Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NCC presents: Wood Anemone nail art in green

Hi, long time no seen. I've been busy and I've also neglected the NCC the whole month (even though I've done mani's during the month). The theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative this month is Spring Flowers. My first spring flower nail art is inspired by Wood Anemone or "Vitsippa" as we say in Sweden. Also, this is my contribution to Green Wednesday.

I started off with a green to nude gradient. Then matte green glitter on top and then freehanded Wood Anemone inspired flowers placed random. At the end I have a photo I took just the other week with actual Wood Anemones, all for you to compare.. haha :)  Hope you like it!

Polishes used:
R de L Young - White
Sally Hansen - Sweet Tulip
Golden Rose - No 05
Essence - Have Fun
KIKO - 851


  1. This is a beautiful nail art!

  2. Hello Gelic, good you see you again :-D

    This is a gorgeous mani, I love it :-D

  3. The flowers look like they're floating on air--great effect!

  4. Vitsippor tillhör mina favoritblommor och den här manikyren är verkligen jättefin!

  5. Så fräscht och fint, kan verkligen se de vackra vitsipporna på en härligt grön gräsmatta. :-)

  6. Så vackert och verkligen vårkänsla över manikyren

  7. wow, so fine and lovely look ! like a real flowers ! well done dear friend ! 10+

  8. Superfint! Väl värt att vänta på :)


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