Sunday, October 4, 2015

System of a down inspired nail art

Well, it has been challenges the whole last month and maybe you noticed I'm taking part in more ones too, which still is ungoing. One of those is #musicpolishfestival (on IG) which had "favorite concert" as theme for this post. I've been to many good concerts and I was heavily considering my last Metallica concert but both because of lack of nail art inspiration there I decided for a SOAD concert. I think it was my first concert where I was super stoked seeing the band and really knew all the songs etc. It was pretty hard making a nail art inspired by a concert, but I decided to make it black (obviously, is there any other "color"? lol) and with a silver skull and silver square metal studs. I don't know if it makes sense to you but somehow I think it gives an abstract interpretation of SOAD+the concert. :) Also it's quite wearable (and yup this is a NOTD). Hope you'll like it. :)

Polishes used:
Essence - City Girls Rule!
Essence - Black Is Back


  1. Great mani Gelic. I do like it :-D

  2. vet ej vad det är för grupp el band , men det va en häftig nailart!!

  3. This looks awesome, Gelic! And wow to find another SOAD fan amongst the nail art community! I also like that is really quite dark and edgy but still wearable :D xx


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