Thursday, October 1, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 31; honor nails you love

31 days has passed and today is time for the last theme; honor nails you <3 and I've been inspired by Baroquen nails manicure on instagram. Mine is darker, in different colors and all that, but still as you see it's inspired by her.

Polishes used:
Dance Legend satin matte top coat

P2 - Black Glitter
R de L Young - silver
R de L Young -black
Essence - Black Is Back
DIY black jelly (a bit too dark perhaps here)

Triangle metal studs


  1. ÅÅÅH HERREGUUD så läcker manikyr :O
    Älskar färgerna du valt :)

  2. Kul att den blev så annorlunda från originalet men ändå inspirerad av! Gillar din manikyr massor!

    1. Och bra jobbat med att bli klar med utmaningen ;)

  3. Beautiful look, I love the edgy looking glitter! :) xx

  4. This looks fabby and I like it matte :-D

  5. Så snyggt, det svarta lacket med glittret i ser jätte häftigt ut


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