Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Black and neon pink gradient topped with neon pink glitter

Was 100% sure I had posted this here. :) So, this something simple but still vibrant and looks really nice. Black and neon pink gradient as a base and then topped with neon pink glitter. :D

Polishes used:
KIKO - 843, swatch here

Claire's - Junk, swatch here
ZTIZ black nail polish


  1. looks awesome <3 I love glittered gradient <3

  2. Oh wow, your saying this is simple but it is so freaking cool looking! I really like how effective it looks!

  3. Love it!! I super like the color combo and design of this mani. You really nailed it here. Great job!!!

  4. OJ WOW SÅ SNYGGT!!!!!
    Älskar kombinationen av färger du valt och älskar effekten :)
    Så otroligt läckert :)

  5. Wow! Really, this is a very interesting blog. I liked all the designs above. As a lady I am very conscious about my beauty that’s why I went to The Nail Place. It is a very popular nail salon in Dubai. A few days ago, I had done doodles style nail art in this place. That design was also looking superb. I am waiting for your new post. Keep blogging.

  6. Riktigt snyggt och effektfullt!


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