Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Saran Wrap tutorial

My internet has been crappy today so here's a late post; a tutorial I've done of Saran Wrap. A very simple yet fun nail art.

I've showed this purple/black saran wrap yesterday but in this post I have some more left over photos too (lol).

And onto the tutorial (click to make it larger):

I guess you can figure out from the pictures but here are some further guidelines:

1. Start with a dry base. Like your old mani or make sure you wait until it's completely dry. I've chosen a bright purple.

2-3. Have another polish ready, I've chosen a creme black. Get some saran wrap, or honestly any plastic bag/wrap will work. Make it into a ball when you use it.

4. Paint preferably one or two nails each time and paint your new color on top of the dry base. Remember to not make it too thin, just regular to thick depending on your preferences.

5-6. Then immediately take your ball of plastic wrap and dab all over the nail leaving residues of the new color in a random pattern, letting the old polish show through. If the new color, here black, is too dominant, it's possible to reapply black again, and then repeat the dabbing process.

7. Make the rest of your nails.

8. Do cleanup and put on tc.

9. Enjoy. ;)

Do you like Saran wrap nail art's? Have you tried it? :)


  1. Det här måste jag ju testa någon dag, ser så himla snyggt ut

    1. Tack! Det tycker jag att du ska! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I did love this when you posted it the other day :-D


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