Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dior Hypnotic Poison inspired nail art

Again Lelack has come up with a cunning theme for this Nail Art Sunday; "(Christmas) wish list". I read a quote at fb stating that; as you grow older, your Christmas list gets shorter, because the things you want, can't be bought. And I think it's some truth in that, the perception of what's important changes, it feels like love, health, dream job, friends, luck etc for both my self and family/friends are the most important. But sure, I have superficial interests too, however no one seems to be willing to give me polishes (my bf said that I have enough already when I mentioned it, gave him a list anyhow^^), so my wish list is limited to some technical stuff like a pedometer which would be boring to make nail art of so my choice fell on a perfume I've wished for. Dior Hypnotic Poison has a round bottle which has a gradient in red and black. My (free) interpretation is of the simpler kind, a plain gradient in metallic red and black creme. Just simple, elegant, shiny and luxurious(?)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Metallic Red
ZTIZ (black creme)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

NCC presents: Dreamcatcher dotticure nail art in black/white/gray

Time for second post themed dots for the Nail Challenge Collaborative. I decided to make the dream catcher nails again, because there is so many dots to create this manicure. Last time I did it, I used bright orange as accent color to the black and white (LINK here), but this time (maybe inspired by the Swedish weather?) I choose gray. I tried catching these in natural light but it was quite dark so I'm not so happy with the photo quality but at least you can see them. =)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - White
ZTIZ nail polish (black)
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
La Femme (gray/grey creme)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Elixir Lacquers - Snowman Suite, swatch and layering

Snowman Suite feels suiting to show now when Christmas is coming up, even though the actual images are from May this year.. Snowman Suite has a clear base and is totally filled with holo glitter, then there is small matte red hexagons, slightly bigger white hexagons and a very few large black circle glitter. Below is 3 coats. Sadly the black glitter sunk to the bottom of the bottle and was super hard to get up. Out of 10 nails I got 2-3 "naturally", then I went fishing for more and got 2 more but after that I gave up..It was too difficult. I know this base might not have been the best base.. this looks slightly like a disease? Like this I don't like it so much, I suspect that a green creme base would help it. What do you think?

Bought from Color4nails for $6.

Polishes used:
OPI - Samoan Sand
Elixir Lacquers - Snowman Suite

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas music nail art

Today the theme for the Winter Nail Art Challenge is "Christmas Carol/song/movie", a quite hard theme in my eyes, my mind was blank until I remembered that the oh so lovely TracesOfPolish (if you haven't checked her blog out already, you should!) gave me a music themed MoYou London stamping plate. ^_^ That made the whole thing so more simple, I used a glitter polish which gave me some Christmas vibes as a base and then stamped with's special black polish on top. It is not stamping perfection, I need more practice but the glitter helps hiding the imperfections. Hope you like it :)

Polishes and materials used:
Nicole by OPI - Fabulous Is My Middle Name
MoYou's special black nail polish
MoYou London music image plate
If you buy a nail art set, any of you choice, you can pick one polish OR one image plate of your choice if you use the code CEL246. Which polish or the number of the image plate you want, you write at the comment section at the checkout. You can use the code as many times you want, as long as you buy a nail art set. :D

***Some products in this post have been provided for review***

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Claire's - Splatter Green, swatch and layering

Here's a polish I've bought in Germany at Claire's. They have a nice range of polish and Splatter Green interested me. Splatter Green has a super light green jelly base (but shows as clear on the nail) which is filled with matte glitter in different shapes. I see green hexagons in 2 sizes, white hexagons in 4 sizes, black hexagons in 4 sizes and also black long and also very curled string glitter. The promblem here is clearly the string glitter being curled, it looks cool when it lays down flat to the nail though. However, it feels impossible to brush down if it has curled down the "wrong" making it stick up. Here I layered it with 3 coats because I wanted it to be really glitter dense (but 1-2 coats look good too) over a light green (Essence - 03, I Hol Di Mit'm Traktor Ab). Maybe a lighter green would have looked better, the base is a dull green and the green glitter is really bright, however the nuance is pretty similar. I'll definitely try it over other colors in the future. :) A gradient from white-green-black would be super cool for example. ;)
This is also this years last Green Wednesday, so don't miss that out ;)

Polishes used:
Essence - 03, I Hol Di Mit'm Traktor Ab
Claire's - Splatter Green

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Graphical Christmas tree in black and gold

Time for the 5th theme in the Winter nail art challenge, which is Christmas tree's. Personally the trees are a bit too early for me, in my family a (real) tree is cut down the 22-23rd and gets in the house the 24th, at the earliest 23rd. Basically I wanted to make a nail art which could both fit the theme but not necessarily be super classical. I wanted something more graphical and yea, black + gold +matte are always nice together. Also feels like the Star shaped metal stud rhinestone became like the cherry on top. ^^ Hope you'll like it :)

Polishes and materials used:
ZTIZ (black nail polish)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Gold Rush
Claire's - matte top coat 
Star shaped metal stud rhinestone