Sunday, December 28, 2014

NCC presents: Circle pattern french manicure

Since the end of the month is cutting closer I decided to show the last out of the four dot manicures, which has been the theme for this month's Nail Challenge Collaborative. This time I have some circle stamping pattern, some pink flowers, also added some pink dots after a while (shall we say that the circles are dots too btw?!). Not sure about the pink dots, will post this without the pink someday, I actually like that better. Adding stuff isn't always the best thing. As it's holiday I almost forgot that it's Sunday, because that means that this also is my contribution for Nail Art Sunday, where the theme is free.

Basically I've used a nude jelly as a base and then I've stamped the pattern in white (two times on each nails because my nails was longer than the pattern) and pink with MoYou's special nail polish and MoYou's image plates. The result feels quite delicate and simple but still nice. :)

Polishes and materials used:
Sally Hansen - Sweet Tulip
MoYou Special Nail Polish (pink)
MoYou Special Nail Polish (white)
MoYou Image Plate 08
MoYou Image Plate N11

If you buy a nail art set, any of you choice, you can pick one polish OR one image plate of your choice if you use the code CEL246. Which polish or the number of the image plate you want, you write at the comment section at the checkout. You can use the code as many times you want, as long as you buy a nail art set. :D

 ***Some products in this post have been provided for review***


  1. Vilka klor du har!:) Snygg manikyr på snygga klor.

    1. Tack, här mådde de toppen. Now, not so good kan man säga XD

  2. i love how you made stamping on long nails !

    1. Thanks, I'm really happy with the result ad how I managed to align them when stamping twice! :D

  3. This nail art looks so elegant!
    I love the details that you added to this nail art design ;)

    Hope you'll have a wonderful new year's eve <3
    xx julia

    1. Thanks! I actually think I liked them more without the details! :D

      Thanks, same to you, hope you had an awesome time! <3 xx

  4. This is really pretty and delicate. :-)


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