Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Claire's - Ditsy Floral Blue, swatch and layering

Here's a fun matte glitter from Claire's. They're a brand I've started to like since I found it in Germany.

Ditsy Floral Blue has matte middle tone floral shaped glitters, matte hot pink hexes, semi matte metallic hexes and matte white and super light matte pastel blue hexes combined with tiny white hexes in two sizes, all in a clear base. Below is two coats and the flower glitter was very easy to get up, no fishing required at all. As for application I dabbed the flowers a bit, as you do with big glitters. I decided to layer this over KIKO - 330, a warm toned pastel purple and I think the result looks really cute. Top coat is a must since of the glitter size.

Bought Ditsy Floral Blue at Claire's for 3.99 euro.


  1. Not my cup of tea, but it's seems fun and a bit of spring fling =)

  2. Ohh what a pretty top coat! I love the lilac to it as well, hope we'll get spring very soon cause looking at your nails make me miss it even more! <3

  3. Oj så vacker manikyr :)
    Det ser så härligt ut med det lila lacket och de blå blommorna :)


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