Thursday, November 5, 2015

NCC presents: Summary for October; funky french

Here's my summary for the October theme; Funky french for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.

It has been a stressful month so I'm not happy with all four of the manicures. My favorite is as you might guess the negative space black funky french. Then on second place maybe the orange and purple leo funky french.

Dotted funky french in b&w+gray

Orange and purple leo funky french

Black and orange funky french

Black negative space funky french
Which one is your fav? :)


  1. Älskar dem alla men de två sista... oj oj oj så härliga :D

  2. wow your manicures looks great!
    Love your nails, I like the details as well ;)

  3. Aww all of them are so beautiful. but I loved the third and the fourth one most :D

  4. love them all, but second one is my fav for today

  5. I like them all but I love the first one, It looks kind of like ruffles!

  6. Jag gillar samma som dig mest. Sen tycker jag nog mest om den prickiga svart-vit-gråa, riktigt läcker och nyskapande!


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