Sunday, October 4, 2015

31dc2015; blog favorites, IG favorites and my personal favorites

I decided to show the readers favorites from the 31dc2015 (according to statistics) on my blog vs the favorites on instagram (according to likes) and also my personal favorites from the challenge.

The clear winner of all is of course the black dotted manicure from the fashion theme. Other than that IG likes is close to my own personal favorites while the blog is further from it. Within my own personal favorites the black and green "green lantern" mani was really close to my rose mani, almost shared 5th place tbh.

 The see the blog post summary with all the manicures you can click HERE.


  1. wow I love every single one of this manicures that you have created :)

  2. These are such great ones you've created :-D


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