Monday, May 12, 2014

Linda Johansen - Slow Fox, swatch

Yesterday I showed you a rain inspired nail art and the base of that nail art I'll show you here. The polish in question is from the brand Linda Johansen and is called Slow Fox. The collection is called Nail Candy. I won this in a giveaway at Neglelakkmani last year but I haven't come around to use this one until now.

Slow Fox is a gray toned blue creme which covers in 3 coats. The brush isn't my favorite but that's the only negative detail. I like this color, it feels very versatile, when holding my nails to something gray, the polish seems blue and when holding something blue my nails look dead on gray (maybe not in these pictures but irl it is). ^^


  1. Oj oj så vacker blå färg :)
    du har så härliga naglar förresten :)

  2. Beautiful sweetie!!! This blue is really a stunner and I love those shade shifters any day!!!

  3. This is a nice shade of blue! I like it :-)

  4. Läcker blå färg! Linda Johansen verkar ha många fina färger!


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