Saturday, June 25, 2016

NCC presents: Spring dresses #1

Hi there, this blog isn't dead but have had a little break in posting, some pics have made it to my instagram though. Will make it my effort to post those manis here as well as I prefer being synked with blogging and instagram posting. Therefor I will try not to ramble too much in the upcoming posts until I'm back in phase.

Coming up is the rest of Nail Challenge Collaborative; Sweets & Candy (April theme) (This one have to be on hold for a while since I have to get into a broken computer to get them), Spring fashion (May theme) and Video Games (which is this month). Also some When Colours Collide manis will be coming up which is another challenge I do. And some in between.

Here is my first Spring dress mani for the May theme Spring fashion för NCC.

Polishes used:
Essence Satin Matte Top coat
Adena - No ?
R de L young - White

Collage with the dress


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