Monday, August 8, 2016

Neon drag marble in yellow and pink

Wow, time flies quickly. Anhow, this was the base for a mani but since it looked cool on its own I decided to show it like this too. This is basically what for years was referred as a needle dragging, but these days has been updated to be called drag marble. Never the less, I like this vibrant version of it. I should really make more with this techinque, for a couple of years ago I did a lot of these just because it's so quick and fun looking. XD

I've btw decided that I'll go back to my previous routine, that whatever I post on IG should be posted in my blog the same day. Will see if it works though. :)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - Funky Yellow
China Glaze - Beach Cruise-R
(and Claire's matte tc on top)


  1. Oh I haven't done that technique in a while as well but it surely looks amazing, especially with the neon colors you're using here *0*

  2. I like this design. You are very talented. I always watch your blogs and tutorials. I want to do pink nails too (something like because I have long nails and it is hard to find something. I am waiting for your new posts.

  3. Va häftigt och snyggt det blev! Som eld fast mer rosa vilket känns helt rätt :)


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