Sunday, February 9, 2014

Don't miss Valentine Polish Week!!! ;)

Me and Zara from Traces Of Polish have joined forces and organized a Valentine theme week next week (10/2-16/2) which we've named;
Valentine Polish Week

We know it's cutting close but we still hope as many as possible want to join.
  • Choose  to participate one day, a couple of days or the whole week(10/2-16/2) , it's up to you.
  • Choose if you want to show polishes/regular manicures or nail art or a mix.
  • Our thought is "Valentine theme" but it's free interpretation! Anything goes ;)
  • Preferably use the image below (Valentine Polish Week) in your blog post. ;)
We also encourage other types of participation like instagram, twitter, pinterest or what ever portal you prefer. Then just use #‎valentinepolishweek

If you join with a blog post you can ad your blog link to inlinkz at either mine or Traces Of Polish blog. You can also get your own inlinkz-collage at your own blog by just adding the links in the google document below. Note that each day has a different code, ie. new day=new code.

Here are the inlinkz-links and it's possible to ad posts from 00:05-23:55 each day. Also note that blogger and wordpress have different codes.

If you are new on how to ad inlinkz to blogger, here's a little guide I've made (click on it to make it full size or if you have a small screen computer, save it to your computer to be able to zoom in) :

And if you got any questions, just ask me or Zara at Traces Of Polish. :D
You're also welcome to spread the info/ this post to others! <3


  1. Va roligt! Jag gillar ju temaveckor, så jag ska försöka vara med några dagar iaf! :D

  2. Oh, måste försöka ta mig tid för detta! :) Fick hem nya stämpelplattor idag så ska försöka hinna måla tills jag ska dra vinnaren ikväll. :)

    1. Vad kul att du också vill vara med, såg ditt bidrag nu och ska genast in och kika ;)

  3. Vad kul! Jag är med på fredag, har redan förberett mitt inlägg =)

    1. Hej, va kul att du också är med. Ser fram emot ditt bidrag på fredag då ;)

  4. Jippii va roligt :D Jag är gärna med, skall laga manikyren imorgon eller torsdag :)

    1. Va kul! :D Ser fram emot ditt bidrag :D :D :D


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