Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NCC presents: Summary; recreating member designs

I forgot/time slipped away and the summary of April's Nail Challenge Collaborative went missing. The theme was Recreating member designs and I had a blast. My favorite is the square geometric b&w nail art, then the b&w rose nail art, the leo mani and lastly the gradient. Which one are your favorite?? :D

If you want to see more photos of each and read about what's products which have been used, click the links for each photo.

b&w roses

leo mani

geometric b&w nail art

Gradient with studs
Let me know your fav in the comments below :)


  1. they all look awesome! I love the shape of your nails too! they're so long and a lot less curvy :)

    1. Thanks, yea this is how I prefer my nails.

  2. I gotta agree with Natalia, your nails are looking awesome! I love all of the manicures! I seriously wanted to say I like x manicure the most but I can't because they are all amazing, i can not just pick one I like the most! xx

  3. They are all pretty, but my favorite is the black and white roses.

  4. These have been gorgeous manis :-D

  5. Replies
    1. Tack! Ja, idéen bakom den är ju lysande! ;)


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