Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello 2017 & Penguin freehand nail art

Needless to say 2016 wasn't my year for many reasons. Personal issues made my motivation at the bottom and my nail art'ing was sparse. To make it worse I had computer problems (which of course could have been solved with an excellent economy). To sum it up, all things which could go wrong at the same time did. I hope 2017 will be much better. :)

I'm not really expecting anyone of my old followers to still be around. I feel like I'm doing this for my self. Building up my searchable archive as I intended before, to easier see what I've done and my improvements etc.

I'm that kind of person who likes things in order. Therefore I debated with my self how I should handle the blog thing. I've posted things on IG which I haven't posted here. Should I try to catch up? Should I give up and just keep doing IG only? I've decided for a yes and no on the catching up, I won't force it though. I like the routine to post the same content on both channels on same dates.

So, I've updated my blog design a bit. Not sure I want to keep Blogger though, suddenly it feels awfully dated, but that's for another day. This is better than nothing for the moment.

First up is this penguin nail art for an IG challenge called Glamnailschallenge. Simple freehand with nail polish. Actually my first ever penguin nail art. :) And I'm really proud of it.

Polishes used:
Gina Tricot - Summer Sky
Gina Tricot - White
Depend - Nr039
China Glaze - Home Sweet House Music
(not in the pic: Depend matte tc)


  1. Välkommen tillbaka! Jag låter sovande bloggar ligga kvar i feedly så är man redo om de vaknar till liv, tror säkert fler gör likadant! Superhärlig manikyr du visar,så snygg !

  2. Jag har som Zara också kvar bloggar som vilar, en vet ju aldrig om/när det dyker upp nåt inlägg... Jag älskar den här manikyren kanske ska tilläggas!!

  3. Så söta pingviner! Dör sötdöden lite här. *hjärtögon*

    1. Tack så mycket Jenny. Fattar inte hur jag lyckats undvika pingviner hela mitt nail-art-liv? Älskar pingviner ju. :D

  4. Great to see you back. I am still here Gelic :-D

    The second half of 2016 was pretty bad for me too. Let's hope 2017 is great for you, me and everyone else :-D xxx

    And gorgeous penguins <3 love the mani :-D


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