Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My favorite nail art's of 2013

Here I've collected my favorite nail art's of 2013, they are not in order, just random. I think it's fun to see that I've improved my skills during the year. I also feel that I've become much better with cleanup and also avoiding cleanup by being more precise while painting. I also feel that I've established how I prefer posing my hands and nails and I've also realized how important the light conditions are.

There has also been some "firsts" this year;
  • I've participated in many challenges (like Where-in-the-world, 31dc, Christmas challenge etc)
  • I've also participated in themed weeks like for Breast cancer awareness and Depression awareness.
  • And here I list all the new nail art techniques I've tried during 2013 (new to me);
    • water decals
    • pond manicure
    • metal beads and metal studded manicures
    • tape manicures
    • zig zag scissor cut out nail art
    • splatter nail art
    • and learned how to freehand houndstooth pattern. <3
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So, which one did you like the best of these? You who have followed me, are there any nail art that you think I've missed here? Is it something you'd like to see more or less of during 2014?


  1. Its incredible to see all these together. Its also near impossible to pick a favorite because there are just so many great ones!! I have always loved your yellow based dandelion blowing nail art and also I love the blue crackle, I think you may have changed my mind on crackle polish there! Lots of beautiful nail art, I think there will be even more this year :) xx

  2. Så många, vackra, häftiga, roliga och underbara nailarts att det är helt omöjligt att välja en favorit. Har provat men lyckas inte.

    1. Aw, tack så mycket. Jag har heller inte skaffat mig någon favorit bland mitt eget, känns som att olika nail art's kan vara perfekt till olika saker.

  3. Alla är väldigt fina, men jag älskar kossorna ;)

    1. Tack så mycket. Kul att höra! Jag gillar ju nail art's med ögon rent generellt mycket.

  4. Jättemånga fina manikyrer, du är så himla duktig! Det är svårt att välja en favorit, men jag gillar tapegradienten i grönt och blått, och den svart/gråa matta flaggan väldigt mycket!

    1. Tack så mycket! Kul att du gillar dem, kul att höra vilka som gillas. :)

  5. Amazing and gorgeous creations you've done! <3

  6. Åh så många fina!!! Jag tycker de med maskrosfröna är helt magiska! Min favorit! :) Du är verkligen duktig och har så fantastisk fantasi!

    1. Aw, tack! Det gör ju mycket att kolla runt och inspireras av andra. Maskrosen hittade jag hos en annan och ville verkligen återskapa! Det som är så kul med bloggar, att man både kan inspireras och inspirera! :)


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