Sunday, March 27, 2016

NCC presents: Distressed nail art in black and silver

Happy Easter to you all. :) Been a bit slow in publishing lately but here is my second Punk & Rock inspired nail art for Nail Challenge Collaborative. I decided to make a distressed nail art with a black base and silver on top. I also decorated with a skull charm from Born Pretty Store which I painted black with nail polish. :)

Polishes used:
Essence - City Girls Rules!
Rival De Loop - 406


  1. wow, es un nail art muy original

  2. This is as much rock'n roll as it gets! Thumbs up from me :)

  3. Jag håller helt med Helena! Så snyggt och rocknrolligt!

  4. wow, It's Great, Thanks so much,
    I share Nail Art new ,
    Hope helpful anyone :)

  5. Men jestas så otroligt snyggt och härligt :)
    Håller med de andra.. det här är vad jag kallar Rock n Roll :D


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