Monday, April 28, 2014

Pink panda funky french nail art

It has been quiet around here, and maybe it will continue like that because I'll soon start work full time and I'll guess it will take some time to get things organized so I can get my blog routine back on track. :)

Today I'm showing country no 22 in the Where-In-The-World-Challenge which is China. My choice was simple, I like pandas and pandas also happens to be the national animal of I did a pink version of my green version which you must have seen in my profile picture by now. ;) First I painted the pink and then the panda on top. :D Hope you like it.

Polishes used:
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Kleancolor - Neon Pink
Nordic Cap  - NP13
Nordic Cap  - NP12

Have you missed a country? Then click on it below;

  1. Australia  
  2. Canada
  3. Spain
  4. Israel 
  5. Poland
  6. USA
  7. Denmark
  8. Sweden
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Russia
  11. Hungary 
  12. South Africa 
  13. The Netherlands 
  14. France 
  15. Germany 
  16. Finland 
  17. Singapore 
  18. Ukraine  
  19. Korea 
  20. Colombia
  21. Japan 


  1. Åh va söta! Kul att du valde rosa också och inte traditionellt kinesiskt rött :)

    1. Tack! Ja, det var lite medvetet val där, ville inte ha det supertraditionellt och rosa var det jag kände för för dagen ;P

  2. These are so cute! I love Pandas! The pink is really vibrant hihi like! And I also love the half moon! Great mani <3
    I'm a bit behind checking your nail arts, sorry, but I try to catch up ^.^

    1. Thank you! :D Fun to hear that you liked them ^^
      And no worries, I've been (as said) a bit occupied too :D

  3. I like this Challenge and I love how you got your inspiration from china :)

    Lovely manicure!
    Xx julia

    1. Thank you Julia! That makes me happy to hear that! :D xx

  4. Pandas are one of my favorite animals too!!! And look at those cuties on your nails - totally love it xxx

    1. Thank you! :D yea, pandas are adorable, must make more of them :D xx

  5. These pandas are sooo cute. I really like this :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! :D Pandas are always cute ;P

  7. So cute with neon pandas! :) They look a bit surprised though ;) What did you show them…? :P

    1. Thank you! haha.. that's the trick for making fun nail art, surprise it and it will become hilarious! ;)


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