Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kleancolor- Sheer Pastel Cocoa, swatch

Today I'll show you a polish which feel like having naked nails, or nude naked nails at least. It's Sheer Pastel Cocoa from Kleancolor I'm showing.

 For this I used 2 coats, but I probably should have used one more for more opacity. However I would say it's a jelly so I was prepared for it to be sheer, as the name claimed.

 As you can see, the color is a beige towards red/pink. The first photo is the most color accurate to me and I don't think that the color is that attractive on it's own.

However, for nail art purposes it's awesome, I've used it in jelly sandwiches and in this awesome nail art:

Nude crackle over metallic blue to nude gradient


  1. Det var en häftig nail art men lacket i sig.. nej. Inte min grej.

    1. Nä, ensamt så är det sådär..färgen känns lite "köttig" men till nail art så går det att få den att funka.

  2. Naah den färgen var ingen höjdare! Men du gjorde det mycket bra med nailarten, aldrig sett en crackle-gradient förr! :) //Sara

    1. Håller med, färgen är sådär, men till nail art går det att få den att funka! :P


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