Monday, June 27, 2016

Sailor water decal nail art with Nicole Diary

Today I have a fresh review to share with you! Nicole Diary contacted me recently and has let me try out some of their water decals. First out is this summery set of sailor inspired water decals called 39. :)

You can find the Nicole Diary shop below;
HERE on Aliexpress &
HERE on Amazon

And make sure to use my coupon code Ge2016 which will get you a free gift with your order worth $2-$5! Shipping is worldwide and you can follow them here on instagram.

The decals come in one paper with a set of 10, When looking at the pattern it is possible to see cut lines for the scissor to simplify the size you need. My nails are both wide and long and I had no problem fitting my nails to it. I cut out the pieces and removed the protective plastic (this is important, if you forget, the decal will glue itself to the plastic and end up useless) and let it become fully wet by the water. I used a small plate and had less then 0,5 cm of water in it, after I pick the pieces up with a tweezer and placed them on my fully dry pre-painted nails. Since these water decals are clear I decided to use white as a base. The decals are possible to rearrange some after placement and also possible to stretch a bit and even out the pattern on the nail (as my nails are curved I need to make sure the pattern sits flat allover). It was easy to remove the pieces outside on my cuticle with acetone and a q-tip. After the decals had dried I put on top coat. I've previously had problem with Seche Vite smudging my water decals but these didn't seem to have problem with this.. As an accent here I used some Essence stickers I got on sale when I lived in Germany. 

Now picture spam, hope you'll like! :)

Right after placement, before cleanup.

Polishes used:
Ztiz (white)
Nicole Diary water decal - 39
Essence sticker pack

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***

Sunday, June 26, 2016

NCC presents: Spring dress #2

From the May challenge with spring fashion as a theme. Another spring dress with large dots in teal/mint green and white!

Polishes used:
Essence matte top coat
R de L Young - ?
Essence - Wild White Ways

The collage.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

NCC presents: Spring dresses #1

Hi there, this blog isn't dead but have had a little break in posting, some pics have made it to my instagram though. Will make it my effort to post those manis here as well as I prefer being synked with blogging and instagram posting. Therefor I will try not to ramble too much in the upcoming posts until I'm back in phase.

Coming up is the rest of Nail Challenge Collaborative; Sweets & Candy (April theme) (This one have to be on hold for a while since I have to get into a broken computer to get them), Spring fashion (May theme) and Video Games (which is this month). Also some When Colours Collide manis will be coming up which is another challenge I do. And some in between.

Here is my first Spring dress mani for the May theme Spring fashion för NCC.

Polishes used:
Essence Satin Matte Top coat
Adena - No ?
R de L young - White

Collage with the dress

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Red and pastel blue rose stamping decal nail art

Today I'm showing a Red & pastel blue nail art for last prompt at @whencolourscollide where we biweekly have a color challenge.

I love this color combo (and lol I chose it too) but it took me some time to get it right. You'll probably see my other attempts in the future. Here I created stamping decals for my accent nails. Which means I picked up the black stamping but instead of putting in on my nail, I painted the blue while it still was on the stamper. Then clear and when it was dry I took a tweezer and picked up the decal and put in on top of a semi wet/dry polish base. Tricky but so worth the result. Super happy with this. ^^

Polishes used:

Nordic Cap - NP09
Essence - Today Is Fun Day
Kleancolor - Metallic Black
BornPrettyStore imageplate BP-73
2 MM red rhinestones

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Negative space hundstooth in black

So I broke a nail a week ago or so, which resulted in me cutting them all down. I have too much ocd to have uneven length. XD Even though they are long for many people they feel short for me since I cut 5 mm away. So feels unusual but wanted to chear my self up so I did a negative space with stamping. So a franken black jelly as a base, a frame and funky french and then stamping on top.

Polishes used:
Franken black jelly
Moyou special black stamping polish
R d L young - Black
Born Pretty Store stamping plate -

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Angelica - Phantom, swatch

Beautiful duochrome polish ranging from dark blue to dark green, maybe even ultra marine (dark blueish purple). Quite often it look emerald green also, like in direct sun shine. This is probably a one-coater, but some coats felt thinner and I wanted to intensify the color so below are 2 coats. Basically it's ridiculously shiny on its own with hardly noticeable brush strokes. Basically I just LOVE this one. So totally my type of polish. As usual with this pretties it was hard to capture.

Sun light pic.
Bought at Primark for £2.5 (bought it in germany though, so payed in euro, but can't remember the euro amount, but maybe 3-4 euro?)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dance Legend - Machete, swatch

Hi, today I'm showing a swatch of Dance Legend - Machete. I'm using archive pics and this was the base of my heart beat nail art way back. I got Machete from my dear friend @lakobotan and this is unique in my stash. Machete is part of a Steel collection from 2014 which is filled of smooth metallics, where machete is one with warm beige undertones. I think I used 3 coats for this and as usual I topped it of with Seche Vite. Really like it! :D