Sunday, July 14, 2013

Green and yellow gradient

It's Sunday and Lelack has taken a pause but that doesn't stop me from showing nail art today any how. Today I'm showing something simple but a nail art I really like and I've worn a lot this summer; gradients in all shapes and colors. They are fast and simple and gives effortless the manicure a new look.

I've used two shimmer polishes from Kubiss and I really like this. It feel so summer like and juicy :)
Hope you liked it!

Polishes used:
Kubiss - 62 (yellow)
Kubiss - 63 (green)


  1. Ser riktigt härlig ut, kanske något jag skulle pröva med mina kubiss :)
    (ps grymt snygg funky french i inlägget innan) :)

    1. Dubbelt tack! ;P Ja, det tycker jag att du ska göra, eftersom dom jag har är shimmer så blendar dom ihop sig så fint :P


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