Thursday, March 5, 2015

Neon leopard nail art + matching pedicure

Today I have some nails from last summer, I've been a bit reluctant with these because they come with a bad memory, not with the nail art though. While I had these on I did some acrylic nails on a work buddy and I got an allergic reaction even though I was super careful, I think I accidentally nudged a piece of paper which acrylic acid while cleaning away the stuff (because I had gloves on during the whole thing). Anyhow, to make a long story short, the allergic reaction made my cuticle itch terrible and I got tiny little bumps on the skin around my nails (it doesn't show so much but if you look carefully you can see it in some of the photos). After the photos I removed my polish and went no-polish for a week or more to really make my nails relax from any chemicals. I also went crazy and oiled constantly. One thing is for sure, I wont touch acrylics again, I'll stick with nail polish. ^^

Anyhow, to the nail art; I did a gradient with neon green, yellow and pink and then I did dots in the same colors and then filled them in leo style. Quite happy with the result.
And warning to the sensitive ones; there's one picture in the end with my matching pedicure. :)

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Hang Ten-toes
China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard
China Glaze - Sun-Kissed

Kleancolor - Black

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

KIKO - 854, swatch

854 is a light turquoise green creme, it's definitely more green than blue, and therefore I call it legit for Green Wednesday. 854 is too dark for a pastel but still lighter than a regular turquoise even though it looks much darker on the nail than the bottle. The formula is super thin (as I've experienced with many KIKO's) and the round brush saves the application by miles but I still needed 4-5 coats depending on the nail to get rid of the "streakyness". These round bottles are also suppose to be fast drying but I guess that the many coats of polish makes them slow drying even with seche vite. Too bad because I liked the base color. What do you think?

Bought at a KIKO store on sale, payed like 1 euro or something like that.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

NCC presents: Stamped negative space heart nail art

I'm usually never fast with the challenges in the Nail Challenge Collaborative; it is one theme, four manicures which can be published any time during the month. Usually I do one NCC-mani/week but post them in the end (because I'm too lazy/occupied to do it asap). However this month I'm fast, and that correlates to why I was "late" last month. The theme of March is inspired by fashion and I couldn't hold my self, so did this one as soon as I knew the theme. XD

I was inspired by this dress:

And I was so hyped on trying my first negative space nail art (which if you haven't noticed are/will be the nail art trend of 2015). Said and done I freehanded hearts, I outlined them with a fine liner brush and then filled in "the blanks" creating the negative space hearts. It looked okay but I wanted some "lace" too, sadly my collection of full image stampings are a bit sparse and I didn't find something thin but still "lace like", so I ended up with these swirls. Still like it though. Trying to figure out if my nails looks discolored or not on the photos, I didn't find them that irl at least. Oh, the only downside with this is that "the apex" of the nail had so few coats so I was worried that I'd break them but luckily I didn't. Soo.. what do you think?! :)

Polishes and materials used:
MoYou's special black nail polish
ZTIZ (black creme nail polish)
Image plate - KD27 (russian image plate)

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

NCC presents: Garfield nail art

And so we have reached my #4 animal in the nail challenge collaborative this month, I'm slamming it in the very last day and the reason why, you'll see tomorrow. ;)

My forth animal nail art is with another cat motive, this time the lazy cat Garfield. Since my other three nail art's had gradients/glitter gradients I thought it was fun to do it here too (I quite like that look with double gradients) so here I used orange and two chades of green to create my regular gradient. And a cool glitter polish from Lakobotan in blue, white and green for the glitter gradient. I freehanded Garfield with nail polishes but I wouldn't say it's my best work ever, I would have needed some finer brushes to make it better I guess. I also did another accent nail with three 4MM black rhinestones and also added 2MM black rhinestones on my other nails. Quite happy with the result, even though my favorite is my 4MM rhinestone accent nail.. lol

Polishes and materials used:
ZTIZ (black creme)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Baby Pink
Kleancolor - White
Pink Up - Spring Symphony
KIKO - 822
Essence - Love Is In The Air
Essence - L.O.L
Essence - Beijos De Brazil
4 MM black opaque rhinestones
2 MM black opaque rhinestones

Friday, February 27, 2015

NCC presents: Snoopy and Woodstock nail art

Time for my Animals #3 for this month's theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative. And this time I actually have two animals to show ;) both a dog which happens to be called Snoopy and a little yellow canary bird called Woodstock.. well, I guess you already guessed it, but it's Peanuts! :) I used a super pale pastel yellow and a mint blue pastel gradient base and also a yellow, blue and white glitter gradient on top for my other nails. Then free handed snoopy and Woodstock with nail polish, dotting tool and fine liner brush as usual. And yea, I'm happy with the result, hope you'll like it too :)

My dominant hand. ^^

Polishes used:
ZTIZ (black creme)
Kleancolor - White
Essence - That's What I Mint!
Essence - Love Is In The Air
Essence - Bee My Honey
Glam Polish - Bee-Do! Bee-Do! Bee-Do!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Comparison between Colorclub's Miss Bliss and Halo-Graphic

Third holo post in a row, and this time a comparison between Miss Bliss and Halo-Graphic. Actually thought that I had showed them on their own on the blog but seems like I haven't. XD

Anyhow. As you know Color Club 2012 came out with their first Halo Hues collection with the six polishes Halo-Graphic, Cloud Nine, Harp On It, Blue Heaven, Cherubic and Angel Kiss.
2013 Color Club came out with 6 more shades for Halo Hues which included Miss Bliss, Beyond, Eternal Beauty, Over The Moon, Cosmic Fate and Kismet.

To make a simple comparison between the collections, 2013 Halo Hues seemed more colorful and perhaps 2012 Halo Hues where slightly more holographic.

My Miss Bliss and Halo-Graphic are super similar. Miss Bliss seems slightly more pink, maybe more warm toned and Halo-Graphic is less pink and more cold toned. I also remember that I imagined my self that Halo-Graphic was slightly more holographic, maybe.. But just looking at them you wouldn't know, they look very close.

Also added Over The Moon to the underside of my nails. Which just was a good idea in theory. Mostly it just look grayish blue and therefore looked like dirty metallic. This shot it looked cool though.
Thoughts? I have seen swatches where I imagine that there are bigger difference between them, are yours as similar or is it just mine?