Monday, June 27, 2016

Sailor water decal nail art with Nicole Diary

Today I have a fresh review to share with you! Nicole Diary contacted me recently and has let me try out some of their water decals. First out is this summery set of sailor inspired water decals called 39. :)

You can find the Nicole Diary shop below;
HERE on Aliexpress &
HERE on Amazon

And make sure to use my coupon code Ge2016 which will get you a free gift with your order worth $2-$5! Shipping is worldwide and you can follow them here on instagram.

The decals come in one paper with a set of 10, When looking at the pattern it is possible to see cut lines for the scissor to simplify the size you need. My nails are both wide and long and I had no problem fitting my nails to it. I cut out the pieces and removed the protective plastic (this is important, if you forget, the decal will glue itself to the plastic and end up useless) and let it become fully wet by the water. I used a small plate and had less then 0,5 cm of water in it, after I pick the pieces up with a tweezer and placed them on my fully dry pre-painted nails. Since these water decals are clear I decided to use white as a base. The decals are possible to rearrange some after placement and also possible to stretch a bit and even out the pattern on the nail (as my nails are curved I need to make sure the pattern sits flat allover). It was easy to remove the pieces outside on my cuticle with acetone and a q-tip. After the decals had dried I put on top coat. I've previously had problem with Seche Vite smudging my water decals but these didn't seem to have problem with this.. As an accent here I used some Essence stickers I got on sale when I lived in Germany. 

Now picture spam, hope you'll like! :)

Right after placement, before cleanup.

Polishes used:
Ztiz (white)
Nicole Diary water decal - 39
Essence sticker pack

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***


  1. I heard of Nicole Diary for quite a while. I love their water decals pattern. This is no difference. The nautical theme is beautiful :D

  2. Det här blev verkligen superläckert! Snyggt, marint och somrigt!


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