Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretty & Polished - Boy Bleu, swatch and layering

I've showed Boy Bleu several times before but not over pink before. The pictures are from early 2013 (lol emptying the archive again) but I've worn it layered over white, over brown and over red. My favorite combo is not over pink anyhow, brown and red are so far the favorites. Anyhow, this is my contribution to Blue Monday.

So I've talked about Boy Bleu before. It's black and bright blue hex glitter in 2 sizes and also tiny glitter in both colors, and some very occasional large semi matte white hexagons in a clear base. Those large white hexagons are so rare that they are unnecessary in my perspective.

Polishes used:
Paris Memories - #229
Pretty & Polished - Boy Bleu

What do you think about this combo? Do you have any proposals on more base colors for Boy Bleu?


  1. Lovely! I would never think this kind of colour combination would work, but it surprisingly does! I have to agree with you, the white ones are totally unecessary! In fact those few thatare there ruin it a little bit. It still looks great!

    ( )

    1. Thank you! Yea, it's a fun color combo.
      Totally agree with you! when you get like 1-2 large on 10 nails it feels like a mistake that they're there. Now days I've scraped/picked away if any large glitter has got on the nail, that's also what I'll do in the future.

  2. amazing combo, you have a wonderful sense of colours my dear Gelic :)

  3. Such a festive and vivid combo! It feels appropriate for the Season!

  4. Pretty topper. What a good combo :-D

    1. Thank you! I do think it look better over red or brown though ;)


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