Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Parrot needle dragging nail art

Today I figured that I'll show you country no 20 in the WITW-challenge which is Colombia! I actually did this nail art November last year, before country no 19.. But now I have them in order so I'll hopefully will get them all out quite soon :D

Colombia's national animal is parrot so my choice was easy. I decided to do a needle dragging nail art with the colors and then use an accent nail. I loved this nail art, especially the non-accent nails and I must recreate this in other colors soon. Hope you'll enjoy! :)  

*picture spam will follow, just because both hands looks so stunning*

Polishes used:
Claudia - 607
China Glaze - Sunshine Pop
HM nail polish - Green Street
Isadora - Surfers Paradise
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
China Glaze - Sensous
Nordic Cap - NP12

Nordic Cap - NP13
1MM loose hex glitter in gold/bronze

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  9. United Kingdom
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  11. Hungary 
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  19. Korea


  1. Wow sååå otroligt snyggt. Du är ju bara sååå duktig. Så vackert! :-)

  2. Hi Gelic - what a happy and colorful mani! Love it <3

    1. Thank you! I really loved wearing this manicure! Must recreate and redesign etc :D

  3. These look amazing! The needle drag nails look like the feathers of a parrot, and I love how colourful your design is! The parrot itself also came out great :)

    1. Thank you! Yea, the result came out so good, and I'm so happy how everything came out! :D

  4. This is stunning! Needle drag nail art is something I find really hard to do but you make it look so easy! The parrot looks great too! :)

    1. Thank you! I just guess it's about putting on a lot of polish and being quick enough..and practice. It's a technique I just love doing :D

  5. Wow! Just wow! Parrot's amazing and I love whole design:)

  6. Du kan verkligen needledragging! Shit va läckert! Är papegojan frihandad? Hur som helst är den sjukt bra gjord! Jag är mega-impad som vanligt :)

    1. Tack så mycket! :D Ja, papegojan är frihandad. Gjorde den först på papper med en penna för att få in proportionerna. Annars brukar det vara lätt att man "tror" att allt man vill ska rymmas och sen gör det inte det alls :P

  7. Well, it's good. I'm crazy about your nails.

  8. Jättesnyggt! Jag är impad av hur snygg papegoja du fick till på fri hand!

    1. Tack! Det var pilligt och jag gjorde tack och lov bara en..annars vette sjutton hur det kunnat bli ;)

  9. Wow, vilken läcker papegoja:) Ja hela manikyren var fin men speciellt papegojan!

    1. Tack, va kul att du tyckte det. Funderade på om den var onödig men tur att det fanns någon som uppskattade den iaf :D <3

  10. ohhh. this is sooo awesome! like that needle art. and this parrot is just perfect! bravo! =)

  11. Thank you! :D Fun you liked it!

  12. wow ! it so beautiful nail art ! ❤ it so much !


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