Saturday, August 31, 2013

Muted swan funky french for Denmark

I figured I'd show you some more from the Where In the World Challenge since I'm starting to have some in the archive and I think it's better to let them out in the open instead! Today it's all about Denmark, which is land no. 7 in the list.

I've got lots of positive thoughts about Denmark, it's close to Sweden and therefore I've been there on vacation several times. I really love their bread culture with cute bakery's everywhere. In Sweden we sadly have a more "defrost-to-ready sponge like bread in plastic bags" in the grocery shop, not that many bakery's (comparing to Denmark) and the few ones are quite expensive. Denmark also have their Danish pastry's which I never thinks tastes the same in Sweden. By now you might think there's going to be some kind of bread/pastry nail art, right? That would have been cool but now I went for symbols, and the national bird is the Muted Swan. I found a cute graphical image which I pretty much used as inspiration and free handed on my nails as a funky french. Thought that I'd show it but now it seems lost from google?
Anyhow, here you have it; 
As you can see I went for the bird funky french.

Polishes used;
Nordic Cap NP13 (white)
Nordic Cap NP12 (black)
Kleancolor - Mango
Sure Promise (red)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Red

Have you missed a country? Then click on the land below.
1. Australia  

2. Canada
3. Spain
4. Israel 
5. Poland
6. USA


  1. Too cute!
    I love the eyes of the swans, are really well done.

  2. that birds are so cute *.*
    Portugal is missing in that country list :)

    1. Thank you!
      I KNOW! There are several countries that would have been fun to make a nail art of which doesn't exist in the list! We'll see, maybe I can do some bonus countries when I'm done with the ones in the list! :)

  3. Så söta:) Och väldigt bra gjorda!!

  4. Men åh vad fina och söta!! Vilken kul idé och bra utfört! Jag tänker på HC Andersen och den fula ankungen när jag ser de! Han blev ju en svan sen :D

    1. Tack! Ja, ytterligare en positiv sak som danmark; hc andersen. Det kanske tom hade varit ännu roligare, dvs om jag från nagel till nagel gjort en "ful ankunge" som tillslut blev den fina svanen! :D

  5. It looks super cute -- I love the swans' faces! :)

    1. Thank you! They feel a bit cartoon like in my mind :)


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