Monday, January 5, 2015

A summary of 2014

Hi everyone. Being on a holiday usually means a lot of free time for me, but during this Christmas/new year it wasn't, at all. I'm therefore behind in both blogging, answering comments, reading blogs and commenting. I'm also back in Germany again, so hopefully I'll soon get some routine on things.

I'll start this week with some summary posts celebrating 2014, nail polish and nail art wise. I'll start with this list I've done before which originally comes from Cactus blog.

Have you done something this year that you haven't done before?

Nail polish: There has been some larger hoarding of polish but mostly I've kept a tight budget and haven't splurge in the polish in the way I've wanted to. A big difference from previous years, is that most of the polish I've bought hasn't been online, but during my stays in other countries. I've also had an amazing nail polish swap from Russia. ^^
Personal: I've moved to Germany, haven't done that before.
What countries did you visit?
Nail polish: Nail polishes arrived Sweden, Germany, Canada, Russia, and some eBay findings from Asia (probably Hong Kong). Did buy some stuff from the US too..
Personal: I've visited Canada and obviously Germany.
Did you miss something 2014 that you wish for in 2015?
Nail polish: Naa.. I'm looking forward to see all the flakie collections which will appear everywhere and by everyone.
Personal: Still that frickin' job..
What's the best things that happened to you during the year?
Nail polish: Oh, I've got soooo many new awesome polishes, hard to mention all of them, but among my favorites are definitely the ones from my Russian swap, the matte glittery polishes from Dance Legend and El Corazon.
Personal: That trip to Canada with my family was really nice.
What was your biggest mistake during the year?
Nail polish: I don't think I've done some polish mistake. I've been a bit bummed not been able to buy all polishes I wanted, like some limited edition, but that wasn't by mistake so.
Personal: Trusting and believing in the wrong people, that can be painful.
What was your best purchase during 2014?
Nail polish: Well, as I mentioned the Russian swap wasn't bad, even though that was swapped, and not bought in that way.. ;) But considering shopping hauls I found this one, where I bought my previous lemming Alanna Rene - Reptar amongst other.
Personal: As usual I haven't bought much, nothing expensive at least, and less than usual years. On top of my mind I've bought a rather cool fake leather jacket for 40 euros. Oh just remember, I did buy a camera! xD
What did you spend the most money on?
Probably food and rent. And then nail polish.
What made you happy 2014?
Nail polish: Old and new blog followers, also instagram followers and pinterest followers, so basically all you people commenting and reading my blog. Thank you! <3
Personal: My ability to fight, and not giving up even when it's hard.
Did you feel better or worse during 2014?
To be honest 2014 was a shitty year in general, with some happy peaks though.
Is there anything you wish you would have spent more time doing?
Nail polish: Maybe blogging, during this summer I just didn't have the time due to my summer jobs.
Personal: I've stopped regretting stuff like that. I always do the best I can, given the circumstances and my abilities of that time.
Did you get in love?
Nail polish: Yea, I'm still VERY found of matte glitter combos, and also matte texture polishes.
Personal: Still the same boyfriend. <3
What was the best television program?
Quite unpredictable but seriously, I just love Top Gear.
Do you hate someone you didn't hate before?
No, still hating the same people as much as before. Yes, I'm a hater.
Did you wish for something and got it?
Nail polish: Didn't get any of the polishes I wished for, but I got a surprise storage box from my brother which I'll put my nail art stuff in! Just perfect!
Personal: Yea, got awesome Christmas gifts.
Did you wish for something and didn't get it?
Nail polish: Yea, on my Christmas list was "anything from Smitten Polish site, but these are on top; (figgy pudding, not your mamas easter grass, electric lime, nuclear sunshine, seasonal lattes, fire burn)"..
Personal:Yea, wanted a decent job last year, still do.
Which where the best people you met during 2014?
Nail polish Hello there Dance Legend, El Corazon, Golden Rose, Jordana, Alanna Renee and P2..lots of new brands during many to mention all.
Personal: Haven't met any new people really, no one that memorable irl.
How would you describe your style and style of clothing?
Nail polish: Still just everything on my nails, any colors and any patterns. One could say however that I've increased the amount of red+black and therefore also red in general. My amount of red polishes has increased during 2014.
Personal: Still into darker clothing, it's so convenient, fits any occasion and any accessories and especially any nail polish/nail art. I never wear pastel clothing, that literally doesn't excist in my wardrobe, white and colors works during summer though.
What made you feel good this year?
Nail polish. And awesome people commenting my blog, your support is awesome and can turn any day to a happy one.
What/who did you miss this year?
Nail polish: Not something I can think about.. the ones I didn't buy? XD
Personal: I missed my parents and brother a bit since they live a long way from where I live. Also some friends living far away too.
Which month was the best this year?
I'm a summer person, and this summer was the hottest it could have been the best ever, BUT I just had to work on a shitty job all summer. Missed the best summer ever.
Is there anything you could have done better?
Nope, learning by doing. As I said before, done regretting stuff, more of future-approach-thinking.
How will 2015 differ from 2014?
Nail polish: Less polishes I assume due to the fact that I probably can't afford it. Maybe more time to make nail art if I'm unemployed. Maybe less nail art if I get depressed of not getting a job. We'll see. LOL, the same as 2012/2013. ;)
Personal: I hope a lot of things will differ, like everything in a positive direction. Let's hope for that:)


  1. Good summary. I like the nail polish and personal angles :-)

  2. Kul läsning, roligt att få lite mer info om personen bakom bloggen:)

  3. Håller med Emma, alltid kul att få mer info om personen bakom naglarna! Hoppas allt löser sig med jobb snart, måste vara frustrerande att söka <3
    Jag missade också den bästa sommaren någonsin, var i Schweiz+Italien hela juli och där var det minsann rekorddåligt väder, kommer nog gräma mig för det i ett decennium...

    1. Tack! <3 Mjo, känns lite störigt att inte få ett jobb, har visserligen varit på intervju på ett jobb jag inte fick, så jag är inte helt oanställningsbar i varje fall. Stackare..Jag kommer gräma mig över sommaren i ett decenium också, Bara för att klaga lite till så var det iskallt på mitt jobb, (jobbade skift) och ibland när man gick ut vid 21:15 så var det ändå mycket varmare ute, dvs ta av sig en tröja när man kom ut. Inte okej.. :(

  4. Det var kul att läsa och även få veta lite mer personligt om dej :)


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