish Online. Also you'll find them and more people in the inlinkz below. Also a big thank you to Chalkboardsnails for hosting this challenge. <3

Thursday, September 3, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 3; yellow - NCC presents: Cute kitty funky french

Today I have a two for one post, both the first Nail Challenge Collaborative post with the theme Pets and the 3rd day for the 31 day challenge which is yellow. So it will be long..

I asked a friend about this nail art, about what animal she saw. She responded "cat! ..or tiger, but definitely more cat ". So with that I'll stick with that and let's see this as cats. It reminds me of a stuffed animal cat, with the eyes like that.What do you think?

About cats as pets, I've never had one of my own, my parents don't like them and when I grew up kids in school which had cats had scratch marks all over their arms. When I asked why, they said that it was like that having a cat. If you play with it, it might scratch you. So I got skeptical towards cats, it was first after I met my boyfriend who laughed at me when I told him why I was so distant from his fathers cat. Then he explained that a cat would only scratch you if you treat them wrong and oh how much I've cuddled with his fathers cat since then. :) I'm also open towards getting a cat, me and my boyfriend have a dog, which I adore, but we both would like a cat some day too. <3

Anyhow, not much to say about the nail art itself. Just freehand and some dots and stripes. Not my fav animal nail art, but still okay.

Polishes used:
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Sally Hansen - Sweet Tulip

Ztiz (black)
Nordic Cap - NP13
Essence - Love Is In The Air, swatch here

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 2; orange - Matte orange cartoon inspired nails with glitter

Early this spring P2 released some matte shredded spring glitter, but on this base I think they fit for autumn too. (Thought I showed the glitter before, but that was the blue version..) Somehow this combo makes me think about autumn leafs or apples, if that makes sense? I also really love outlining my designs now days.. so this one got a cartoon like outline and black rhinestones. And matte top coat. What do you think? :)

Polishes used:
KIKO - 368

P2 - Cassis Passion Dots
R de L Young - Black

1 MM round black opaque rhinestones
Essence - Satin Matte Top Coat

Essence - Satin Matte Top Coat. Have I talked about this one before? I think it's an okay matte top coat, and it do give the nails a satin look. The thing I don't like with it is that it isn't possible to place shiny top coat on top (like for shiny+matte nail art designs) since this top coat really dulls/grays the surface permanently.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 1; red - Red 'kiss me' skittelette nail art

Finally the first day of the 31 day challenge! I've missed this challenge a lot and last September I didn't have time for it. To be able to make the challenge this September I've decided to use partial of posts from my unpublished archive to be able to fill every day. Because of changing apartments and stuff I atm got like 5 polishes left to play with which means I have to buy some more in the end of this challenge (ooh poor me, right? ;) ) so I hope you don't mind that. :)

But here goes Day 1 - Red which I've chosen to call Red skittelette nail art. This one took quite some work. I was at the time I did this one very unsure of stamping and decided to make the text out of decals, which I figured I could cut out and place. That turned out horrible, I used SV for my decals and they got too thick and hard so I built up some curage and stamped the text directly on the nail, and wow, not too bad for a beginner imho. XD I also placed some rhinestones on my accent nail and did a gradient. I really like this combo and wouldn't mind recreating it in this color of even another color. Hope you like it! :)

Polishes used:
MoYou Stamping plate
P2 - Dating Time (swatch here)

Golden Rose - no 27 (swatch here)
MoYou Special White Polish (swatch and review here)
MoYou rhinestone wheel.

Also as I've stated before there is an offer for you on MoYou's site; if you buy a nail art set, any of you choice, you can pick one polish OR one image plate of your choice if you use my special offer code CEL246. Which polish or the number of the image plate you want, you write at the comment section at the checkout. You can use the code as many times you want, as long as you buy a nail art set. :D

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***

Monday, August 31, 2015

NCC presents: Heart beat necklace inspired nail art

Quick post for the 4th Nail Challenge Collaborative  this month. (really hopes to manage to do a Blue Monday post too, but my boyfriend's parents are here and time is limited). I got inspired by a simple necklace with a heart beat symbol, is it called MRI? Let me know in the comments if that's correct and if you like the nail art. Other than freehanding the pattern's I did a needle dragging (inspired by an instagrammer called Sveta_Sanders) and also some black bow rhinestones as accents. :)

Here's the necklace. Also a purchase from ebay.

Polishes used:
Dance Legend - Machete
R de L Young - Black

Essence - Black Is Back
Bow black opaque rhinestones

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Glam of Sweden - 175, skull bottle polish, swatch

I just knew I needed this, not because of the color per ce (it's just a common neon yellow) but because of the skull shaped bottle. <3 I knew beforehand that the polish needed about 4 coats (which it did) and was a bit thick. But hey, who cares?  Next time I can layer it over white. The neon color looks really vibrant and had a normal drying time. The slight vnl wasn't visible irl at all btw. Anyhow, really happy with this one.

Here's a bonus in direct sun light. :)
 Bought in fb. Like 1 or 2 euro + shipping.