Saturday, June 6, 2015

Swedish National Day nail art

Today it's the Swedish National Day. Sweds aren't that nationalistic for different reasons and celebrations aren't that big comparing to other countries. However I have some suiting nails for the occasion, which I had on in Germany last summer in the end. Blue and yellow are fun together, I want to make more designs with that, not because of the swedish flag, but because the colors compliment each other well.

I made a yellow base, after that I stamped the shit out of my self, each nail is stamped like 4 times to get the "full mani pattern". Then I added a gold metal stud tear drop rhinestone on each. First I have camera photos, but in the end I have some phone photos, just because those showed the color better, the camera made the color too popping. Hope you'll like this. :)

Polishes used:
MoYou special blue polish
MoYou Image Plate N11 
Adena - 51, swatch
Gold metal stud tear drop rhinestone (bought from ebay)

N11, look at the tiny little floral pattern which I used to cover my whole nail with.

Phone pics. The top picture is very color accurate.

If you buy a nail art set, any of you choice, you can pick one polish OR one image plate of your choice if you use the code CEL246. Which polish or the number of the image plate you want, you write at the comment section at the checkout. You can use the code as many times you want, as long as you buy a nail art set. :D

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  1. Superimponerad av att du lyckades kombinera blått och gult på ett smickrande sätt! Tycker färgerna är svåra tillsammans för det mesta. Imponerad också av att du stämplat ett litet motiv många gånger, trodde det var ett helnagelmotiv!

    1. Tack så mycket! :) Mjo, jag gillar färgerna ihop, men det gäller ju att det funkar mönstermässigt också.
      haha, är man envis så, jag hade inga helnagelmotivstämplar just då och var såå sugen på att få det, och hade några timmar över... ;) Men kändes värt, blev väldigt nöjd. :)

  2. Jättefina naglar! Men vilket jobb att stämpla så många gånger :o

    1. Tack så mycket! Är man envis och ha tid så... ;)

  3. "Sweds aren't that nationalistic" hahaha Tell me about it! I live in Germany and well, it's still a delicate issue here in Germany xD
    Aaaanyways, I love yellow and blue together as well <3 And the studs makes the whole nail art even more interesting!

    1. Yea, I've noticed that.. XD
      Thank you, I also really liked the golden touch to it. :D

  4. Underbar manikyr :)
    Och försenade grattisar på nationaldagen (eller hur man nu ska säga) :)
    "after that I stamped the shit out of my self" gjorde att jag började skratta riktigt högt här på jobbet :D

    1. Tack snälla! :D haha, kul att man kan underhålla lite ;) xx

  5. Happy Swedish day ! so cute nail art , dear Gelic


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