Sunday, February 7, 2016

Black and white zebra nail art in matte

Today I have a #twinmani or #maniswap to show which I've done with instagrammer @nailartalexm.

I really loved her matte b&w zebra mani. I really liked that the zebra nails where framed too. This mani just combines all of my things I like best in a mani right now. Hope you'll like it and please go and say hi to @nailartalexm. :)

Polishes used:
Dance Legend - matte top coat
Nordic Cap - NP12
Essence - Wild White Ways
R de L Young - Black


  1. Great mani - looks good matte :-D

  2. Väldigt snyggt och gjorde sig bra som matt!

  3. gorgeous manicure, and the matte finish is great!

  4. Oj oj jag tycker så otroligt mycket om den här manikyren :)
    ÄLSKAR att den är matt :)

  5. Galet snyggt, älskar att det är matt


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