Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gold and teal nail art with metallic gold temporary tatto's

Hi everybody! Today I'm showing last color theme for @whencolourscollide, gold and teal and this is what I come up with. I did a teal gradient in two teal nuances and embellished this with some gold tattoos LadyQueen has given to me for review a while back.

I knew from the start that I wanted to combine the tattoos on both my nails and hands for a cool nail art look and it worked really good for both. I cut the tattoo in pieces and put it in a plate with enough water to cover them up, after 30-60 sec (when I saw that it was all wet) I used a tweezer to pick em' up. I will show my nails both with and without top coat here, with tc it wrinkled the gold slightly but not in a bad way and the durability has been great, 5 days (and now I just want change anyhow). On my hands/fingers the durability was as expected way less, as I've seen before on the hands it last for about a day, so it's more for special occasions on the hands. A good thing (which surprised me) is that it wears off in a nice way. It is NOT as the kids tattoos I used when I was a child which got dirty/blackish when they got old. The gold tattos first got slightly less gold colored, and got more of a silver tone and then just discretely started to wear off. I'm happy with this product and I'm already planning more looks with it, especially for summer with sightly more tanned hands. :)

Here you see the pieces I cut out and put in water. Also some comparison pics of without and with top coat on. Without tc it looks really smooth and with tc is looks slightly wrinkled but also way more metallic.

I used:
Depend - ?
Cladia - 611, swatch found HERE
Lady Queen - 1 Sheet Black Silver Gold Temporary Metallic Waterproof Feather Arrow Jewelry Necklace Flash Tattoo Sticker

Here is my 15% discount code: GHLC15
***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***


  1. Lovely nails =) I like the gradient =)

  2. Awesome way to use those nail decorations!

  3. Åååh så vackert :)
    Älskar gradienten (heter det så) :D och älskar guld detaljerna :)

  4. Väldigt vackert och med en lyxig känsla med guldet mot den snygga gradienten! Färgerna passar strålande ihop.

  5. Jättesnyggt! Mycket mer lyster i guldet än om man stämplat ett guldmotiv. Lär säkerligen bli sugen på såna här tatueringar till sommaren :)


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